Beating the Giants AGAIN


The Cat is a little puzzled about the Dodgers.  The Blue seemed to be in a daze during the Braves series just a few days ago.  And suddenly they are acting like winners again.  What has changed?

Last night the Dodgers routed the Giants 9-1.  Manny has gotten over the slump he had been in with a two run homer, a double which drove in a run, and two intentional walks.  Andre Ethier doubled twice and drove in two runs.  Matty Kemp hit another 3 run homer. 

And Randy Wolf finally got a win, allowing only one run, 3 hits, retiring 16 of his final 19 batters.  McDonald allowed one hit in the final inning.  The pitching was brilliant.

Billingsley won’t be pitching tomorrow because of a hamstring injury and instead Jeff Weaver will take the mound with the bullpen backing him up.

O Dog has a groin injury and was replaced by Juan Castro who has been doing a great job.

Eric Stults pitched one game and then was sent back down.  Charlie Haeger was brought up for todays game as a reliever..


The Dodgers lead is now 7 1/2 games over the Giants and 6 1/2 games over the Rockies.

We didn't find out if Dodger

I wish I was there at AT&T Park for the victory.  But I will be there next week when they come home.

My sister surprised me with a birthday gift today.  She is totally not a Dodger fan and cannot stand baseball.  Her gift was Dodger car seat covers and floor mats.  Those should go very well in my Dodger Blue Honda Fit.  I’ll take a picture when I put the seat covers in.  Oddly enough she gifted me with an assortment of Dodger teeshirts, jerseys and jackets all made by Nike prior to baseball season.  What a sister.

I found out that I am not doing such a long stretch at work.  I only have 5 -12 hour nights.  Then I will be on a 9 day vacation.  What am I going to do?  I will be doing my favorite thing: going to see my beloved Dodgers.

I hope for a sweep.  Winning 3 games against the Giants would be awesome. 

shy looking cat

Maybe I’m being greedy.  Naaaah.  GO DODGERS!!!

Thanks everyone for stopping by.  Hi Todd.  Welcome to my blog.Smiling face 


  1. bluenosedodger

    Winning the first two against the Giants was huge, and winning convincingly. Today’s game is now not a pressure cooker for us but is for the Giants. Your guys Matty, Andre and James had good games. Matt looks like a second cleanup hitter batting low in the order. Maybe not a bad move by Joe.

    Five 12 hour nights sounds like a long time to me. I can’t even sleep that long. Our daughter Elanya is a ward clerk at the Children’s Hospital in Halifax. She works those 12 hour shifts, some at night. Get ready for your days off Cat and soaking up some sun and Dodger Blue.

    It had been rainy and foggy here during our Braves series. The past two days and today are bright and sunny during the Giants series. Strange how the Dodgers control even the weather on the east coast of Canada.


  2. heartruss

    Hi Harold. Glad to hear from you. How is your family? I will be back on Dodger Dogs soon. I have been busy. My life at Dodger Stadium is busy and then my life away is even busier.
    It is so cool that I have nice folks check out my blog from Hawaii, Canada, and the east coat. Thanks everyone.

  3. raysfanboy

    Oooooo. Seat Covers. Neato. And you have a “Dodger Blue Honda”? You ARE die hard, aren’t you (as if I didn’t already know that!). I am surprised you guys routed the Giants like that. Those guys are, last I checked, pretty good. Then again, so are the D’s.

  4. southernbelle

    Cat: Congrats on another victory! I’m glad you enjoyed my tribute to Melky. If you watched the Yankees as muh as I do, I bet you would like Melky 🙂 My Yanks had another dramatic win last night. I gave them a new nickname : “The Drama Club.” I think it suits them very well.
    Some sister you have! Sounds like a great gift! I don’t have a sister. I have 2 brothers. My birthday is on Sunday. I wonder how much cool Yankee stuff I’m going to get! Good luck with the sweep, Cat! -Virginia

  5. thinkingblue

    OH YEAH we are winning…our DODGERS are doing great. Hopefully they sweep the Giants. KEMP is just exploping with his HOMERUNS…..GOOOO MATT. ETHIER is always wonderful.
    Your sister loves you and knows you! Any Dodger gear is always a wonderful gift….that is just true love.
    NINE days vacation….I soooo need that. GREAT IDEA…spending vacation at Dodger Stadium. Who knows maybe you’ll see Snoop Dogg hanging around….Snoop Dogg & Puzzle Cat chillin’ at Dodger Stadium fo’ shizzle my nizzles….peace!

  6. teemo

    Congrat on the Dodgers last night – better to be beating the Giants than the Braves – hopefully they can continue to put distance on the Giants.

    I can’t believe you are working 5 straight 12 hour shift – my wife is also a nurse and she complains when she works 3 shifts in a row – At least I see where your priorities are – work when the Dodgers are away and play when they are back in town.

    My son is seven – just attended his first MLB this past summer when we visited the east coast. Doesn’t have a favorite team or player yet – At least he can identify Manny as a power hitter – He has watched the Jr Dodger shows and enjoyed it. We look forward to you providing great insights into your beloved Dodgers players – Aloha Todd

  7. matttan7

    Happy belated birthday I hope it went well. Anyways those Dodgers are making the Giants feeling the blues now, hehe. This has to be amongst the best divisional rivalries in the Major Leagues today. I do favor the Dodgers here, since they originated from my hometown of Brooklyn, New York. This rivalry never gets too old.

    Matthew Tang

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