Padilla and the D Backs

Last night was the second start for new Dodger Vicente Padilla.  It started out looking like it would be a rough outing for him but he settled down in the second inning.

winningagainstthedbacks024.jpg Padilla image by xoxrussell


The evening started out on a light note.  I noticed a bald guy walking down the field with photographers and an entourage including girls wearing stilettos on a baseball field.  I asked those around me who that was.  No one knew.  I asked my security person and he shrugged.  I thought that it was a need to know for me.  After investigating further I found out he is a Cuban rapper named Pittbull.  My young friends will know who it is.

winningagainstthedbacks010.jpg Pittbull image by xoxrussell
I had him sign my ticket just in case.  Here is a picture of him signing it. 
winningagainstthedbacks012.jpg Pittbull image by xoxrussell
His head looked freshly shaven.  Hope he didn’t get a sunburn.  I only got the autograph since I don’t know every celebrity.  For example when Gasol of the world champion LA Lakers was walking down the field, I asked someone who that was with the messy hair.  I had put my hand out when he walked by and he shook it as he walked by.   Why he picked me I don’t know but now that I know who it was, I feel honored.  Never pass up an opportunity is my motto.  Actually it was my Mom’s.
winningagainstthedbacks141.jpg the moon image by xoxrussell
The night was strange.  The moon was orange and the sky weird looking because of the fires in California.
winningagainstthedbacks004.jpg bullpen conversatio image by xoxrussell
The bullpen was out in the field before the game as usual including Mota on the right who is now on DL for an ingrown toenail.  I think it was to make room for Jon Garland recently acquired from the D Backs.  He certainly looked fine to me.  He’s talking to Broxton, our closer.
winningagainstthedbacks008.jpg at attention image by xoxrussell
This is serious business trying to catch batting practice balls.
winningagainstthedbacks033.jpg Orlando image by xoxrussell
O Dog was stretching out
winningagainstthedbacks017.jpg Andre image by xoxrussell
Andre was working out….oops, he was lying down
winningagainstthedbacks019.jpg Matt weighiing the bat image by xoxrussell
Matty Kemp was busy checking out the bat he would later break during the game
winningagainstthedbacks041.jpg andre signing image by xoxrussell
Later on Andre got up and signed autographs
winningagainstthedbacks022.jpg Padilla image by xoxrussell
Padilla warmed up on the field.  Nice to get a look at him.
winningagainstthedbacks028.jpg Padilla image by xoxrussell
I didn’t get many pictures of him.  He didn’t walk with Russell down the field to the dugout.  He took the underground passage.  Must be his thing.
winningagainstthedbacks048.jpg russell image by xoxrussell
Russell came out with his gear
winningagainstthedbacks047.jpg russell image by xoxrussell
He wore his socks down maybe because socks worn up didn’t help his game
winningagainstthedbacks058.jpg russell image by xoxrussell
He’s putting on his leg pads
winningagainstthedbacks059.jpg russell image by xoxrussell
Lots of straps
winningagainstthedbacks060.jpg russell image by xoxrussell
And more straps.
winningagainstthedbacks075.jpg russell image by xoxrussell
It looks like it took until sundown to get all that gear on!!
winningagainstthedbacks050.jpg bullpen image by xoxrussell
That’s good cuz here comes the bullpen barrelling through not looking.
winningagainstthedbacks067.jpg air force image by xoxrussell
It was Air Force Day.  The entire week is dedicated to the military culminatiing with fireworks on Friday.
winningagainstthedbacks072.jpg russell image by xoxrussell
Russell had gotten some flak over not putting his hand over his heart by someone on another blog during the national anthem. He is a Canadian so I don’t know what they usually do. This blogger decided to email Russell about it.  I can see that Russell reads his email because he has his hand over his heart.
winningagainstthedbacks079.jpg matt image by xoxrussell
Here is Matty again with his bat.  He has hit homeruns in four consecutive games now.
winningagainstthedbacks094.jpg matt and child image by xoxrussell
Here he is signing an autograph on a ball for a child
winningagainstthedbacks108.jpg Manny and matty image by xoxrussell
Manny and Matty resting between plays.  Padilla and Russell had a few conversations.  I think maybe he is new to the team and couldn’t figure out the hand signals.
winningagainstthedbacks109.jpg manny and matty image by xoxrussell
Manny making sure his pants drag on the ground
winningagainstthedbacks103.jpg Padilla image by xoxrussell
Padilla pitching
winningagainstthedbacks129.jpg manny image by xoxrussell
Manny throwing the ball
winningagainstthedbacks161.jpg casey and raffy image by xoxrussell
Raffy Furcal and Casey Blake
winningagainstthedbacks130.jpg matty image by xoxrussell
Matty running back out on the field. 
winningagainstthedbacks160.jpg matt image by xoxrussell
Matty resting.  He gets pretty dirty playing in the dirt..
winningagainstthedbacks168.jpg casey image by xoxrussell
Casey Blake
winningagainstthedbacks170.jpg image by xoxrussell
Manny waiting.  The game included much discussion between pitchers and catchers
winningagainstthedbacks173.jpg d backs image by xoxrussell
The D Backs couldn’t figure out what the Dodgers had on their minds
winningagainstthedbacks174.jpg d backs image by xoxrussell
More discussion
Matty hit a homerun, a bunt single, then stole second base, scoring on an Andre flyball..
Andre was the hero of the game though.  He patiently waited out a walk and therefore he walked in a run which was the game winning run.
He made a fantastic catch in the eighth jumping as high as he could and catching the ball before it either hit the top of the fence or went over it.  Either way it kept the D Backs from getting a tying run.  He pretty much slammed against that right field wall.
winningagainstthedbacks190.jpg get up andre image by xoxrussell
Here is Andre getting up with Matt helping him to his feet.  When Andre was asked what Matty said to him, he said Matty told him, “Hurry up and get up.  Let’s go.”  And Andre replied, “but it’s a long way back to the dugout.
winningagainstthedbacks191.jpg runniing in image by xoxrussell
Here they are runniing in after the play.
winningagainstthedbacks206.jpg brox image by xoxrussell
Here is our closer Big Boy or Jonathan Broxton.
winningagainstthedbacks209.jpg Loney image by xoxrussell
James Loney on first base
winningagainstthedbacks210.jpg andre image by xoxrussell
Andre making sure he didn’t break any nails on that last play
winningagainstthedbacks227.jpg sun is in my eyes image by xoxrussell
Sun is in my eyes.  Oh, wait, this is a night game
winningagainstthedbacks226.jpg you ready image by xoxrussell
Are you still over there, Matty?
winningagainstthedbacks220.jpg right here buddy image by xoxrussell
Ready to throw the ball
winningagainstthedbacks212.jpg bubbles image by xoxrussell
ok, I’m ok.
winningagainstthedbacks200.jpg itchy nose image by xoxrussell
oops, is that bubble on my nose?
winningagainstthedbacks197.jpg two out image by xoxrussell
Okay, that’s it!!
The Dodgers won the second game of the 4 game series with the D Backs.  Tonight will be the third game, Chad Billingsley will be pitching.  He has not been effective lately but hopefully he will pitch well tonight.  Also in the dugout tonight will be Jim Thome who will be used as a pinch hitter.  The Rockies are 5 1/2 games behind the Dodgers, the Giants 6 1/2. 
Thanks everyone for stopping by.  Will be back tomorrow.  Have a good baseball day, 
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Life is good!!! 


  1. Jane Heller

    I bet you’re looking forward to having Thome come to the plate. I’m still amazed he was traded. Big bat for the Dodgers. I hope yesterday’s slightly more humid weather helped the firefighters. Today is another beast of a day. So scary. Good luck tonight.

  2. raysfanboy

    Love the pics as always. Except for the psycho cat. That thing is scary looking. I don’t consider myself old, but when you drop a rapper name like “Pittbull” on me and say the youngsters should know him, well, I guess I realize I’m no longer in the “youngster” group!

  3. juliasrants

    Even some of your old fans know who Pitbull is! lol!! ONLY because he is currently on the front page of Rhapsody and my 15-year old son (today!!) thought he looked liked a serial killer! LOL! Rap is NOT his thing! And mom is very glad of that!


  4. thinkingblue

    CAT – I’m glad Padilla settled down but it was ETHIER that saved the GAME. That was a great Action Packed Catched by ETHIER…LOL. I had gone to be and I just hear my husband cheering loud when Andre made that catched. So of course I got up and ran to the living room to see the instant replay….it was still good. Love your pixs. I have never paid attention to the players during the flag ceremony. I don’t see anything bad with Martin not putting his hand over his heart…like you said “He is Canadian”. He is probably not use to it and probably did not understand why Americans do it. Just as long as he respects our country and the laws.

  5. thinkingblue

    We are still young (at heart) but I don’t think Pitbull is as big as Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, Eminim, Lil’ Wayne, Luda, Flo Rida and many others. I personally do enjoy some rap & hiphop.

  6. heartruss

    I agree with you Rosie about the Russell and the National Anthem matter. He always stood there quietly with his cap off but one of the bloggers thought he should do more than that.
    Jane..I can’t wait to see Thome hit!!

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