Good Night Jose

We were all shocked about Jose Lima’s death.  He was only 37 years old.  He had only pitched one year with the Dodgers in 2004 but left a mark on all of us.  He was fun loving, enjoyed baseball more than anything.  He died of an apparent massive heart attack on Sunday morning.  His wife thought that he was having a nightmare.  Prayers to his family. 

Sunday was a glorious day.  The weather forecast called for possible rain in the afternoon but the sun was out to celebrate Jose’s life.

The flag was at half staff which reminded us of our tragic loss.

Raffy Furcal was being tested by the head trainer.  He actually looked pretty good.  He should be activated Tuesday for the Cubbies game


Jamey Carroll has been doing a great job at shortstop but it will be good to have Raffy back.

Here is a closeup shot of Carlos Monasterios, one of the relief pitchers.  Many fans have wondered what he looks like.

A nice shot of lefty reliever Kuo.  Taiwan night was the night before when he pitched a scorelesss inning.

Matty taking part in batting practice.  I love pictures of the players without their baseball caps.

It was nice seeing so many Dodgers out during batting practice. 

Even Manny made an appearance although he didn’t play except to pinch hit.

I even was able to catch Jeff Weaver, our long reliever, with a big smile on his face


But look who I saw, Virginia.  Andre Ethier.  He is on the 15 day DL with a fractured right pinky but is progressing well.

He seemed to be in good spirits.

Aha, a capless Andre

How about an unusual picture of Andre drinking water???

Smiling Andre.   Ok, I guess I have made up for no Andre pictures for a while.  These pics were especially for Nelly June and Virginia.

And here is a picture of Russell Martin for Rosie.  He had a 15 game hitting streak and now will have to start over again.

Our pitcher was Kuroda San who had a bad first inning, giving up 3 runs.  It seems our pitchers have scary first innings.  If we could just start the game in the 3rd inning, we would be fine. 

A supposed fan sitting behind me was annoying me.  I usually don’t pay attention to what people are saying unless they are really obnoxious.  This guy kept calling Kuroda San “Karaoke” which I found to be demeaning.  He also was telling his friend that Kuroda San was Korean.  A few innings later he stood up and stretched and clipped me in the head pretty good.   That was about the time I decided I had enough.  So much for annoying fans.  I moved rather than put up with any more of that.

I love George Sherrill and hope he gets his confidence back but why does Joe keep trotting him out?  He continually gets put in do or die situations and drowns.  Such was the case when the game went from a 4-2 to 6-2.  I could only cover my eyes.

The Dodgers still did win the series but didn’t sweep.  In fact the Dodgers had a great homestand.

The night before was better.  It was My Town Taiwan.

It was a huge Taiwanese crowd.  The tourism board of Taiwan gave away several netbooks to fans.




  I had a wonderful treat.

I met Nancy Bee, our organist.  She may be the last of an usual entity, playing live organ music during a baseball game.  I told her that I wanted her job and that I would do it for free.

There was a fan sitting behind me dressed unusually.  His son didn’t seem to mind.  He’s probably used to it.

Russell has been pretty happy lately probably because he is hitting so well


Another pic of Russell getting his catchers gear on

A moment before the National Anthem is sung

Manny warming up

Russell and Ely talking it over on the way to the Dugout

A picture of former Yankee Johnny Damon, now with the Tigers  This pic is for Jane.

Here is another picture of Johhny looking right at me.  I suppose I am easily spotted sitting in the front row.  They always seem to see me taking pictures.

They interviewed Johnny after the Sunday game.  He is a well spoken man.  He is doing fantastically with the Tigers.  Now why, Jane, did they let him go??  He didn’t have a bad thing to say about anyone.  He even spoke nicely about Manny which most rival teams don’t do.  He wished the Dodgers luck as well.  I was impressed.  He sounded sincere  


Here is Manny taking a break capless.

A scary moment when Tiger Jackson was hit in the head by a pitch.  I’m glad he is okay.  He had to spend the night in the hospital for observation.  I know Kuroda San knew what Jackson was going through..

The Dodgers had a great homestand.  They were tied for first place with the San Diego Padres for a brief moment.  Just a couple of weeks ago they were in dead last.  The pitching is better.  The offense is picking up.  The guys went errorless for many games. 

Now they are on the road again.  Back to reality for me.  That means I am back at work…seven nights in a row, all 12 hour shifts.  My sister will be having her brain surgery tomorrow.  I know all my friends in MLBlogs will pray for her.  It helped her the last surgery.  Thank you everyone.

I hope your team is doing well.  Thanks everyone for stopping by.




  1. Jane Heller

    First of all, sending good, healing thoughts to your sister (and you) for her surgery. So sorry to hear she’s going through all this. And thanks for the pic of Damon. He’s a very sweet guy and I miss him. I still wish the Yanks had coughed up a few more million for him but what’s done is done.

  2. heartruss

    Thanks Jane..
    I had never heard Damon speak before and was impressed with his sincerity. The Yankees should have kept him. What an asset he is for the Tigers.

  3. devilabrit

    Jose’s story is tragic, 37 is too young…
    I was wondering when I saw pics of Manny warming up, if you’d have him taking a rest, cause I always thought he used the first 5 innings to warm up in…LOL

    Phillies Outside

  4. angelsgirl012

    such a loss 😦 What a wonderful spirit and so good to fans. We need more players like him.

    No food pictures this time? lol just kidding. Ugh we all have to deal with the annoying fans at the game. Sorry you had to deal with that. But even with all that i’m glad you had a great time 🙂

    best wishes for your sister

  5. southernbelle

    Cat: Omg Cat! Love love love the Andre pics, as always 🙂 I hope his finger okay. You saw Johnny Damon! Aw, I miss him. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE YANKEES TO PLAY THE DODGERS!!! Cat, you must try and meet Francisco Cervelli….#29…our catcher. He is my favorite baseball player!

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