Another Dreaded Day Game

Today was not a good day for the Dodgers.

Go to fullsize imageIt was hot as is expected for a day game.  All I could think of during the first part of the game was having a nice dish of ice cream, actually a helmet of ice cream..


I sat in the shade near my usher Ernie.


I just couldn’t bear the thought of sweating AND watching my Dodgers lose.

Prior to the game I sat in my regular seat in the front row for a few minutest.  I had a bit of a disagreement with a woman who was standing in that front row where my seat is.  There are usually people standing there to get a better look at the Dodgers but who do not have a seat there.

I said excuse me so I could get by.  The woman blocked my path and asked me if I had a seat in that row and I answered yes I do, excuse me.  She glared at me and let me pass.  Turned out that she didn’t belong there.

A man was standing in front of the seat by me with his two sons.  Two young guys were standing on the other side of me.  They were pointing to Kuo who was sprinting.  The one said that was Kuroda.  Yeah, right. It bothers me when people really don’t know the facts and speak like the voice of authority. Kuo very generously stopped and signed for a few of us.  I had one ball in my bag for special occasions so I pulled it out for him to sign.  He remembers me since I had told him that I had bid on the green cap he wore St. Patricks Day at Spring Training and had won it.  He is really a good guy.  The man with the two sons told his young son that Kuo had signed the ball in Japanese.  That would be a good trick since Kuo is Taiwanese. Then I said a bit sharply, Kuo is not Japanese.  The man said oh, then it’s signed in Korean.  Oh, I give up.  Then the woman who had given me a bad time a few minutes before said that just last week everyone was allowed in the baseline seats to get autographs.  Now I know that hasn’t happened in at least two years.  Why do people pass around misinformation like that??  It makes everyone hostile when they are not allowed in that section.  The ushers are doing their job.  The young man on the other side of me said that that was his dad in the front in the baseline seat area.  The other guy asked him why he was sitting out in the regular seats when his dad was in the expensive baseline seats.  The young man smiled and said his dad just pushed his way through and always gets his way.  Nice thing to teach your son.

Then the other son of that man started to get frustrated about not getting a ball and said he would just run on the field and get one.  Oh boy, wrong answer.  I told him that it was not a good idea, especially just for a ball.  Totally not smart.

lastdayofhomestand055.jpg Kuo ball image by xoxrussell

Kuo ball signed in Taiwanese

Broxton and Mota were out practicing and goofing around

lastdayofhomestand012.jpg Broxton and Mota image by xoxrussell

Broxton was looking up to loge section to see where he would throw the ball in his hand.  I would hate to catch one of his 100mph fastballs.

lastdayofhomestand013.jpg broxton and mota image by xoxrussell

Another picture of the two

lastdayofhomestand004.jpg Randy Wolf image by xoxrussell

Randy Wolf was throwing the ball as well with Troncoso 


lastdayofhomestand019.jpg Eric Stults image by xoxrussell

Our starting pitcher for the day had taken a flight from Albuquerque that morning arriving in LA only 3 hours before gametiime.  How unfair is that?  He took a commercial plane, having to go through security and hurry to Dodger Stadium.   That should make a person nice and calm for the game.

And Tony Abreu who was seen yesterday briefly was already sent back.  One day or was it two.  Everyone calls him the invisible guy.

lastdayofhomestand028.jpg Bullpen with Kuo image by xoxrussell

Here is a picture of Kuo in the front taking his walk from dugout to bullpen

lastdayofhomestand035.jpg Stults and Russell image by xoxrussell

Russell Martin and Eric Stults walked together to the dugout

lastdayofhomestand024.jpg Andre image by xoxrussell


lastdayofhomestand037.jpg Kids take the field image by xoxrussell

A child getting a ball signed by Matt Kemp pregame

lastdayofhomestand040.jpg image by xoxrussell
And then the frustrating part of the day began…..THE GAME
It was hot but with a slight breeze but if you are in the sun, the heat can be wilting.  I just couldn’t stay in my regular seat so I retreated to that nice spot in the shade.
lastdayofhomestand010.jpg My security guy image by xoxrussell
My poor security person was standing or sitting out in the sun the whole game except for short breaks.  He did wear a ball cap which shaded the sun just a skosh.  Poor thing.  I hope he wore enough sunblock.
The game was torture because although Stults had a decent game, there was no run support.  In fact there were only 2 hits.  The score was 8-2, an embarrassment.
In my opinion, the Dodgers have suddenly come back to earth and are losing. We were so used to the Dodgers performing miracles in the last inning that we expect it.   They have lost eleven of the last seventeen games.  They had a charmed first half but now they are doing their share of losing.  I can’t be upset because they are human.  There are injuries, slumps, etc which happens to every team.  Many start out strong and then come to a sharp bump in the road.  The Dodgers did better before Manny returned.  It’s interesting.  It’s August.  Better to slump now than in September.  I remember last year the Dodgers were slumping badly in the summer.  They were however fighting to be a 500 ball team. 
They are still number one in the Western Division.  Fiv e and a half games ahead of the Rockies and the Giants.  Don’t count them out yet
Even in todays game, the Dodgers kept fighting in the last inning to the last out.  They never give up hope.  They are a young team and they are resilient.
No matter what happens, whether they win or lose, I will always support my Dodgers.  I can always complain that maybe Joe didn’t take out this sp soon enough and then the next person says that he is overusing the bullpen.   I think we are in agreement that we need another SP.  Sherrill was a fantastic acquisition but we need another pitcher.  That is probably the bottom line.
I wasn’t too upset after the game because I knew myy family was taking me out for Thai food for a belated birthday dinner.  The food was wonderful..
lastdayofhomestand057.jpg spicy soup image by xoxrussell
a delicious spicy chicken soup
lastdayofhomestand056.jpg Mee krob image by xoxrussell
a delicate crunchy sweet noodle with shrimp called Mee Krob, my Dad’s favorite
lastdayofhomestand059.jpg mixed veggies image by xoxrussell
a yummy vegetable dish with shrimp
lastdayofhomestand062.jpg birthday ice cream image by xoxrussell
The dinner ended with a loudspeaker singiing Happy Birthday which made us all laugh, it was so funny.  The dish was so beautiful with green tea ice cream, happy birthday artfully written in chocolate.  On the right are four teaspoons so we could all share..
I think back over the week and think about what a friend told me, that many people celebrate birthdays for many days. 
I spent the entire week going to Dodger games.  They were not all victories but the one that counted for me was the game on my birthday with the homerun Matt hit for me.  And the ball that he signed for me will always be special.
Loss037.jpg Birthday ball image by xoxrussell
Tomorrow I start another seven night stretch working until the Dodgers return.  Again I will count the days until I can once more be with my guys and stadium friends..
Tomorrow the Dodgers and Giants meet in AT&T Park. 
Go Dodgers !! 


  1. Jane Heller

    First of all, DON’T worry. You know you aren’t going to win every game, as much as we all wish that would happen for our teams. Your lead is still a healthy one. As you pointed out, it’s better to have a rough patch now than in September. And you got a birthday home run ball during this homestand. Not bad at all. Glad the dinner was good too.

  2. nellyjune

    I will be at AT&T Park tomorrow cheering on the boys for you. Who knows, maybe I can tell Matt and Andre “Cat says hi!!” – wouldn’t that be something? I don’t know AT&T Park’s layout too well, but I do know we are sitting on the right side…………..Andre and James’ side 🙂

  3. southernbelle

    Cat: I’m sure the Dodgers will bounce back. They are too good not to. I still can’t believe that birthday ball that Matty signed for you.
    Last night, I went to another Renegades game, and I had the courage to ask the players to sign a ball for me. I got SO many! They were all so cute! I might blog about it later. -Virginia

  4. mattpeas

    your blog always makes me so hungry. delicious food out there in SoCal. at the pirate game saturday i had a helmet sundae. it was fantastic. my friends made fun of me for ordering it in the first place and then again for washing it out and taking it home. thats a cool white one-i like it

  5. thinkingblue

    CAT – Dodgers did not have a great weekend. I can not believed they lost the series. Now we face the Giants and I am very nervous (like I am the one playing…LOL). So hopefully we win that series. Our boys have not had a break. They’ve been playing for a long period time, with couple of the games going to extra innings. I believe it has contributed a little bit to our lost. Hopefully they get some rest before tonights game. GOOOOOO DODGERS!
    Like always….love your pictures of the players.
    And ohhhh man those plates look delicious…you are really making me hungry…LOL
    So now that they boys are away what would you be doing????

  6. heartruss

    Rosie, thanks for the support and compliments on my pictures. I will be working for the next 7 nights, 84 hours! Then I will be back at Dodger Stadium again When are you and your husband coming to another game?
    Matt, I always get ice cream when we have a day game. The helmets are very cool..
    Virginia, always use every opportunity to get autographs. If you don’t try, you will never get any. Many people call me the autograph magnet. I never let any chances go by. It helps that you are a cute girl, by the way.
    Nellyjune, yell loud and long for me. I know they will start winning soon. If you can just show Andre that you are there, he will hit a homerun for you. I know he will. You are the ultimate Ethieraholic, along with lovely Virginia.

  7. thinkingblue

    Wow you have a busy working week. Wish you well. Well right now we have no idea when we can attend another game. We were planning for the KEMP bobble head, but like always, we wait for the last minute to purchase tickets and of course the game is sold out. I’ll let you know if we do attend another game. I had a great opportunity to get KEMP’s and ETHIER’s autograph the day we sat near you, but of course I let it slip away…next time I will think like you. Well enjoy your work week and I’ll be checking in to check out your pictures.

  8. rrrt

    Hi Cat! Sounds like your day was aggravating right from the get-go. Hard to believe someone would give you a dirty look just for trying to get to your OWN seat! And of course a loss is no fun either. How cool though that you got a “happy birthday” ball! And like a few others have said, your posts always end up making me hungry! (though I’m not too sure about that green tea ice cream – gotta be chocolate for me, all the way!)
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  9. southernbelle

    Cat: I posted the article about my Renegade extravaganza. I feel really good that I got those autographs. I appreciate being called cute. Thanks, Cat! I really should put a picture of me on my blog, but my Dad probably won’t let me. You know how Dad’s are when it comes to their daughters (ugh!) And about believing, keep believing in your Dodgers. I don’t know why I said that, I know you will never give up on them 🙂 -Virginia

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