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Tired day for me.  I’m back at work again.  I have another 6 night stretch but then I will be on vacation again!

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Of course I don’t plan on sleeping.  I will be going to almost my last series of home games.

Today I had some errands to run, among them getting a couple of things off in the mail for two Padres fans.  Hint hint….autographs!!  Then I had to pick my Dad up from work.  Yes, at 88 he still puts in about 4 hours a week.  He works in the Pastoral Care Services at a local hospital.  By the time I got him home I was exhausted.  Now I am up ready to listen to the game on the radio. I’ll be able to listen for about an hour before I have to start working then I will keep up with the score on my phone.

Yesterdays game was one that I hope is an indication of the Dodger bats lighting up.  Manny hit a homerun before he was tossed out of the game for throwing his equipment and arguing with the umpire.  He questioned a called strike that did appear to be inside.However being ejected from the game brought Juan Pierre in which proved to be a good tag team since Juan was hitting well.  I don’t apporve of the displays during the game but I think that the umpire kicked Manny out prematurely,  I’m sure those Manny haters will say he deserved to be kicked out. .  Joe Torre asked the umpire if Manny had sworn at him and the umpire said no,  There is much tension during the games now so I can see the enotions flaring in all the players.   Of course, Manny being Manny, he had to get tossed.

There was an incident where the Diamondbacks pitchert Scherzer hit Russell Martin squarely in the back which left an ugly bruise..It looked like it was intentional according to most people who saw it.  This pitch occurred after a Belliard homerun.  Our catcher Russell Martin is always the one who gets hit.  He thinks that people just don’t like him.  Maybe it’s becasue he’s the shortest guy on the team except for Raffy Furcal who no one would want to mess around with,  The umpire, of course thought that it was intentional and warned both teams to not take it any further. I suppose this action by the umpire was to ensure that our pitcher Padilla who is known to be the King of Paying Back didn’t hit any D Backs.  Later Russell said that he didn’t think the pitch was meant to hit him in the back but it seems even the umpire saw it as purposeful. 

Stuff liike that gets everyone fired up which could be good and also could be not so good.  It certainly gets the fans excited. 

The Dodgers came out on top with good at bats,  Padilla had his second win as a Dodger which improved his record to 2-0.  The Dodger acquisitions have proven to be excellent with a strong showing by Belliard who was obtained from the Nationals.  He apparently is happy playing with a team who is heading for the post season.  Jim Thome, however, is day to day with plantar faciitis.  Hopefully he will feel better.  Jon Garland has also been a great acquisition winning his first game last week.

I hope the Dodgers win this series with the D Backs.  

Everyone have a great evening and thanks again for stopping by.

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So let me get ready for work!! 



  1. heartruss

    It’s tough working a long stretch like that because each night is 12 hours long. It’s worth it.
    I can’t watch television at work but I keep up with the scores.

  2. Jane Heller

    Cat, I honestly don’t know how you have the energy to work as hard and as long as you do, plus follow the games (or go to them) AND blog. You’re superwoman! Sorry to hear about Thome. I was hoping he’d be hitting bombs for the Dodgers by now. But I’m glad the other acquisitions are working out.

  3. sunshine43

    I was listening to the game on the radio on my way home from school. They said the ump warned both benches because the umps had gotten a memo earlier saying that there was bad blood between the two teams. Joe’s reaction: “really? Didn’t know that.”

  4. southernbelle

    Cat: You really are an amazing woman, I agree with Jane about “superwoman.” I hope work flies by for you faster than school does for me! School was nice today, I wore the best shirt. Thank you, Cat. I LOVE it. I can’t wait to get home so I can blog about the Yankees’ walkoff win last night! 🙂
    Go Yankees! Go Dodgers! GO ANDRE!!!! And GO CAT!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!! -Virginia

  5. juliasrants

    Cat – your patients must be glad when you are there with them and God Bless you Dad!! That is great that he still goes to work.

    I think the umps this season have been very quick to eject players and managers – I seen it a number of times this season with the Red Sox. I don’t know if the umps are trying to make a point or what, by they certainly seem to interfere when they shouldn’t.


  6. thinkingblue

    CAT…wow if IF there is bad blood it must be because we beat them last year (they were #1 last year until Dodgers came and took them of the throne) and we took a great pitcher from them just the other day (during a D-Back vs Dodgers game and that pitcher looked happy to leave…LOL!) and because we have HUDSON…O’Doooog (should I say more)! LOL. I don’t think that there is bad blood. Well Martin gets picked on because he is the CATCHER and does make some of the calls of “WHERE” the pitcher will pitch the ball. Also Martin does talk and stands up for his team…he knows how to talk. And I am glad Dodgers have won the D-Back series…and hopefully we sweep them and crush them down….but there is no BAD BLOOD….LOL!

  7. TribeTed

    Thanks for commenting :

    you are a great fan – and for sure bleed blue and white.

    I bet you are at the top of the world right now with

    the Dodgers dominating everyone!!

    Enjoy It.

    You get one franchise and then lay off for ten years.

    … unless your the Yanks of course. 🙂

    Haha. so great blog here.

    and keep up the faith!

    –Ted “TTW/T”

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