Amazing Victory

I am still reeling from the huge win last night.  My first thought was how can this happen?

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But this Cat is very happy.  She just can’t figure it out!!

Surprisewin011.jpg Randy Wolf image by xoxrussell
It started out looking like a losing evening.  Randy Wolf was not at his best.  He allowed 4 runs.  The night just seemed to go and on.
I know,I know.  It seemed so long cuz the Dodgers were losing.
I didn’t get a picture of Linda with her wolf hat since she forgot it in the car.  I blame her personally for Wolfie’s dismal performance.  But then again, I have to give her a little leeway since she has a swollen lip from getting bonked with that ball the other day.
I did get some nice shots of some of the guys.
Surprisewin001.jpg Guillermo Mota image by xoxrussell
I looked at Mota in a different way.  I don’t think anyone in their right mind would go after someone as imposing as he is.  Maybe Prince Fielder wasn’t in his right mind that evening.
Surprisewin002.jpg Jeff Weaver image by xoxrussell
Jeff Weaver was out there shooting the breeze and catching bp balls.  They all look differnt without their caps and wearing their jackets.
Surprisewin043.jpg Russell walking to the bullpen image by xoxrussell
Here is Russell walking to the bullpen
Surprisewin050.jpg James and Pierre image by xoxrussell
James Loney and Juan Pierre did some sprints together  Sorry, picture is a little fuzzy. maybe they were running too fast.
Surprisewin007.jpg Smiling Security image by xoxrussell
My security person Juan was smiling at me so I took a picture.  He knows that I won’t run on the field since he is so good at tackling tresspassers
While I was taking this picture of Juan, the teenager next to me asked me in amazement..”You’re taking a picture of him?”  I told him of course, he is my personal security person.  I took another look at the young man sitting next to me.  He had a ring through one nostril.  Hmmm.  Interesting.  I suppose I look odd to people with my four pierced earrings on each ear.  at least one earring has LA on it.  Anyway, the young man gave me a big smile and told me that his mom had delivered Andre Ethier’s baby in Arizona.  Aha….that is an omen.  Something big is in the air for Andre.  I get these feelings
I was worried that considering it was a full moon and our pitcher was Randy Wolf, he may get distracted and start howling at the moon.  Yikes.
Surprisewin057.jpg Manny still fixing pants image by xoxrussell
Manny seemed to be having a problem with his pants.  He kept hiking them up and adjusting them.  I heard that last year he was wearing Russell Martin’s pants.  Surely he has his own this season.
Surprisewin061.jpg Manny fixing pants image by xoxrussell
He bent over and pulled the pant legs over his shoes and still wasn’t happy with the way they looked.
Surprisewin062.jpg Manny image by xoxrussell
I wanted to tell Manny that the pants were not going to look very good cuz he had a huge dirt mark on his bottom!!   Oh well!
Surprisewin056.jpg Manny image by xoxrussell
All through every game there is a constant calling out to Manny.  He usually waves behind him with his glove so he doesn’t have to look away from the game.  He does this a lot especially to his section called Mannywood.
Surprisewin065.jpg Andre image by xoxrussell
If you haven’t already heard, Andre was the hero of this amazing game.  The score was 4-2 and it looked as though the Dodgers were going to lose another game. I thought that I would just do my usual thing which is to go to the other side of the stadium so I am closer to my car.  I sat down on the right field side so I could watch Andre and take pictures.  He glances over toward me a lot but I’m not sure if he can see me.
I didn’t expect anything to happen since it had been a quiet night so far.  It was the ninth inning.  Dodger fans have learned not to leave before the ninth inning even if the Dodgers are behind because the Dodgers are known to wake up in the ninth inning, usually with two out.  We had already seen Manny strike out at a crucial time, then our Matty came out and struck out as the pinch hitter.  He had sat out the game giving Juan Pierre a chance to play.  At the beginning of the inning Juan Pierre hit a base hit, lucky because it got past Chipper Jones.  Then Raffy Furcal hit a base hit.  Suddenly we were all on our feet.  I became more interested and took out my camera.  We were all screaming.  There were no outs.  The next two batters were Andre Ethier and Manny.  How intimidated do you suppose the Braves relief pitcher felt.  There were two balls called.  Andre got ready.  We were cheering and yelling.  He hit a huge shot which was his third walk off homerun of the season, his fifth walk off hit.  If Andre doesn’t get NL player of the week again, I would be surprised.  He literally won a dead in the water game.  The guys were all waiting at homeplate for Andre and they dogpiled him with Matt and Juan Pierre directly on top of him.
I left the stadium that night still shaking my head.  The Dodgers are a team who believe in themselves against all odds.  They played 50 games without Manny Ramirez and improved their record.  They still have the best record in baseball by 1/2 game in front of Jane’s and Virginia’s team, the Yankees.  I don’t believe that they will hold that record forever but they will not give up easily.  Many teams have remarked that the Dodgers just keep on coming, they don’t give up.  I’m sure the Braves are as dumbfounded as I am.
Even today I am amazed by my Dodgers..  The Deejay plays Journey’s Keep on Believing after the 8th inning.  As James Loney had said, they believe in themselves.  That must be the key.
Surprisewin063.jpg image by xoxrussell
This is a picture I took of Andre right before the final Braves out in the 9th inning.  Shortly after this he hit the homerun.  
Everyone have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by. 🙂 


  1. southernbelle

    Cat: Obviously Andre Ethier is a great player, and a great looking man. But the most important thing is that you say he is a great person. That means a lot to the fans. He is a great role model for kids. If Ethier cares, you could tell him that their is a 16 year old Yankee fan girl who is also an Ethieraholic. (That’s me!) I hope that makes him smile. He is a very gifted man. Nice win for the Dodgers! (Thanks to Andre!) I’ll talk to you tomorrow. I hope my Yankees win tonight! So far it’s 0-0 in the 6th! -Virginia

  2. mattpeas

    congrats on the win. and sounds like another great night at the ballpark. its cool being close like that to a secruity person. when my dad used to have Pirates season tickets we would always strike up conversations with our usher, Joe. he was an old man who loved the ballpark and talking with us. I have pictures with him and loved hearing about teh old days and glory days of the Pirates. we stopped getting season tickets about 3 years ago when i went away to college. since then i have not seen joe at PNC Park. its kind of sad and i really miss our relationship

  3. heartruss

    Matt, I know what you mean about the folks that work around the stadium. I really have gotten close to many of them. They are a dedicated group.
    Virginia, if you could meet Andre, you would be in love. He is amazing.
    Jane, thanks for the heads up. I like it when the Yankees win too. What a huge homerun for A Rod.

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