And Back to Baseball

Dugoutseat070.jpg Matt image by xoxrussell                   
I’m done lying down on the job.  I will post something on the Dodgers Pirates game tonight.  I had a difficult time with 9/11 and couldn’t bring myself to post anything.  Today is the first game in a 3 game series with the Pirates.  
I am embarrassed.  I accidentally sent Kaybee Pittbull’s autograph instead of Heath Bell’s.  I suppose some of you fans would be happy with Pittbull’s.  Did you know he was just presented the key to Miami so he must be popular!!   I sent Kaybee the right ticket today.  Sorry Kaybee.  I don’t know how I made that mistake. 
I wish I had thought of getting autographs from other teams before this.  I know ,many of you who faithfully read my blog would have liked autographs from their teams.  I have had many opportunities during the season.  Next season I promise to work on that.
The Dodgers were able to win 2 games out of three over the weekend against the Giants.  Yesterday ex Dodger Brad Penny pitched a good game and Chad Billingsley still can’t seem to pitch the way he did last season.  I am afraid Joe will have him pitch during postseason and it will be a sure loss.  Clayton Kershaw has a separated shoulder from running into the wall while trying to catch a ball during batting practice.  So who knows when he will be able to pitch again.  Randy Wolf may be able to pitch this week.  He is recovering from a sore elbow.   Russell Martin was able to hit a 2 run homerun against his former teammate. 
A scary moment…James Loney had a freak accident running into the first base umpire headfirst, knocking off his flip up sunglasses and hurting his neck.  He lay in the field for a long time.  He got up and played the rest of the game.  What a pro he is.  James has never been on DL.   I hope he is okay today.
Called up from Albuquerque are Blake DeWitt (for the 6th time this season) and Chin Lung Hu.  Blakey plays third base and Hu usually is at shortstop. 
Every game is important.  It is nearing the end of the regular season.  I was getting my tickets ready for this week and realized my ticket booklet is almost all torn out.  I am gettiing a little sad.  Baseball season is almost over.  What will I do??
Oh, by the way,  free Dodger Dogs tonight!!!  Yaaaaay. 
Thanks for stopping by and also many thanks for all your support over the weekend!!


  1. Jane Heller

    Sorry to hear about Loney. I hope he’s OK. I know what you mean about the end of the season, but the Dodgers will be playing well into October so don’t get sad yet! I’m so excited that the Yankees are on the 2010 schedule to play the Dodgers in LA. I’ll be down for that series for sure!

  2. thinkingblue

    CAT, exciting weekend against the Giants. Russell hit 2 HR (yey! Martin). It was scary when Loney went down. That ump look pretty big with all the gear they wear. Poor Loney but glad he is OK. It is sad that season is soon coming to an end and that your booklet is getting thinner (sniff, sniff), but hey hopefully you can purchase a new booklet for playoff time! GOOOO DODGER! And have fun at todays game…I’ll be watching from home!

  3. southernbelle

    Cat: Poor James! I hope he is alright! I feel bad that he was not on my cutie post. It’s just that the maximum amount of players per team is 5….and Loney…I feel bad….The Dodgers are just chock full of cuties. Loney should have been on that list. I too am getting a bit sad about the end of the season. I hope there is a lot of postseason for my Yankees! I am getting very excited because I watched a show about the 2000 World Series that the Yanks won, and now I just can’t wait for them to win again!!! I really hope they can. And I just want to see them for as long as possible. I really love all of them.

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