Completing the Sweep

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The day after the 13 inning game, the Cat was tired.  I got up at the usual 600AM and felt like crawling right back into bed but I knew I had to leave for Dodger Stadium early in case there was a crowd.  I read my 3 sports sections, drank a cup of coffee and was on my way.

It was Manny Bobblehead Day.  It turns out that it was a record setting turnout of over 53,000, a high attendance for a day game.  It was surprising since it was a school day and also a regular work day.  And it was hot!!

Pirates310.jpg image by xoxrussell
After getting my Manny Bobblehead, I headed for my seat and was pleasantly surprised to find Jon Garland out in the field warming up.  I’m not sure what he was warming up for since Kuroda san was scheduled to start.
Pirates313.jpg image by xoxrussell
It is so nice to have him as an addition to our family
Pirates316.jpg image by xoxrussell
He is a nice guy and so far has been an exellent pitcher
Pirates633.jpg image by xoxrussell
He was nice enough to sign a ball for me.
Pirates319.jpg image by xoxrussell
Kuo, one of my favorites, was also out on the field.  He neveer gives up even after 3 arm surgeries.  He is one of our fine bullpen
Pirates320.jpg image by xoxrussell
Vicente Padilla, one of our new members and Jeff Weaver were also warming up.
Pirates353.jpg image by xoxrussell
He was signing autographs for the fans.
Pirates634.jpg image by xoxrussell
Here is the ball he signed for me
Pirates365.jpg image by xoxrussell
Guillermo Mota is off DL.  His ingrown toenail must be better.
Pirates367.jpg image by xoxrussell
He usually is talking to Broxotn
Pirates368.jpg image by xoxrussell
Guillermo Mota and Juan Pierre
Pirates370.jpg image by xoxrussell
If you talk to me, you have to run with me
Pirates359.jpg image by xoxrussell
It was nice to see Dougie Baseball himself, Doug Mankiewiecz.  It appeared that he was being tested by the trainer.  This picture is especially for Miss SheFan Jane Heller.
Pirates323.jpg image by xoxrussell
It was a surprise seeing Matty out there in practice jersey, white pants and ipod.
Pirates332.jpg image by xoxrussell
Please let me be the hero toay.  I want to hit a two run homerun that will win the game!
Pirates349.jpg image by xoxrussell
The neck was a little sore from last night
Pirates344.jpg image by xoxrussell
My two Dodger buddies, Linda on the left without wolf hat, wolf earrings or wolf shirt, and lovely Jo Anna on the right.
Pirates374.jpg image by xoxrussell
Kuroda san was making his third start since his accident.  His last start was magnificent.
Pirates385.jpg image by xoxrussell
I still find it amazing that he seems unscathed by what happened to him
Pirates387.jpg image by xoxrussell
I love this picture of him.  Look at his eyes!
Pirates432.jpg image by xoxrussell
Matty had changed and looked more like a Dodger
Pirates412.jpg image by xoxrussell
And last night’s hero Andre Ethier came out to warm up
Pirates446.jpg image by xoxrussell
It was business as usual for Andre signing autographs and talking to fans
Pirates456.jpg image by xoxrussell
It was Dominican Republic Day as well
Pirates411.jpg image by xoxrussell
Andre and Matt who take turns being the hero of the game
Pirates434.jpg image by xoxrussell
The bullpen making their way accross the field
Pirates440.jpg image by xoxrussell
Matty and J Mac
Pirates459.jpg image by xoxrussell
Brad Ausmus, our substitute catcher and Kuroda san
Pirates461.jpg image by xoxrussell
They take their walk to the dugout
Pirates470.jpg image by xoxrussell
Andre signed the child’s ball and apparently had to tell her what to do next
Pirates579.jpg image by xoxrussell
The Pirates started out getting a run early on but were held to that one run.  It was a pitcher’s game until the 6th inning when Matty hit a two run homerun which was the clutch hit of the game.  Ronnie Belliard then hit a solo homerun.
Pirates547.jpg image by xoxrussell
Here is Matty running in after the homerun.
There were only 3 regular players in the game:  Andre, Matty and James Loney, first base.  The substitutes were Juan Pierre in left field taking Manny’s place, Juan Castro taking Raffy’s place, Blake DeWitt taking Casey Blake’s place (Blakey has been called up from Albuquerque 6 times.  I wonder if he ever unpacks his suitcase) and Brad Ausmus taking Russell Martin’s place
So the Dodgers sweptt the Pirates.  But the Pirates were tough to beat.
Pirates489.jpg image by xoxrussell
Manny sat out the entire game although it was his bobblehead night
Pirates491.jpg image by xoxrussell
I found a seat in the shade.  It was way too hot in my regular seat
Pirates497.jpg image by xoxrussell
Whew, where’s the air conditioner?
Pirates515.jpg image by xoxrussell
Man, if those sprinklers could just come on!
Pirates518.jpg image by xoxrussell
It feels like Death Valley out here
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No, I’m not comparing James with the camel although their legs are both about the same length.
Pirates600.jpg image by xoxrussell
Here is Belliard #3 getting high fives from everyone after his homerun
Pirates577.jpg image by xoxrussell
The great Jim Thome
Pirates607.jpg image by xoxrussell
Our closer Broxton who has been stellar.  He is only 24 years old.
Thursday was a day off, much needed for the guys and for me too.  Tonight we start a 3 game series with the Giants who just won a series against the Rockies.
It should be a great series.
Thanks for stopping by.  I hope your team is doing as well as mine.
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  1. thinkingblue

    CAT…that was a great game. My cousins attended that game and did the same thing you did…look for some SHADE. Poor Dodgers….it must of been super HOT for them. I am excited for the Giants series next (well starting tonight). I am glad to be 5 ahead of the Rockies, but of course…let’s play it safe and get further ahead. HAVE FUN AT TONIGHTS GAME. I will be watching at home with a couple of GIANTS FANS, it should be fun!

  2. Buz

    How did they manage to get so many people there for a matinee game? I heard Vin Scully comment that is was THE largest daytime crowd in Dodger Stadium history. That’s crazy! Enjoy the Giants brooha tonight Cat.. I’m looking forward to it!

    Buz –

  3. TribeTed

    Ha loved the ending statement “hope your team is doing as good as mine!!”

    Haha just check the “no” column for that question. 😉

    The Indians have a good future ahead,

    and it seems they are ready to contend again.

    The Dodgers just always have long games it seems huh?

    Just more chances for Ethier to hit a walk off right?

    Ted’s Take

  4. diamondgirl55

    Thanks for the sweet words on my entry! You’re the sweetest person ever! Plus it’s nice to have such a great person/fan like yourself rooting for Ichiro. He doesn’t know how lucky he is :] AND, I’m glad you visited the Mariners site! I know it’s not as awesome as the Dodgers site but maybe it can be second best so you can “Ichiro-watch”. :] Great entry by the way, and I always always enjoy the pictures!!! xoxo

  5. heartruss

    I think everyone had their eye on the bobblehead but I have never seen so many people during a day game no matter what they are giving away.

  6. heartruss

    I guess there was a lot of negative comments on ITD about substituting so many players on Wednesday. Thank goodness the Dodgers won! It was a hot day so I’m sure those who sat were thankful.

  7. southernbelle

    Cat: Great post, as always. I love your pics! That one of Andre and the little girl is so cute! How hot was it there? Judging by what everyone said, I guess it was unbearably swealtering. At least you won! SWEEP COMPLETE!!!
    Just so you know, I made a special cutie-countdown post for you. I hope you like it. I don’t know why, but it took me forever to make! I guess the hottness was distracting me…

  8. devilabrit

    Looks like that was one hell of a hot day…I love the hot weather… good win last night against the Giants…and today you guys have Randy Wolf on the mound, I like Wolf, he was always a great guy in Philly… I hope he wins today..
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  9. mattpeas

    Hey Cat. Thanks for the autograph. you are so considerate and an amazing person. You can mail it to me at:

    Matthew Peaslee
    311 Community Dr.
    Morgantown, WV 26505

    i really appreciate that. i am a sucker for any kind of memorabilla especially a Pirate autograph and an LA ticket stub. When the Dodgers come to Pittsburgh next weekend i’ll return the favor and try to snag you a Dodger sig on the Pittsburgh ticket.

    thanks again Cat. have a great week

  10. cpompe1

    Hey Cat!
    It seems we never get to “talk” to each other on ITD, and like a fool, I forgot to bookmark your blog so I can leave a comment. Don’t worry, it’s bookmarked now, so I’ll stop by a little more often. Anyways, thx for asking about my mom; she’s doing fine…


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