Tidbits From Spring Training

I suppose Manny was pulling our legs when he said that this was his last season with the Dodgers.  He stated the next day that he would consider playing with the Dodgers for 2 years and then in Japan for 3.  Who can tell when he is kidding?              

The popular style it seems is the faux hawk or mohawk.  Those who showed up with either one or the other were Russell Martin (who also showed up much heavier), Eric Gagne, James McDonald.  Not my favorite look, but it may change by the time the season starts.  Back to Russell and his weight gain.  Apparently he thinks that his poor showing last season was due to his lighter weight at Spring Training.  He has definitely bulked up but his arms look bigger and he seems more muscular.   Hopefully that will help him have a better season.  I had expressed my doubts last season when he showed up smaller and leaner.

The pitcher who was chosen to open Spring Training is Vicente Padilla.  During the off season, he was shot in the leg during a shooting accident.  At first the information was that it was a flesh wound.  Now I know what that is from watching westerns as a child.  After he was signed to his contract, Padilla stated that the bullet went clear through his leg.  But he says that he is one hundred per cent okay.  Hopefully that is true.

New Daddy Jonathan Broxton can’t stop talking about his new son who is now seven months old.  Apparently he is on the way to being a “Big Boy” like his Dad.  Congratulations to Jonathan.

Back to the homefront.  My Dad had some minor surgery yesterday and is doing well.  The surgery should help him see much better.  My cat is still MIA.  Hopefully he has made himself at home in someone elses house and has not had a bad fate.  We keep thinking that he will somehow escape and return home.  I will never give up hope. 

I have a family event in New Jersey the weekend before St Patricks Day so I may not be able to go to Spring Training this year.  Hopefully the snow and inclement weather will be long gone by then.  I would love to go to even one game  Oh well!!!.

My new camera is a Canon but it isn’t a fancy one.  I don’t want to have to carry around a gigantic camera with many heavy lenses.  This info is for those who have asked me.  I have quite a collection of cameras and have not found the perfect one yet.

Unfortunately, the ticket prices have gone up at Dodger Stadium but worse is that there are no single tickets available for the Yankee games or for Opening Day.  It does mean that those ticket brokers will have a field day with those tickets.  Too bad.  Those tickets only come with the 7, 14, or more game ticket packages.  I even asked my ticket guy about it and he said that I could buy extra tickets from him but no Yankee tickets.  Those games will be a sellout anyway.  I was hoping to get tickets for Jane and Michael.  I will not give up

Thanks for stopping by.   I know everyone is getting excited about Spring Training.  Congratulations to all our USA medalists in the Olympics.  Hard work did pay off

Soon, the Dodgers will be back at Dodger Stadium,  Yaaaaay!.





  1. Jane Heller

    Oh, Cat. That’s so sweet of you to think of us. When I read about the requirement for packages in order to see the Yanks, I was steamed. I know I’ll be stuck over-paying on stub hub now. But I’m coming to that Saturday game no matter what I have to do! Glad your dad’s doing well after his surgery. I sure wish your cat would come back, but I bet someone else is taking good care of him.


  2. raysfanboy

    We had alot of faux hawks floating around in 2008 (called ’em “Rayhawks”) and they haven’t gone away yet. I almost sported one, but thought better of it. Instead my friends and I grew Play-‘staches. They were a look that was far from elegant (as you can see on my profile pic).

    Manny is just crazy. But everybody can forget about it when he cranks 40 and drives in 130.


  3. greg1969

    ManRam is indeed crazy. On our Red Sox pro blog, Brownie Points (where I’ll be during the season, full-time), we don’t refer to him by his name anymore, under “threat” of “penalty”. 😉 We’ve nicknamed him “Zazu”. We knew he was crazy for 8 years. Then when he quit on us, we were more than happy to exile him! He can be crazy in Japan in 2-3 years, if he chooses. Hmmm!… (Rolls eyes…)
    Apparently, it is not a good idea to have cats named Max anymore. A blogger friend on our pro site just lost his cat, also named Max. Hmmm!… I really hope Max returns. Cats have often returned to their owners, even after months, like homing pigeons. I hope Max returns to you safely!
    I’ll be around less once ST and the season starts, since I’ll be on our pro blog. I have enjoyed your entries, and I’ll check in a few more times before ST. You and your son will be in my thoughts and prayers, Cat. Take care! 🙂

  4. bklyntrolleyblogger

    If I can just make a blanket statement here:
    I think all the ticketing gimmicks being perpetuated upon us is abhorant! Cat…a soon as I reference the blog where I read it I’ll foward it to you. It stated due to revealed documents in the McCourt divorce battle, preliminary plans are in place to drop team payroll from 48% of team revenue down to 25%. It also detailed contingency plans for incremental, and substantial ticket increases in store starting in earnest next year. For Dodger fans, nothing good will come out of their divorce.

  5. devilabrit

    good to hear your father doing okay…. I think price increases were inevitable…I figured the divorce would do that, but must admit haven’t followed that, since the end of ’09, I am sure I missed some…
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

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