Dr. J’s View From Haiti

I just got an email from Dr. J.  I hadn’t heard from her since she left for Haiti on Tuesday with a group from Mission Hospital.


The caption for the pictures is “Go Navy”.  You can see the helicopter flying into the camp. The helicopters are taking the sickest patients to the USS Comfort.  Dr. J. commented: “God Bless Our Navy.”

I know she is having an experience of a lifetime.  Just one doctor can make such a difference.  Bless you Dr. J. 

Thanks for stopping by.   Cat Nurse                                                                                                                 


  1. mattpeas

    did you happen to watch the telethon last night? it was very gripping and touching from what i saw. made my roommates and i want to contribute any way possible.
    at the pirates caravan next week the players are said to be collecting money. and i will indeed donate


  2. greg1969

    Hi, Cat, I’m Greg. I have not commented until now, but I have read your blog from time to time, as I am tracking many of the blogs during the off-season. I don’t host a blog. I usually post on Julia’s blog (a fellow Red Sox fan) and Brownie Points (the RSN Pro Blog) during the season, but I can catch up on fan blogs in the off-season. 😉 I like your entries, as I LOVE the cat photos anytime! I also happened to live in Pasadena in the mid 90’s–so I do keep an eye on the Dodgers, even from the East Coast now! 😉
    I had seen, in reading some of your previous entries that your Dad and sister were not doing well at the end of 09. I am glad to read that both are doing well, and I have been praying for them, and will continue to do so. I am also praying for your friend, Dr. J (at first, I wondered if it was Dr. J, the former basketball player to whom you were referring! The name is a nice hook!) 😉 Even if I comment infrequently, know that I am thinking about them, and praying for them–and for you. Take care, Cat. Keep up the blogging, and the cat photos–they are a great hook, also! 😉 Be well.

  3. angelsgirl012

    That is just so great! They need as much medical personnel as they can get along with those medical supplies. Tell her that I said I appreciate her efforts. Best of luck to Dr J 🙂

    thank you for sharing!


    oh the nice handwriting… i can have that if i really concentrate!

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