Just Getting Warmed Up

It was a disappointment that my Dodgers lost their first two games but I thought that they were getting a few kinks ironed out

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Okay, so maybe we were playing as though we were sleepwalking.  Could we have left more Dodgers on base?

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So maybe the Dodgers played as though they were a new team just trying things out.

Today the Dodgers finally won.

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It’s as though they woke up from a deep sleep.

Ronnie Belliard smashed a homerun in the fifth inning.  He also doubled and tripled.   James and Matt also were hitting machines.  The great thing is that Raffy is running and stealing bases again.

I never doubted that the guys would start winning.  Todays score against the hard playing Pirates was 10-2.  It definitiely is a sign that Chad Billingsley is back.  Interestingly enough our silver slugger Andre Ethier was not playing because of his ankle which he rolled in the game yesterday.  Hopefully he recovers quickly.

Opening Day for our Dodgers at Dodger Stadium will be Tuesday next week.  It should be fun.  It will be good to have baseball back again.  It will be even better because my son will be visiting me.  Hopefully he will be able to go to a few games with me, like maybe Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  The funny thing is that on Wednesday I will have my season seat, a baseline seat, plus I purchased a seat for Dr J in the right field section so she will have a nice view of Andre, her favorite player.  The seats are spread out over the stadium. It just happened that way. 

Update on my cat:  He is recuperating well although he is still thin.  He also is very loving and wants to be held and cuddled.  So much for that independent cat.  A month on his own changed his whole attitude.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope everyone has a great baseball day.

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  1. Jane Heller

    Congrats on the win. Isn’t it nice to have that first one under your belt? And how exciting that your son will be visiting when the Dodgers open next week. I’ll be thinking of you and that amazing buffet!


  2. Buz

    Good to hear your cat is doin well Cat ; ) And.. thank goodness the bats finally woke up.. you’re right, they left so many chances on base.. especially that 2nd game. But we’re in the winning way now!


  3. thinkingblue

    I’m glad to hear your Cat is doing better. The cat just wants some TLC :0) And it is great that your son will be down during the opening game!
    The first games were nothing like last year. They were just struggling. But hopefully yesterday game is the beginning of a winning streak! LET’S GO DODGERS!

  4. bklyntrolleyblogger

    LOL your Cat had an attitude adjustment. That’s classic. Congrats on the first win…always nice to get it out of the way quicker that later. Enjoy the season!!
    mike BTB

  5. diamondgirl55

    Awwww, I’m glad your cat is doing well Cat!! And yay for the Dodgers win! Since Victoria’s Secret couldn’t be bothered to make any Mariners stuff, I figured I would get some Dodgers stuff in place 🙂 Thought you might be proud of me, hehe!! Yay baseball season!! xoxo http://diamondgirl55.mlblogs.com

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