Welcome Home Max

welcomehomeMax007.jpg lMax image by xoxrussell
I am happy to finally report that I found my cat.  He was living under a house down the block.  My Dad’s next door neighbor told me yesterday that he saw my cat on a neighbor’s porch.  I talked to the lady who lived at the house and she told me he came to her porch every morning and thought that maybe he stayed under her house.
I took a bag of cat food to the house, shook it and called the cat.  Nothing.  Then he poked his head out and looked at me.  I think he didn’t recognize me.  Remember he is 17 years old.  He came toward me because I had scattered food on the walk.  I grabbed him and he seemed to know who I was.
I took him to the vet to make sure he was okay.  He weighed 6.6 pounds, just a pile of bones.  He was very dehydrated.  They gave him 400cc of intravenous fluid.  $302 later, I took him to Doggie in the Window to have a bath.  He was full of fleas.
They called me back because he was hissing and mad.  He was like a wild cat toward the doggie washers.  I had to hold him while he was rinsed off.
Now he is home at my Dad’s house.  I never thought I would ever see him again. 
welcomehomeMax008.jpg Max image by xoxrussell
He is now behind the blinds in my Dad’s bedroom, his favorite spot.  He acts like he never left.
Thank you everyone for all your prayers and support.  It worked.  I have my Max home.  He would not have lasted much longer without food..
Also, thanks for stopping by.  I couldn’t wait to tell everyone.
welcomehomeMax003.jpg Kitty image by xoxrussell
My Dad’s cat is no longer an only child.  He actually is happy.


  1. greg1969

    I’m glad I checked your blog today! GREAT NEWS that you found Max! Sound like he will be back to health! Take care, Cat! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Jane Heller

    Woohoo! So happy this story had a happy ending and Max is back! Once baseball season starts, you can bring him samples from those delicious buffets at Dodger Stadium and he’ll fatten right up! Very good news.


  3. raysrenegade

    I am so glad your Cat tales had a happy ending.
    And it is great to know that even if she was lost for so long, she stayed within the neighborhood.
    Now you can no longer have to worry and can focus on your second love…baseball.
    Maybe you should buy Max a Dodgers collar with a tag and someone can always let you know where she is if she decides to go on a road trip again…without telling you.

    Rays Renegade


  4. heartruss

    Hey Rays Renegade
    No one would be able to get close enough to Max to look at his tag. He is such a scaredy cat!
    My Dad is ecstatic. We will definitely make sure he doesn’t go AWOL again.
    Behind Blue Eyes
    Thanks for the compliments on the kitties. I love my Max.
    Max is an inside only cat but unfortunately slipped out when the door was open and couldn’t get back in
    You reminded me about those wonderful Dodger buffets.
    Can’t wait. ============Cat

  5. nao

    Hi, Cat (neko-san)!
    Congratulations on the happy return of your Max! He must have had the hardest time of life, isolated from home.

    BTW, is “Doggie in the Window” a pet shop? I remember there is a popular song entitled “Doggie in the Window”, but I’m not sure enough.

  6. thinkingblue

    CAT that is great news….Max is back! I’m so happy for you, your dad, Max & your dad’s cat, the family is back together. God bless you all!

  7. mattpeas

    wow great news cat! nice that every one is back and hopefully in good spirts that last. 17 years old! wow! you mustve taken care of him so well over the years. too bad he hasnt seen a pirates winning season ever though! this is the year! for the Bucs and Max

  8. southernbelle

    Cat: Oh, Cat! That is so nice to hear. It was upseting for me to think of an innocent animal out there… I understand how old animals are. You can’t help but ot worry about them even more. My dog Jesse is going to be 15 in April. I think he and Max would be good buddies….just chillin’ together.
    Thank God Max is safe ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sure you are so relieved!

  9. cpompe1

    Oh yeah Cat! Max is back! That is great news! I’m sure you and your family are thrilled to have him back. ๐Ÿ™‚

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