Heading to Postseason

the Dodgers are headed for postseason with the win today against the Pittsburgh Pirates 8-4.  There will be no celebration yet according to Joe Torre.  The celebration will take place when the Dodgers clinch the Western Division.  They will be on the road when this happens.


I will be waiting for them to return to Los Angeles.  Hopefully there will be a celebration planned as there was last year for the fans. 

I got an email from the Dodgers yesterday that they had mailed me my postseason tickets.

yeaaaaah!!!happycat jpgLife is good!!!  Congratulations also to the Yankees. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Congratulations DODGERS!!!


  1. Jane Heller

    Oh, boy! You guys are in the playoffs and soon to be division champs again. Woohoo! I wish I could come down and go to a game. Maybe if they don’t conflict with the Yankees’ schedule? Will have to see how it all plays out. Anyhow, big congrats!


  2. southernbelle

    Cat: Nice. Your Dodgers clinched, they are going to the postseason, and you are going with them! I told you about Mr. Ogden tantalizing me about his tickets. Not fair. Just not fair. My Yankees were in a rain delay earlier, so ESPN showed a bit of the Dodger-Pirates game. I saw James Loney ground out. I wanted to see Andre, but they switched to another game.
    I can’t wait for the mail tomorrow!!!!!!

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