Jamie McCourt for President??? NOT!

The latest news on the distracting McCourt divorce is that Jamie had an eye on politics, ultimately the presidency of the United States.  The plan was described in a document called Project Jamie.  She went so far as to hire a consultant.  That would explain her desire to open baseball fields, have programs for women, etc.  I don’t believe that she actually ever had an interest in the Dodgers as a team but as a vehicle to achieve her goals.  She has said that she will settle for nothing except what she deserves.  I can say what she deserves but it’s not a million dollars a monh for support.  I hope this doesn’t affect the Dodgers negatively

On the Spring Training front,  Eric Gagne has been sent to the minors which is another roadblock for him.  Ronald Belisario stll has not reported to camp, still hung up with visa problems in Venezuela.  Pitchers Leach and Schlichting, and outfielder DeJesus were all optioned to minor leagues.  Joe Torre is back from Taiwan as well as Manny and James Loney.  How Russell Martin is doing is anyones guess.  The word is that he gained all that weight on his own without telling anyone.  Hopefully he gets better soon from that groin strain.

I just returned from New Jersey where it rained everyday.  It was cold and windy.  It’s been the worst winter ever according to my Irish relatives.  The newspaper there called it a Nor’easter.

StPatricksDayParty025.jpg image by xoxrussell

There was much flooding around the area.  My most prudent decision was to bring my rain boots.

StPatricksDayParty030.jpg image by xoxrussell

The backyard was pretty much a lake.

However I was in New Jersey for a couple of parties, one being a huge family St Patricks Day party.  Nothing could keep us from celebrating for two days, not even flood and wind.

StPatricksDayParty031.jpg image by xoxrussell

The place was decorated

StPatricksDayParty022.jpg image by xoxrussell

Everything was very green

StPatricksDayParty103.jpg image by xoxrussell

There was much singing


StPatricksDayParty033.jpg image by xoxrussell

Lots of party favors.

Food was really great

StPatricksDayParty085.jpg image by xoxrussell

At least most people thought the cake was good.

3201a5f4.jpg image by xoxrussell

Everyone was in a great mood, especially after a Guiness or two  One of the relatives on the left is an actor.  You might recognize him from his appearances on Law and Order  He says he usually is a bad guy.  I asked him if I had to pay him a royalty for this picture.  He assured me not.  Hopefully I don’t get a bill in the mail

StPatricksDayParty092.jpg St Patricks Day fare image by xoxrussell

Yum, the corned beef and cabbage was wonderful

StPatricksDayParty112.jpg All the relatives image by xoxrussell

Lots of young folks ready for fun.

On the second day, most people had a bit of a hangover,

Babysfirstbirthdayparty037.jpg Italian buffet image by xoxrussell

We had catered Italian food.  In the front is the asparagus.  Behind that is the eggplant parmesian.  At the very rear is a wonderful chicken dish.  I must be getting ready for those great buffets at Dodger Stadium.  Bring on Baseline Club food!!.

Babysfirstbirthdayparty042.jpg my plate image by xoxrussell

Here is my dish.  Funny having Italian food at a St Patricks Day party.  I guess everyone had a fill of Irish food the day before.  The absolute best thing was the barbeque brisket that my son made from scratch.

Babysfirstbirthdayparty011.jpg St Patricks Day cupcakes image by xoxrussell

Look at the wonderful green cupcakes.

Babysfirstbirthdayparty121.jpg Delicious cake image by xoxrussell

Birthday girl Caitie enjoyed the cake.  I decided I liked her cake and helped her eat it. 


StPatricksDayParty024.jpg image by xoxrussell

Someone has a sense of humor.  The top sign says:  Help Wanted.  No Irish need apply.  The bottom sign says:  No dogs or salors allowed on grass.   This is an Irish household with a Navy relative (my son),

I was welcomed back to California with a 4.4 magnitude earthquake this morning.  As though the inclement weather back east wasn’t enough.  Today in Long Beach California, it is 81 degees.  I feel like Mother Bear.  It was too cold and rainy back east.  It’s too hot here.

I watched Blind Side on the plane back.  Did any of you have a chance to watch it??  I loved it.  What a great inspirational movie.  I also watched Precious based on the novel Push by Sapphire. That was a difficult movie to watch. 

Thanks everyone for stopping by .  Baseball season is coming.  I can’t wait.  I miss my friends.  I miss everyone who works at Dodger Stadium.  I miss my Dodgers.

welcomehomeMax008.jpg Max image by xoxrussell

Max thanks everyone for their prayers.  I know that helped bring him back to me. 












  1. Jane Heller

    Glad you had fun with your family, even though the weather was horrible. And in spite of the smallish quake and 80 degrees, California is sounding very good right now to me. It’s cold here in Florida. Brrrr. As for Jamie McCourt, the good news is baseball is here and not even that divorce can interfere!


  2. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Sounds like the McCourts have more problems than a math book. They’ve already made the team a point of contention between them. Where there is smoke, there is…..you know. Happy St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow everyone.
    Nor’easters?! I know them well.
    BTB Mike

  3. thinkingblue

    Hey CAT welcome back to California. The weather is beautiful in California right now! It sounded like you had a lot of fun in Jersey. The food looks delicious! Caiti is so beautiful and seems very SWEET (covered in cake….LOL). Well I hope the Nightmare of the divorce finishes soon. And no matter how many earthquakes we’ve been having in SoCal, I just can’t get use to them. Russell gained weight…WHAT?….WHY? Well just as long as he is still health and recovers from his injury soon.

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