They Left Their Hearts in San Francisco

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It appears that the Giants left their hearts in San Francisco.  The Dodgers won the series, winning Saturday and Sunday against Brad Penny and Tim Lincecum.

Saturday and Sunday were hot days and unfortunately for me, they were both day games.

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The sun seemed to be relentless.  I had decided to sit in the baseline section so there was no reprieve from the sun.

SFGiants189.jpg image by xoxrussell
Except for the fact that I could go into the Baseline Club and get some food.  I had salad:  the pasta salad, the delicious broccoli salad and of course the Caesar sald.
SFGiants188.jpg image by xoxrussell
They served brunch that day, I suppose because it was a day game:  They served a delicious ham, hash browns, chive scrambled eggs and an apple cobbler that was deadly.
I kept getting ice cream but it melted before I got to my seat.
The Saturday game was interesting because Brad Penny was back in Dodger Stadium for the first time since he was a Dodger.  The crowd gave him no love.
SFGiants246.jpg image by xoxrussell
Brad didn’t last 3 innings.  The crowd loved it since Brad has voiced that he is a Dodger hater. 
The final score was:
SFGiants445.jpg image by xoxrussell
It was definitely satisfying for all of us Dodger fans.
Before the game there were many Dodgers on the field warming up.
SFGiants175.jpg image by xoxrussell
Charlie Haeger our knuckleballer and Kuo were deep in conversation
SFGiants164.jpg image by xoxrussell
Kuroda san was out running
SFGiants177.jpg image by xoxrussell
He looked fantastic
SFGiants181.jpg image by xoxrussell
I told Kuroda san something in Japanese that means “Hang in there.” in oldtime Japanese.  I remember my beloved Mom had told me that phrase often.  Kuroda san appreciated my stumbling Japanese by laughing heartily.
SFGiants184.jpg image by xoxrussell
Here is another photo of Charlie
SFGiants187.jpg image by xoxrussell
He signed some autographs and decided to put his glove in a handy spot, his head.
Here are a few autographs I got that afternoon:
SFGiants309.jpg image by xoxrussell
Charlie Haeger
SFGiants307.jpg image by xoxrussell
Hiroki Kuroda
SFGiants306.jpg image by xoxrussell
James Loney
SFGiants310.jpg image by xoxrussell
Matty Kemp
SFGiants308.jpg image by xoxrussell
James McDonald.  This ball was a batting practice ball that almost hit me.  That smudge you see by the autograph is Dodger dirt.
SFGiants015.jpg image by xoxrussell
I saw Tim Lincecum during batting practice the day before he pitched.  I was surprised at how little and young he looked.
SFGiants011.jpg image by xoxrussell
He looks like a little boy.
SFGiants010.jpg image by xoxrussell
Everyone kept calling his name but he never turned to look.
SFGiants003.jpg image by xoxrussell
It was funny to see Guillermo Mota and Broxton doing girly situps together
SFGiants355.jpg image by xoxrussell
One of my favorite ushers Oliver tried to keep from getting burned with a cap and sunglasses
I actually sat both days in the Baseline Section in the sun.  Most of the people who had tickets to that section sat in the air conditioned club watching the game on television.  Actually on Saturday many were watching USC football.  I don’t understand that.  I was having fun watching Brad Penny get beat.
SFGiants281.jpg image by xoxrussell
Here is Sergio the batboy who sat right in front of me.  No, you can’t have a foul ball, they are all mine, Lady!
SFGiants192.jpg image by xoxrussell
Here is Jon Garland warming up before the Saturday game.
SFGiants193.jpg image by xoxrussell
He has done well with the Dodgers.
SFGiants469.jpg barry zito image by xoxrussell
Barry Zito was out in the field on Sunday during batting practice.  I stood in front of my season seat.  Someone behind me started to heckle him with comments like “You are overpaid.”   I decided to move since I don’t like heckiling and didn’t want hiim to think I knew this guy.
SFGiants682.jpg Barry Zito autograph image by xoxrussell
He signed my ticket for me. 
On Sunday, the food was still brunch.
SFGiants454.jpg image by xoxrussell
The salads were really good, very refreshing on a hot day..
SFGiants453.jpg image by xoxrussell
There were scrambled eggs, hash browns, buttermilk fried turkey and hambuger sliders.
The food was really outstanding.
SFGiants455.jpg image by xoxrussell
The peach cobbler was so good that I had seconds and maybe thirds, I’m not telling.
SFGiants465.jpg image by xoxrussell
Matt was working out again near the bullpen and stopped to talk to Ramon Troncoso
SFGiants456.jpg image by xoxrussell
Kuo also was working out.  Notice the Giants in the background.
SFGiants488.jpg randy image by xoxrussell
Randy Wolf was our SP against Tim Lincecum.  The Dodgers had not won a game against the Giants when Tim is pitching.
SFGiants482.jpg randy image by xoxrussell
Wolfy has been consistent
Pirates012-1.jpg Randy image by xoxrussell
Wolfy deserves to be one of the first starters in the playoffs. 
Pirates024.jpg randy image by xoxrussell
We Dodger fans feel confident when Wolfy is the SP.
Our bullpen has been stellar as well.
SFGiants583.jpg Tim image by xoxrussell
Tim just wasn’t sharp against the Dodgers.  I won’t make excuses for him since I don’t make excuses for my Dodgers either.  His back had been bothering him enough that he missed one start.  He arches his back to pitch which might be the problem.
SFGiants575.jpg Wolfy image by xoxrussell
Randy had a great game only allowing homeruns to one Giant Torres which accounted for their two runs.  He stayed for six innings, Kuo, Sherrill and Broxton finished the game with the final score being 5-2.  The tide turned with yet another 2 run homerun by Andre the Giant killer.  Lincecum had walked Wolfy prior to the homerun.  What’s with walking the pitcher? 
SFGiants275.jpg image by xoxrussell
There was much discussion among the Giants as to what they could do to upend the Dodgers.  The Dodgers offense has come alive.
The magic number is four for the Dodgers to make the playoffs.  They will be on the road.  The magic number to win the Western Division is eight.
I took many pictures over the weekend so I thought I would share my favorites with you.
SFGiants388.jpg image by xoxrussell
It’s tiring being the hero all the time
SFGiants304.jpg image by xoxrussell
Hey, throw it here.  Matt will catch it.
SFGiants303.jpg image by xoxrussell
Haha, did I say that?
SFGiants297.jpg image by xoxrussell
Andre without his cap
SFGiants227.jpg image by xoxrussell
Andtre’s hair is getting long
SFGiants052.jpg image by xoxrussell
Matt getting up gracefully
SFGiants200.jpg image by xoxrussell
SFGiants120.jpg image by xoxrussell
Raffy running home on a wild pitch
SFGiants574.jpg Manny image by xoxrussell
My pants have to be dragging just right
Andre lovers:  Andre follows these steps to hit a homerun/
SFGiants610.jpg Andre image by xoxrussell
Make sure your batting helmet is on tight
SFGiants594.jpg andre image by xoxrussell
Dig a nice hole before you get in the correct stance
SFGiants593.jpg andre image by xoxrussell
Make sure you have the right bat
SFGiants592.jpg andre image by xoxrussell
Stare Tim in the eye and say over and over “I’m hitting a homerun.”
SFGiants546.jpg andre image by xoxrussell
Meditate before the game, believe in yourself
SFGiants527.jpg andre image by xoxrussell
Andre has hit 31 homeruns and has 101 RBis.
I had hoped that Tim wouldn’t be able to find the strike zone but was amazed that he too did not last many innings.  My Dodgers have been amazing. 
SFGiants531.jpg young bullpen image by xoxrussell
I was able to talk to Clayton Kershaw and asked him how he was.  He told me that he was better.  Hopefully he will be well enough to pitch soon. Notice all the boys looking at me.
Thanks for stopping by.  Over the next week while the Dodgers are on the road, I will post more of the pictures I took during this homestand.  Go Dodgers. 
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Win the big prize…..pleae. 


  1. TribeTed

    Its tough when its very hot outside. I play all the time and sometimes you don’t succeed as well as you do in the colder 70 degree weather. But hot is baseball weather. 😉 Maybe you should sing the song “San Fran… Cissssssssscccoooooooooooo!!” That is a great one. New post up.

    Ted –

  2. southernbelle

    Cat: Your Andre pics were gorgeous. I love that one of him sitting in the outfield. ADORABLE! “Andre the Giant Killer.” He kills everybody, doesn’t he? Especially the ladies 😉
    My Yanks lost to the Halos last night…it was annoying. I really hope they win tonight. I’m getting a little worried about them. -Virginia

  3. Jane Heller

    I’m so excited that you’re going to Anaheim on Wed and sitting near the visitor’s dugout! Woohoo! Please take pics of my Yanks and cheer hard for them. They need your help! Wish I could be sitting next to you. I’ll be there in spirit, I promise.

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