The Day After

I was exhausted after the excitement the night before.  Note that I didn’t post anything after the game.  The Dodgers suffered a loss to the Brewers.  It seemed so much like an aftermath to a big night.  Jason Schmidt did not have a good game.

Loss003.jpg Jason image by xoxrussell
Jason before the Game
The question is how many more starts he will get.  He went three innings last night.  McDonald did well again but the damage was already done.
Loss001.jpg image by xoxrussell
I started out my evening with a great dinner.  I sat in a baseline seat again, my last time this week.  The dinner was again delicious.  It included steamed Jasmine rice, a very succulent pork with horseradish sauce, turkey medallions, grilled asparagus, green beans and bell peppers.
Loss002.jpg image by xoxrussell
Of course I had to get a huge salad plate.  I enjoy the Dodger baseline salads more than anything.  Today’s fare included the usual Caesar salad, a pasta salad and an amazing red skinned potato salad.  I had seconds of the potato salad.
I figured my day was okay because the food was excellent.
I went out to my baseline seat and watched Andre do his Yoga exercises on the field.
Loss011.jpg Andre image by xoxrussell
He is pretty flexible which I’m sure helps his fielding prowess.
Later on he came out to the stands to say hello and sign autographs which he does everyday.  He always talks to the fans.  On another blog it was stated that they woould yell at the players over and over to get them to come over to sign.  We never have to yell at our Dodgers because we know that Andre, Matty, James and Casey all sign everyday.  I think it would be distracting and annoying to have to hear your name called over and over while trying to stretch before the game.  We’re lucky that they do their workout on the field and not in the clubhouse.  At least we get to watch.
Loss013.jpg Andre image by xoxrussell
I usually just talk to Andre.  It’s nice to just see him smile at me and say hey.  I don’t need autographs anymore.
Loss021.jpg Matt signing ball image by xoxrussell
Matty came over and talked to tattoo guy.  If any of you saw the Dodger fan movie Bluetopia, you would know who tattoo guy is.  He has a tattoo studio where he specializes in Dodger tattoos.  He is amazing.  Matty signed some autographs and just talked to us.  He is the nicest, most unaffected guy. 
Loss037.jpg Birthday ball image by xoxrussell
He signed a special ball for me in the sweetspot.  If you can’t read it, it says Happy Birthday with his autograph and number.  Matty smiled and said that the homerun on my birthday was for me.  What a great present.
Unfortunately my usher Ernie found out it was my birthday the day before and brought a whole gang of ushers to sing Happy Birthday to me.  One of the ushers told me that she had heard me on the radio the night before.  Someone else told me I was on Dodger Vision several times.  I certainly will remember my birthday!!
Loss028.jpg Pierre and Matt image by xoxrussell
Juan Pierre took Manny Ramirez’s place in left field.  The Brewers thought that Manny was just chicken after the brou ha ha from the night before.  Joe Torre said that Manny just needed a rest.
Apparently there was much made of the Prince Fielder-Guillermo Mota incident from the day before especially when Fielder tried to get into the Dodger Clubhouse to continue the beef.
Fielder would not have gotten far since he had to go past Matty Kemp’s locker to get to Mota.  Try to get past the “Bison.”  There was extra security posted outside the Clubhouse door last night. Word is that someone was seen in the Dodger player parking lot looking into the cars possibly looking for Mota’s car the night of the incident.  Better to just keep it on the field. 
Some media seem to think this will unite the Dodgers more.  Mota is not one to sit and let an act like hitting Manny go by.  Last year Billingsley did not act and the Dodgers lost in the NL playoffs.  So possibly this incident will be a good thing bringing the guys together.  I don’t condone violence, believe me.  But apparently this kind of stuff has been going on for years.  I didn’t even know about this until last year with the Philadelphia incident.  Mota hit Fielder in his rump, not his head, his elblow, his knee, ankle or anywhere that would keep him from playing.  According to most sources, retribution is something that happens all the time but it’s not usually admitted to.  Russell Martin may be fined for coming out and saying something publically about it.  Mota and Fielder both will be fined.  Mota for hitting Fielder and Fielder for taking it into the Clubhouse.
No wonder I was tired.  The game on my birthday took everything out of me.  Last night’s game was a loss but it didn’t feel so bad.  Maybe I am beginning to look at the whole picture more. 
So I will end this post with a few pictures I took last night.  I was a little drained so I didn’t take many.
Loss038.jpg Pierre image by xoxrussell
Juan Pierre taking Manny’s left field postion
Loss050.jpg 3 corner catch image by xoxrussell
3 cornered catch with Raffy Furcal, Matty Kemp and Andre Ethier
Loss026.jpg James image by xoxrussell
James Loney stretching before the game
Loss056.jpg Matty blowing bubble image by xoxrussell
Matty competing with Andre with the bubble blowing
Loss064.jpg Andre blowing bubbles image by xoxrussell
I guess Andre won this contest
Loss078.jpg ready image by xoxrussell
Doesn’t it look like Andre has a bunny tail?
Loss079.jpg Matty at Bat image by xoxrussell
Matty at bat
Tonght the Dodgers start a 4 game series with the Braves
My friend Linda was sitting in my regular season seat last night and was hit in the mouth with a ball.  I felt terrible about it considering I let her sit in my seat.  Linda being Linda told me she was glad it wasn’t me since I had already been hit by a foul ball this season.  I suppose this is one drawback sitting close to the action.  Since Randy Wolf is pitching tonight Linda will be wearing her Wolf hat so I will take a picture of her with it on.  
Everyone have a great day and thanks for reading my blog. 


  1. thinkingblue

    Well this loss was a bit dissapointing. I accepted Monday’s lost since they had traveled the night before, but Wednesday game….I hate to say this but Martin really needs to work on throwing that ball to the bases.
    I’m glad you got Matty’s autograph….with a special “Happy Birthday”. He is sooo sweet.
    Hopefully your friend’s mouth is fine. Sitting there is dangerous but fun!
    Prince Fielder is just acting immature. He will get over it and hopefully there is no more violence.
    Wolf pitches tonight and it will be a Full Moon…..GOOOOOO DODGERS…Crazy people come out tonight! Enjoy the game!

  2. Jane Heller

    That’s hilarious that the ushers sang “Happy Birthday” to you! Very sweet. What an amazing birthday you had with the homer and all the excitement. And the food. How do you stay so slim and trim!!! Sorry Linda got hit with a ball. I hope you’ll both be safe – from balls and Prince Fielder!

  3. heartruss

    Jane, my seat is dangerous. Always have to watch out for balls. Funny thing is that Linda got hit by a ball that one of the grounds keepers had tossed over his shoulder to the crowd. What a fluke that she got hit since it was just a toss.
    The look on Prince Fielder’s face was scary. He came up to the clubhouse door which is close to the entry of the Dugout section where you walked in. It’s by that little merchandise store. It would have been interesting if you were there that night. You would have had an eyeful.

  4. sunshine43

    Thanks for everyone’s concern! It sounds worse than it was. I’ve got a bump, a bruise, and the cut is still a little raw. The funny thing was, no one saw it coming! I was looking up, watching Russell warming up and next thing I know the ball bounced off the wall and right at me. “>> (More details on my blog) . Actually, Cat, the more I thought about it … if you had been sitting there, you might have been recording something and it could’ve broken your camera! Better my lip than your camera.
    “>> LEAVes of Dodger Blue (aka Linda, the girl who got hit instead of a Dodger)

  5. diamondgirl55

    Thanks for sharing your flight experience!!! So funny but gosh, I do hate people that don’t realize that “wall” infront of you has someone sitting in it!!!!!! I blame those parents. Sheesh!
    Wow the pictures of your dinner is making me insanely hungry! I’m jealous! Great pictures of the game too! I’m glad you enjoyed those baseline games!!! xoxo

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