The Eleventh Walkoff

No one can say that the Dodgers do not have a flair for the dramatic.  We fans definitely have our ups and downs with the team but no one can say that the Dodgers are boring.

Tonight was the perfect example.

It seemed at the beginning of the game that we could possibly get a victory against the Brewers after two horrendous losses.  The Dodgers scored early on, always a good sign.   John Ely who probably got the start by default was pitching well.

53b1d928.jpg image by xoxrussell

But let’s start out with the fine Dodger food as I usually do.  I couldn’t believe how good the green beans were.  They were sauteed with red onions and were outrageously good.  Only the wonderful Dodger chefs could pull that off!  One of my seatmates brought a containerful of just green beans to her seat to eat, that’s how good they were.!

993cb97b.jpg image by xoxrussell

Here are two of my favorite chefs of the Baseline Club Third Base Side.  One of the chefs told me one of his superstitions on gameday for a win is saying hi to me.  I felt honored that I was part of the tradition for him.

BrewersDodgerswin261.jpg image by xoxrussell

Tonight the food was especially wonderful.  There was honey thyme chicken, pork loin with a decadent sauce and those fantastic green beans.

BrewersDodgerswin260.jpg image by xoxrussell

The salads also were exceptional.   The cole slaw is one of my favorites, totally old fashioned.  The red skinned potato salad has large chunks of unpeeled potatoes with a sensational dressing,.

BrewersDodgerswin400.jpg image by xoxrussell

The meal ended with ice cream and chocolate chip cookies.

The evening just seemed perfect.  I  sat next to two charming girls: Nicole and Eveline.  They are hard core Dodger fans as I am.  They also could eat more than I can which I thought was impossible.   I saw one of my favorite people, Landon, who is the owner of True Blue Tattoos.  It is always good to see him.  Anyone who ever wants a Dodger tattoo should look him up.  He does fantastic work, one of his clients being our own Matt Kemp.

I spoke to Matt Kemp and had him sign the cover of my Nook.

70487978.jpg image by xoxrussell

It’s hard to see in this picture  It is more like an engraving..

BrewersDodgerswin279.jpg image by xoxrussell

However the evening was about our Andre Ethier, the king of Walkoffs.  Tonight’s walkoff is his eleventh.  It also happened to be a walk off grand slam homerun   Somehow he has nerves of steel..

BrewersDodgerswin275.jpg image by xoxrussell

Andre is amazing.  He has said that his teammates believe in him which seems to make these walkoffs happen.

BrewersDodgerswin290.jpg image by xoxrussell

He gave credit to John Ely, a young rookie who pitched a great game.  Jeff Weaver is being activated from the DL and Ely was the most likely to be sent back down. However, if he is sent down after tonight’s game, it would be a crime.  He only allowed one run, retired 16 men in a row,. No, Joe, don’t do it.

BrewersDodgerswin488.jpg image by xoxrussell

Andre has more homeruns, RBI’s and the highest average of anyone else in the National League, meaning he has the triple crown..


BrewersDodgerswin487.jpg image by xoxrussell
When a situation like this comes up, the fans almost expect him to pull a rabbit out of a hat

BrewersDodgerswin436.jpg image by xoxrussell
At the bottom of the ninth inning with the score tied, Jamey Carroll, X Paul, and Matt Kemp  on base, Andre was up to bat.  The fans were on their feet screaming for a miracle.
BrewersDodgerswin533.jpg image by xoxrussell
Everytime Andre hits one of those walkoffs, I am truly amazed.  It has become so typically Andre.
BrewersDodgerswin541.jpg image by xoxrussell
His fellow teammates mobbed him with the win, giving Andre the love he deserves  Ooooh be careful of that sore ankle.
We all left the game believing that the Dodgers had seen another miracle….the miracle of Andre Ethier.
Thanks for stopping by.  I feel exhausted but can’t wait until Friday night when I can congratulate Andre in person.
FirstweekofDodgerBaseball281.jpg image by xoxrussell
Have a nice Andre night.


  1. thinkingblue

    CAT it must of been amazing attending last nights game. ANDRE IS JUST THE BEST……GOOOO ANDRE! Can’t wait for his bobble head night!

  2. rlarock

    Andre is a straight beast! Not a big Dodger fan being that Im from Norcal but that dude can hit and Ill give him props. I hope he does win the Triple Crown as it has been entirely too long since anybody has. But even if he does, LA needs to step their pitching game up if they plan to make it to postseason.

  3. Jane Heller

    Cat, I’m sitting here getting my hair cut and the woman who’s doing it is a huge Dodger fan. She said, “Did you hear about Ethier’s walkoff grand slam last night?” This was about a minute before I read about it on this blog! Must have been incredibly exciting to be at the game. And I love that saying hi to you is one of the chef’s game day rituals. Sweet.

  4. southernbelle

    Cat: Ooohhh Cat, Andre is just so divine…he sure is clutch. Wouldn’t it be something if he DID win the Triple Crown? Haha I wouldn’t mind that at all. He really does have nerves of steel, as well as abs of steel…and all that stuff we women loooove ♥♥♥ When you congradulate him, please please mention me and/or my blog…I just want him to know me….-sigh-…
    Great pics, as always, and happy belated birthday to Max!

  5. angelsgirl012

    i’m so jealous of all the delicious food you get to eat at the ball park! Jealous jealous jealous! Yum yum yum! Green beans, salads, yuuuuuuuuuuum. hahahaah

    Andre Ethier is incredible! Sure has flair for the dramatics! And grand slams…. W-o-w!

  6. devilabrit

    I think Ethier is a much better player to use to promote the Dodgers than Manny ever could be….. plus I think Ethier is a better player and worth more to the Dodger than Manny, yes I don’t like Manny. The food has made me hungry… shucks! to late to eat now….

    Phillies Outside

  7. rrrt

    I’ve been remiss the past week or so, and totally inactive here in the blogosphere. Just catching up with your posts. I’m always amazed by the incredible food you get at the ballpark! And your seats are pretty nice too! Hope all is well with you!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

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