The First Braves Game

After the thrill of three walkoffs against the D Backs, the Dodgers lost in exciting fashion to the Atlanta Braves.  The Dodgers and Braves have been called the two hottest teams in baseball.  It was a letdown to lose but I still had fun.

FirstBravesGame001.jpg image by xoxrussell


The food was the best.  I had marsala chicken which was outstanding.  I also had a large serving of the herb encrusted beef sirloin.  The rice pilaf was the best that I have had there.

FirstBravesGame002.jpg image by xoxrussell


The salad was so good I had a whole plate.  There are three salads in that dish:  the field greens salad which has become one of my favorites, the famous Caesar salad, and the spinach salad that had a tasty fruit dressing and large slices of strawberries.

FirstBravesGame007.jpg image by xoxrussell


I tore myself away from the food to finally go out to the field to watch the warmups.  Kuroda San was stretching.  He has been struggling out there lately.  I wonder if there is something physically wrong with him.  The Braves commented after the game that Kuroda was throwing harder than they thought he would and were lucky to connect.

FirstBravesGame009.jpg image by xoxrussell


I talked to our utility player Jamey Carroll before the game.  He was taking Casey’s third base position for the day.  I commented that no matter what, he seems to get basehits.  He looked at me and maybe looked a little startled that anyone noticed.  He smiled and said he would go out there again and try to hit a couple.  Funny thing…he did hit two base hits.  I wonder if he remembered our pre game conversation

FirstBravesGame023.jpg image by xoxrussell


Here is Russell coming out from the Dugout with all his gear getting ready to warm up.  He is passing Jamey who is to the left

FirstBravesGame028.jpg image by xoxrussell


Russell was all smiles.

FirstBravesGame054.jpg image by xoxrussell

Probably the player that gets the most attention is our Andre Ethier.  I guess I got a little close.

FirstBravesGame050.jpg image by xoxrussell

He gave me a big smile..

FirstBravesGame057.jpg image by xoxrussell

But the player of the day was Matty Kemp.  The giveaway was a superhero Matt Kemp.  Here he is being stretched by one of the trainers.

FirstBravesGame077.jpg image by xoxrussell

He signed a few autographs and I shook his finger.   Usually he shakes my hand but he was holding a pen

FirstBravesGame110.jpg image by xoxrussell

Here is super hero Matty

FirstBravesGame112.jpg image by xoxrussell


The superhero figure was nicer than I thought it would be.

FirstBravesGame096.jpg image by xoxrussell

A picture of Manny batting.  He was 0-4 last night.  The Dodger offense was sluggish.

FirstBravesGame114.jpg image by xoxrussell

There’s Andre looking at me again.

FirstBravesGame160.jpg image by xoxrussell


Jamey Carroll on base after his second base hit.

FirstBravesGame163.jpg image by xoxrussell

Another picture of Jamey on base 

FirstBravesGame200.jpg image by xoxrussell

Matty seems to be looking for his lost swing

FirstBravesGame216.jpg image by xoxrussell

My big surprise was to see Takashi Saito closing for the Braves.  I love Saito.  His bobblehead is my favorite.  I gave mine to my friend Matt Peaslee.  Unfortunately he hurt himself while pitching and had to leave the game.  I was horrified.  Get well soon, Takashi San

FirstBravesGame233.jpg image by xoxrussell

Here’s Andre back in the Dugout.  I’m so glad he’s off DL.

The game became exciting in the eighth inning when the score went from 4-0 Braves, to 4-3.  The Dodgers know how to get the fans going.

I went to the Baseline Club after the sixth inning to get cookies.  To my surprise one of the chefs handed me a box and here is what was inside.  They know how to make me feel 100% better.

FirstBravesGame146.jpg image by xoxrussell

The Dodgers lost last nights game.  I was sad for a minute and then I realized how lucky I am.  My sister is making a fantastic recovery.  She has gone through so much in the last two years:  breast cancer and now two brain aneurysms.  If there ever is a hero, it is my sister.  Funny thing, we were laughing yesterday about her scar.  Actually laughing!!  She thought she would go out with her scar exposed.  The scar goes from her left ear almost to the other ear.  She bought several bandanas to protect the scar from the sun.  She wore one to the hospital to get her biweekly allergy shot.  One of the nurses who hadn’t seen her in a while asked her, “Who are you trying to look like, Bret Michaels?”  I was ready to punch her in the nose (I am so not violent.)  The nurse could have fallen through the floor when someone poked her and told her to shut up.

I put everything in perspective.  Dodger Stadium is my Blue Heaven where I can forget everything else.  I don’t think about work, my worries are left outside the gate.  My wonderful friends there (all the super nice Dodger employees) make me feel special.  I walk through the stadium and they smile, most call me by name.  They ask me where I am sitting.  They ask me how everything is.  And there is nothing like having Matt Kemp smile at me, shake my hand and say “How’s it going?”  Or knowing that Andre Ethier recognizes me.  There is nothing like it.  It doesn’t matter if my Dodgers are winning or losing.  They make my life so much better.

Thanks everyone for stopping by.  And many many thanks for the good wishes for my sister.  She is surprised that so many people care.  She is going to the beach tomorrow for the first time to watch everyone surf.  She can’t go in the water for a few weeks.  THAT is what she loves to do.













  1. heartruss

    I hope no one read this blog when it was screwed up. Photo bucket deleted my pics so I had to go back and redo the whole thing. Sorry!!

  2. devilabrit

    I have to hand it to your sister, she’s obviously a fighter and enjoy’s life way to much to give up… good for her… and now I’m jealous, going to the beach…hmmph!…

    maybe you could give your guys a few tips and they may do us a favor and beat the Braves….. while of course in return we’ll try and beat the Padres…

    Phillies Outside

  3. ohy22xd

    I’m so glad to hear that your dear sister is doing great! Nice pictures as usual! They always make me hungry 🙂 And thanks for checking my blog to see how I’m doing. School year is over so I can finally get back to my regular blogging routine. I have updated my blog. Please feel free to check it out!

  4. bklyntrolleyblogger

    I’m sure your talk with Jamie Carroll caught him by surprise. I’m sure he loved that someone noticed. Great job by you for probably making his day!. Every time I read your blog I gain weight with those pictures of food. I’m starving now and am going downstairs to make a sandwich!! : )
    Happy too hear your sister at least wants to be out on the beach. You all sound and seem so strong willed.

  5. angelsgirl012

    coooooookies 🙂 yum yum! i’m craving some now after that haha

    Well i’m so glad to hear that your sister is doing okay. That’s a wonderful thing!

    Nice pictures of Matty there too!

  6. greg1969

    So glad your sister is doing better, Cat. Praying for her.
    I’m looking forward to when our Red Sox play your Dodgers!

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