The Next Series

Today the Dodgers will play the Arizona Diamondbacks on the road with Clayton Kershaw pitching.  Hopefully a day of rest will benefit everyone.  Orlando Hudson should be back in the lineup.  The Dodgers will play in Arizona over the weekend and then return to play the St Louis Cardinals on Monday.  I will be there sitting in a baseline seat again.  This time I will be sitting on the even side so I can see what goes on in the Dugout.  I usually like to sit on the odd side because I consider that the Dodger side.  I’ll get a different perspective on things.

The two wins in San Francisco broke them out of their slump.  It may have been the turning point.  The offense has been picking up, Manny seems to be hitting again.  The only worry is the starting pitching.  Billingsley is still nursing his hamstring. Mota has made a couple of crucial mistakes in the latter innings resulting in a loss for the Dodgers.  It is almost certain that an SP must be signed to keep them in contention.  The surprise has been Kuo, one of my favorite pitchers.  He’s like the energizer bunny.  He keeps on running.  Nothing stops him.

I am looking forward to Monday.  Marynell will be there with me.  She just returned from Nicaragua baseball deprived so she needs some Dodger baseball.  I have one more night to work and then I will be free.  I’ll put gas into my Dodger car, fit my new Dodger seat covers on my seats and place those fantastic Dodger floor mats on the floor.  I’ll be all set to go.

I want a sweep in Arizona.  It certainly would be nice to do well on the road.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. southernbelle

    Cat: I hope the series win against the Giants is the turning point. I wish your Dodgers luck in the desert!
    The pies that A.J. uses are just Reddi Whip on a towel. My Yankees won an 11-1 blowout against the Mariners last night. Hopefully this trip out west will be better than the last one. (getting swept by the Angels!) -Virginia

  2. thinkingblue

    A weekend series with the D-BACKS. I hope this gets their winning streak started. GOOOOOO DODGERS!
    I will be waiting for your Monday’s game pictures!

  3. matttan7

    The Dodgers sweeping the Diamondbacks would be great, a good way to cool them off after taking the two out of the three games against the visiting Mets. Dodgers can sure use this as their turning point of the season.

    Matthew Tang

  4. thatbaseballguy

    The Dodgers have had the NL West title in their hands from day one. I don’t think they have much to worry about now that the playoff races are here. They are in the playoffs already and they just have to play for a higher seed in the playoffs.

  5. biba34

    This team needs a fire built under them! They look like little leaguers at bat. Why do we still have Carney Landsford as Batting Coach?? He has leaned against the fence all season, and you never see him talking to the players as to what they might be doing wrong. Some of the most respected players look so bad when batting… taking the good strikes and swinging at the most aprocious pitches. Professional? Show me. bill

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