The Dodgers in Washington D.C.

The news of the day started with Manny being on the 15 day DL.  He has a strained right calf.  The second item:  Charlie Haeger didn’t do too badly, not great, but he survived.  The bullpen has gone from being the best last year to being dismal this year.  Sherrill seems to have lost his mechanics.  Kuo and Belisario returned to the team being less than efficient.  Billingsley has gone back to the two person Good Bills and Bad Bills, which dictates which Chad will be pitching.  Consistency is not in his repertoire.

The offense has been the strong suit of the Dodgers.  Matt Kemp had an eleven game hitting streak going into last nights game.  He has the most homeruns and RBIs.  They have six players with averages of .300 or better.  Somehow they hit a roadblock in Friday nights game called Luis Atilano who was making his major league debut for the Nationals.  He was impressive.

Russell Martin has been hitting much better than last year.  Manny has had an outstanding start.  Casey Blake who usually has a slow April started out strong.  Raffy Furcal is looking sharp again in offense and defense. 

The weak link is the pitching.  I think this will be the part of the team that will be most affected by Frank and Ned’s decision not to put any money out.  We let Jon Garland go.  We did not want to pay Randy Wolf what he wanted.  We also did not keep Derek Lowe the year before.  Any of these pitchers would have added a little oomph to the team.  Everyone kept saying that both of the Ortiz’s did well in ST.  I know that whenever Joe Torre chose either of the Ortiz’s in relief, I knew the game was over.  Am I wrong?  He kept Ramon Ortiz in way too long.  How many walks should a pitcher have before he is replaced??  I think he will join the other Ortiz as DFA.  It is not a good thing that Jeff Weaver is on DL since he was the strong middle reliever.  Broxton has not pitched since Sunday, so he may be rusty.

The Dodgers seem to do better at home with their fans than on the road.  They definitely do not get any love from other fans.  What is not lovable about Matt, Andre, James and Russell?  I know Virginia and Jane love their Yankees but I love my Dodgers.  I have been able to see many aspects of their personalities that make them very endearing.  James Loney is funny.  He makes the craziest faces and seems so intense.  He also has the messiest locker.  Andre is the team dreamboat.  He has to be the best looking baseball player in baseball. However, he is very hard on himself.  He shows his displeasure toward himself on the field.  He seems to be less hard on himself this year.  Matt is fun loving, probably most talented of the Dodgers.  He is down to earth, friendly.  I told him that I was sad that I have to share him with Rihanna and he gave me an embarrassed but hearty laugh. Russell Martin is all business once he starts practicing on the field.  He is very focused.  Hopefully he gets his all star quality back this year.

Prayers and good wishes to one of my favorite Dodger coaches, bench coach, Kenny Howell who had part of a big toe amputated from complications of diabetes. 

I can’t wait until the Dodgers return home.  There will be UCLA night, USC night, fleece blanket night, more buffet,   

Thanks everyone for checking in.  I hope your team is doing well. 

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  1. devilabrit

    Cat, I think Manny and J-Roll must have been playing catch together or something… the same injury sits them both down on the DL.. must be something spreading through MLB attacking the ‘calf’

    Phillies Outside

  2. Jane Heller

    Of course you love your Dodgers! You have a Dodger car and Dodger fingernails to prove it. LOL. I think most teams do better at home, don’t they? It must be nice for the players to have the crowds cheering but also to sleep in their own beds and not have to travel and all the rest. Being on the road isn’t easy.

  3. raysrenegade

    Usually at this point in the season either pitching or hitting is at the forefront with the latter just a step or two behind the norm.
    Dodgers have some young and maturing talent like Krenshaw who will get better as the year progresses.
    Bummer about Manny, but we knew he came with some “damaged goods” even before he landed at LAX.
    Most teams are doing that divisional sweep in April, and maybe it is a test and a wake-up call that this is going to be a dogfight to the end and if the Dodgers want to be there….They better buckle down and prove it to the rest of the National League.

    Rays Renegade

  4. angelsgirl012

    oh Matt and James are DEFINITELY lovable 😉 Especially James! He’s one of my favorites. (LOL you actually told him that you had to share with Rihanna? Oh silly Cat! How cute!!!). I saw this episode on how James Loney and Russell Martin grew up. It was cute watching their childhood and hearing about how they grew up.

    The offense is strong indeed! Tough bullpen and pitching troubles. That can definitely be a pain! Hopefully it gets better 😀

  5. southernbelle

    Cat: Haha I love my Yankees, and I love your Dodgers! I feel like I know them because of your blog. That’s a wonderful feeling. And of course although my Yankees are hot, there is no doubt in my mind that Andre Ethier ♥ is the best looking man in baseball….if not the WORLD!!!

  6. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Cat, April Showers have postponed our game tonight!
    The Mets and Dodgers will have a classic twi-night doubleheader tomorrow! Just like it used to be CAT!! Two for the price of one. Wooo-Hooo! Guess who’s taking off of work tomorrow!? Give those bullpen guys hell, Cat.

  7. thinkingblue

    It is sooo true what you say about our boys in blue. They are sooo lovable. Matt, Loney, Martin & Ethier…LOVE THEM ALL!
    DOUBLE HEADER today! Can’t wait for the first game….LET’S GOOO DODGERS!

  8. raysfanboy

    Kemp is a stud. I thought he’d hav ea good year, but not this good. Bills had a good night last night, but I agree with your up/down personality he has. Haeger is a great surprise for you guys. AND a knuckleballer? Maybe he’ll be the next Tom Candiotti for you?

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