Sneak Attack on the Snakes

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Yesterday seemed to be one of those Billingsley days.  Chad just hasn’t been himself lately.  I started out feeling optimistic since he seemed to be throwing a few strikes.  Then it turned as it has lately.  I keep wondering what is wrong with our former Ace.  He certainly at this point isn’t the pitcher Joe would depend on during the playoffs.

I started watching the game on television with my Dad before I left for work.  It started out well with our first batter Raffy hitting a single with Ande doubling next with Raffy scoring.  But by the second inning, Chad was Bad Chad.  Stephen Drew singled.  Parra doubled with Drew scoring.  Upton hit a sacrifice fly scoring Dtrew.  Reynolds hit a sacrifice fly scoring Parra.  Arizona scored 2 runs in that inning.  I decided to go to work then.  My Dad said the game was making him too nervous so he turned the station thinking the news would be more calming.

I checked the score later at work and was distressed to find out that by the time Chad had settled down, the D Backs had 4 runs, the Dodgers still only had the one run.

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I was hoping lightning would strike and the Dodgers would start some sort of offensive attack.  We were busy at work, another holdover crazy post-full moon night.  I heard that while I was watching that full moon at Dodger Stadium, my co workers were experiencing some crazy stuff at the hospital.  I was glad that I didn’t have to work during those nights because it really was crazy.  One upsetting thing was that my ER doc was hit in the head by a patient.  My job can be extremely dangerous.  I have experienced co workers getting stabbed, hit and assaulted.  I myself have been kicked against the wall, punched in the stomach and spat on in the face.  Last night a patient was extrememly hostile, started to yell loudly at me.  I retreated of course, not wanting to get hurt.  While I was busy licking my wounds,

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 I decided to check the baseball score thinking the worst.  Last time I had checked it was 4-1 in the seventh inning, Arizona still ahead.  The Dodgers had retired Chad and McDonald was pitching.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  In the eighth inning, the score was 4-4.  What happened??? Russell Martin singled but then was out at second..  Two out.  But the miracle happened.  Raffy singled.  Juan went to third.  Matt Kemp singled.  Juan scored.  Andre singled. Raffy scored.  Manny walked.  James Loney singled.  Matt Kemp scored.  Those plays ended up with the score tied.

Ronnie Belliard, one of our new players, singled.  Andre scored which made the score 5-4 Dodgers.  I couldn’t believe what happened with two outs in the eighth inning.  My clutch hitting Dodgers were back!!  The D Backs went through many pitchers with numerous visits to the pitching mound. 

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They must have used all their relief pitchers!!!

It was a wonderful win for the Dodgers, something that they needed.  It was a win for our relief pitcher James McDonald.  But what’s going on with Chad Billingsley?  Tonight we play the D Backs again with another new acquisiton Jon Garland pitching against his former team.

It looks like the Padres (Go Padres) beat the Giants today with a score of 4-2.  The Rockies play the Reds later today.  The Rockies are still 3 1/2 games back.  

I am starting to feel a little down now that baseball season is winding down.  What will I do when it is over next month??  I am looking forward to the post season.  I am optimistic.  I remember how exciting it was last year to win the Western Division.  It was phenomenal!!  I hope the Dodgers go back to the winning team they were at the beginning of the season.  Last night was a good indication that they still have that fire in them.

JonGarlandfirstday068.jpg Garland image by xoxrussell

Okay, Jon, do your stuff

JonGarlandfirstday012.jpg Andre image by xoxrussell

Don’t worry, Cat, we’ll hit tonight!!  Have fun at work.  Only 3 more nights to go. 

Thanks everyone for stopping by.   


  1. TribeTed

    Great post!! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for stopping by Cat.

    I too wanna know what I will do when the season is over –

    like what topics will I blog about?

    Maybe I will blog about the Browns.

    Ew.. they suck!!

    But I might still do it.

    I hope they have a winning season.

    and then I could always blog about the Cavs too.

    I don’t know much about basketball though. =)

    Keep up the good work and keep on moving up spots in the top 100 Cat!!

    –Ted “TTW/T”

  2. rrrt

    Don’t you just hate when they mount a comeback when you’re not watching? This happens to us all the time, because my husband will get frustrated, switch the channel, and then get absorbed in something else before eventually switching it back. We miss more dramatic finishes that way than I care to dwell upon!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  3. southernbelle

    Cat: Wow your job sounds tough. I really admire you, Cat. You are amazing.
    Baseball is my life. I don’t know what I am going to do without it. I am probably going to suffer from Baseball Withdrawl like I do every year. -sigh- I love these Yankees. I am going to miss them. Nice comeback for your Dodgers! Reminds me of my team…..
    Go Yankees and Dodgers!

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