The Dodgers have swept the St Louis Cardinals.  I am celebrating by being here at work.  Oh well.   They won the game today 5-1.                                                                                     

in series as Dodgers sweep                                                                      

My Dad told me that whoever won the second game of the series would be the winner.  I always believe my Dad.  He was right.  He kept telling me that St Louis probably expected to play more than one game at Busch Stadium.  I still feel sad for Matt Holliday but I know he will get over it.

I will post again tomorrow afternoon when I have access to some of the pictures I took from the first two games of the series.

The next game will be at Dodgers Stadium on Thursday when they meet either the Phillies or the Rockies.  All of us loyal fans will be there to greet our Dodgers.

Dodger outfielder Andre Ethier

I would probably make the co-heroes of today: Andre Ethier with his 2 run homerun and Vicente Padilla with his stellar pitching!

Also a hat tip to Manny Ramirez who is in playoff mode, hitting two doubles and a single with two RBI’s.

Kudos to the whole team who take turns being the heroes.  There is not one player that the whole team depends on.  They work as a unit.

The Cardinals proved to be a class act as well.  Some comments made by Lugo:  “They had the best record in the National League and you can’t wonder why.  It shows.  they have a great team.”  Miller:  “They beat us pretty soundly.  They have no weaknesses that I see.  They have a quality lineup.  There’s not one guy in there that you can pitch around because they can all do damage.”

Thanks for stopping by.  Much more tomorrow.


  1. juliasrants

    Congrats Cat! Andre had a GREAT game today -heck he has had a great playoff run so far! Good luck in the next series and enjoy the game! And thanks for the comments about “my boys” – it is so true, they grow up much too fast.


  2. Jane Heller

    Congrats! Congrats! Congrats! Very convincing series for the Dodgers with the sweep. When Andre hit that homer, I figured that was it. Manny had a great game and Padilla was better than I’ve ever seen him. Enjoy the break (even though you’re working).


  3. irishsoxkid19

    CONGRATS!! When I heard that the Dodgers won last night, I was really happy for them and for their fans. You guys have a GREAT manager in Joe Torre and an amazing line up. Good luck in the NLCS and I hope to see the Dodgers win it in the World Series if the Red Sox don’t make it. Sorry you have to celebrate this day at work, but it could be worse, right?!

  4. cpompe1

    Hey Cat!
    I saw your post on ITD, and yes I posted my response to you there, but THEN I saw you wanted me to post my answer here! Here it is…


    I’m not sure how we missed each other. As far as me coming to any more games, I’m not sure. It’s certainly possible, but I want to be fair to other members of my family who haven’t gone with my mom either this year and/or last year. I’ll let you know…

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