Giving the Game to the Cards

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It wasn’t a good night for Cat.  Maybe I wasn’t crying but it was sad.  One Dodger fan who was standing near me during batting practice commented to me that I must be as tired as the Dodgers are since I have been to almost every home game since Opening Day back in April. I realiized that I have been through everything with my guys. I even was in Arizona for some of Spring Training.  Last night was indeed a downer.

Clayton Kershaw our 21 year old SP usually has a good game maybe every other one so last night should have been a good game.  NOT.  He tends to have a high pitch count which consists of many walks and fouls.

Sadloss028.jpg Clayton image by xoxrussell
Clayton practicing prior to the game last night
Sadloss014.jpg Clayton image by xoxrussell
Clayton still has that wide eyed small town look to him
Sadloss070.jpg Russell and Clayton image by xoxrussell
Russell and Clayton headed toward the dugout prior to the game.
It was not his game again with that high pitch count but was abe to get out of some tight spots resulting in only 2 runs which could have been worse.
I decided before the game that I would take a few more pictures of Matty Kemp since it was his bobblehead night.  He still seems to be getting over the flu.  This flu seems to drain the life out of whoever succumbs to it.  Clayton had symptoms the night before the game but felt somewhat better the next morning.  It might have been wise to have him skip a start.
Sadloss061.jpg Matty practicing image by xoxrussell
Matt taking a practice swing
A few Russell Martin pictures for Rosie below:
Sadloss041.jpg Russell image by xoxrussell
Sadloss032.jpg Russell image by xoxrussell
Sadloss022.jpg Russell image by xoxrussell
Before coming into the stadium I saw Sweet Lou Johnson at the autograph booth.  He is my favorite Dodger legend.  There was quite a line so I just wanted to shake his hand and take a picture of him while he signed autographs.  He stood up and walked away from the booth saying that the light was better outisde the booth.  I felt a little uneasy since there were so many people waiting but no one seemed to mind although I hadn’t waited in line..
Sadloss002.jpg Sweet Lou image by xoxrussell
See the folks behind Lou.  Do they look mad??
At a table near Sweet Lou was Mark Sweeney who was sitting in the WIN area which is the Dodgers womens network.
Sadloss003.jpg Martk Sweeney image by xoxrussell
I said hi tto Mark and kept going.  There were so many people at the Stadium since it was a bobblehead day. 
Back to the game…I probably am avoiding it.
The offense didn’t give Kershaw any run support but that was because of the great pitching by Cardinals pitcher Wainwright.  He was unhhittable, at least until the back to back homeruns by Andre Ethier and Casey Blake.
Sadloss124.jpg Andre after his HR image by xoxrussell
You can see Andre running to the dugout to get his high fives after the homerun
Sadloss125.jpg Casey after his HR image by xoxrussell
And here is Casey running home after his long ball.
It’s sad that those game tying homeruns didn’t win the game..
The Dodgers went into the ninth inning tied.  The bullpen had done their job.
Sadloss137.jpg Kuo image by xoxrussell
Kuo did not give up any runs.
Sadloss111.jpg McDonald image by xoxrussell
McDonald also did his job.  Still tied at the top of the ninth.
Sadloss147.jpg Broxton image by xoxrussell
Then Broxton came in and hit Pujols who walked to first.
Russell made a bad low throw which bounced into right field, Pujols was able to steal.
Sadloss123.jpg Furcal image by xoxrussell
Our usually all over the place shortstop Raffy Furcal seemed to be glued to his sport and didn’t run over to cover.
 Holliday hit a flyball which scored Pujols.  Score was 3-2.
I am not one to blame anyone but I think the Dodgers gave the Cards a gift.  Broxton hit Pujols.  Broxton’s velocity is not what it used to be.  Something must be wrong.  Maybe Sherrill should close.  Russell’s horrible throw also made the gift possible.  His throwing has not been as accurate this season.  Maybe it’s time to let him rest more and bring our relief catcher Ausmus out of the cobwebs.  Ausmus has been hitting well.  Russell needs at least a couple of days off a week.  He usually goes down after the all star break. 
I felt bad for Andre and Casey who had those spectacular homeruns all for naught.  It gave all of us fans hope. 
Virginia, it looks like Andre went back to chewing gum last night.
Sadloss162.jpg Andre blowing bubbles image by xoxrussell
Here he is up to his old tricks
Sadloss157.jpg Andre checking nails image by xoxrussell
Always checking those hangnails
Sadloss148.jpg Andre front view image by xoxrussell
Waiting and hoping that the tie wouldn’t be broken by the birds.
Sadloss149.jpg Andre waiting image by xoxrussell
The tension was obvious
Sadloss140.jpg Matt image by xoxrussell
Matt missed a catch which hit the left field pavilion wall the same time he did.  He usually catches those but I think those pesky flu symptoms made him miss.  He looked a little dazed after that.
Sadloss138.jpg Matt image by xoxrussell
He rubbed his ear and head for a while.  I know he hit very hard.  And he was still feeling the ill effects of the flu.  But it was his bobblehead night so the pressure was on.  Everyone wanted him to hit a homerun like Manny did on his bobblehead night.
Sadloss098.jpg Manny resting image by xoxrussell
And Manny has been in a bad slump.  I hope it’s not getting to him.
Sadloss023.jpg Andre image by xoxrussell
I guess it can’t happen everytime that Andre has a walk off homerun.  It can’t be all his responsibility.  The Dodgers used to win in that final inning but it hasn’t happened recently.
There are only 3 1/2 games separating the Dodgers from the Rockies. The Rockies have been playing last place Nationals.  There was a time when there were 14 games separating them.  I knew that the Dodgers couldn’t keep on winning they way they were but it still is unsettling.  I do believe in my guys.  Matty Kemp stateed recently that the team isn’t worried and that the fans should not be worried, that they will be back again.  The Cardinals are a formidable team.  The Cards never ran away with the games.  The injuries influenced the outcomes.  Kuroda-san being injured put our shaky SPs in an even more tenuous position.  Our bullpen has been overworked.  The flu bug also didn’t help.  All the teams have been plagued with injuries and the flu. 
Tonight we play the Cubs.  I thought I was going to buy a baseline seat but I decided against it.  I like sitting in my season seat so I can be with my usher Ernie and my other friends.  Maybe I need a little moral support  Jeff Weaver will be pitching tonight with the help of his bullpen buddies. 
Thanks for stopping by.  I still have great hopes for my Dodgers.  They are still on top of the Western Divison.  They have been there most of the season and they won’t give that spot up easily.  And I will be there for every home game cheering for them..


  1. thinkingblue

    Wow I can not believe last nights game. Martin & Broxton they are just givers. I don’t have much to say. But thanks for the Martin’s picture. I am a sad ROSE right now.

  2. raysrenegade

    This is the time of year that the bandwagon fans fall away for a bit and the true fans hit the game consistently.
    The boys know the people who are there every night. they might not acknowledge us, but they see us with their eyes.
    They all appreciate the time sacrifices and the travel endeavors we take to get there to show them some “love”.
    Buck up little camper, this is the stretch run to glory.
    Cat, I know I am tired too right now, but to not go to the games would make me feel worse.
    It is what we do as fans……………..cheer, support and take that great walk nightly into that cathedral where we all watch that spectacle called baseball.

    Rays Renegade

  3. southernbelle

    Cat: Sorry about the loss. I guess they did give the game away. Andre is back to gum…ha..and checking his nails. And he hit another homer! What a cutie. I hope Matty Kemp feels better.
    My Yanks are off today, but tomorrow they begin a 3 game set in Boston. I’m glad you liked my lookalike! -Virginia

  4. heartruss

    Thank you everyone. I feel much better. I have to admit I was in tears this morning. The losses are getting to me. I have not given up hope but I am a little tired.

  5. Jane Heller

    Cat, you must be exhausted from going to every single game, as much as you love being there! I would be. And sorry last night was a bummer. I hate when my team has games like that. But the Dodgers will bounce back against the Cubs and all will be well in Dodgertown. You’ll see.

  6. thinkingblue

    We need to hang in there CAT. I was sad too. Jenn is right. Keep attending the games and taking your wonderful pictures. Last year we were in a loosing streak around this time and the next thing you know we started the winning streak and won the NL West. Our boys will pull it together and come through for us. LET’S GO DODGERS!

  7. thinkingblue

    Oh yeah I decided to change my name to show support for ALL the DODGERS instead of just RUSSELL & ETHIER!

  8. juliasrants

    Cat – it is a tough time of year – players and fans are all tired. But something happens and the flame grows and they are playing like we know they can. My Red Sox have turned that corner and it feels great! I know your Dodgers can also!


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