The Birthday Gift

All we wanted for my birthday was a Dodger victory.  What I got was an unusual and exciting game. 

Happy cat
Happy Cat


I started out, of course, with my birthday dinner which consisted of Mexican food Dodger style

CatsBirthdaypresent012.jpg buffet image by xoxrussell

beef taquitos with guacamole, enchiladas, Mexican rice, a to die for sirloin with horseradish sauce

Of course I had to help myself to a huge salad plate.

CatsBirthdaypresent013.jpg buffet image by xoxrussell
caesar salad, corn and black bean salad
The corn and black bean salad is one of my all time favorite dishes at Dodger Stadium.
I caught some batting practice.
CatsBirthdaypresent010.jpg Mota image by xoxrussell
Guillermo Mota was warming up.  Little did I know what he was warming up for later on. 
CatsBirthdaypresent030.jpg image by xoxrussell
Kuroda was our SP which was appropriate since he is my favorite pitcher. I was hoping he would have a good day  His last outing was stellar..
CatsBirthdaypresent020-1.jpg lying down image by xoxrussell
Matty was out there in the field lying down on the job 
CatsBirthdaypresent021.jpg andre image by xoxrussell
I was able to get this close to Andre again. 
CatsBirthdaypresent051.jpg Matty waving to me image by xoxrussell
My Matty gave me a nice wave from the field as he usually does when he spots me out of the  55,000 fans in attendance.
CatsBirthdaypresent036.jpg matty image by xoxrussell
I took this picture of Matty which I think will become my favorite.  Isn’t he a doll?
I told him it was my birthday.  After giving me a huge smile and wishing me a happy birthday, he said he would try to hit a homerun for me.
The game was unusual.  Several things happened last night.
A fan who must also be an idiot ran on the field near where Matty and Manny were standing..  My securtiy person Juan was first on the scene and tackled the trespasser.  He will never be allowed in Dodger Stadium again after spending the night in  jail.  He will also have to pay a few thousand dollars in fines. 
CatsBirthdaypresent114.jpg tackle image by xoxrussell
This is not a victory dog pile.  It’s an “I think you are in big trouble” pile.
CatsBirthdaypresent116.jpg hauled off image by xoxrussell
Security did a fine job.  The fan only was able to run around a bit before he was hauled off.  The problem was that it threw Kuroda- san off a bit and the Brewers were able to score 2 runs.
WolfieandtheReds023.jpg image by xoxrussell
And that, Cat, is what will happen to you, so behave yoursellf.  You may get tackled.
This is the first time this season that a fan has run on the field.  It has to happen at least once a season. At least he had his clothes on. 
The game was fantastic.  Here is the score.
CatsBirthdaypresent217.jpg the score image by xoxrussell
Can you believe 17-4??  This was the highest scoring homegame for the Dodgers in 30 years..  I only asked for a win and I got a huge victory.  Almost everyone had a hit including Guillermo Mota for the first time in 5 years with an rbi.  Manny ended his slump with a 2 run rbi and homerun. 
The next  unusual thing that happened was that Mota was ejected for hitting Prince Fielder with a pitch.  That was supposedly in retaliation for Manny getting hit by relief pitcher Chris Smith in the 7th inning..  Fielder was hit in the leg.   Fielder displayed a few anger management issues.  After the game he tried to storm the Dodger Clubhouse with a backup of Brewers players.  Of course our security would not let them near our Dodgers.  As Russell put it, that’s just part of the game for  the pitcher to protect his players.  Mota has guts.  It is obvious that everyone wants to hit Manny.  He already has been injured in the arm by a pitch.  He has also been hit in the ribs.  If I’m not mistaken Russell was also hit by a pitch during the game.. Mota has been involved in retribution pitching in the past with an incident with Mike Piazza, a Met at that time.  What did Fielder think he would do once he went into the Dodger Clubhouse?  As Russell put it very simply, “That’s all right.  It’s 25 against one.
CatsBirthdaypresent239.jpg discussion image by xoxrussell

The outfielders were pondering the umpires decision. 

Everyone had a good game except James but his time will be at a later game.  And with 17 runs, better to save any more runs for another game.  Castro was a late entry since Hudson had a tummy ache.  He also did not score.  I’m glad Russell had a good game getting on base 5 times and 3 rbi’s since people have been booing at my license plate.
Beachphotos031.jpg My Car image by xoxrussell
My poor car is losing face
CatsBirthdaypresent121.jpg ice cream with toffee crumbs image by xoxrussell
I had my ice cream with toffee sprinkles as my birthday cake. All this drama during the game just made me more hungry.  It was like being at a movie. 
I was on Dodger Vision.  Junior Seau was playing bat boy for a reality tv show and when he was on Dodger Vision, I happened to be sitting near him.  In fact, I was complaining bitterly about the fact all his cameramen were blocking my view  In fact HE was blocking my view.  He’s kind of a big guy.  His jersey said 55 and Junior..  All I could say was who’s that Junior guy, he’s in the way.  Apparently he’s a football player..  I am not really a football fan.  The Dodgers take up 6 months of my life.  I can’t do football too or my family and work would disown me.
The next event was that I was on KABC Talk Radio tonight on Dodger Talk.  I was excited about the huge game tonight.  In my small mind I felt that the stars were aligned tonight because it was my birthday which helped the Dodgers win.  My friend Linda is a regular on the show.  This is the Linda with the wolf hat.  I was mortified that I would sound like I had half a brain.  Linda assures me that she thinks she sounds the same way.  That didn’t reassure me at all. 
And Matty had another huge night.  Two base hits, a double and the homerun.  Five RBIs. After the first base hit, I thought, thank you Matty for the nice present, then the next hit, I thought that really is nice and then the next hit, I thought, I am more than satisfied.  When he hit the homerun I started to jump up and down like a lunatic since I knew that homerun was for me!!  It jsust sent chills up and down my spine.  It was one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to me. I will always remember it.  He almost hit for the cycle, only lacking a triple.
I know many of you like my Andre pix so I will end this entry with a few candids of Andre, and a couple of our other Dodgers..
CatsBirthdaypresent198.jpg My hair image by xoxrussell
I just can’t do anything with my hair
CatsBirthdaypresent057.jpg matty image by xoxrussell
Matty having a good laugh
CatsBirthdaypresent197.jpg andre image by xoxrussell
hnnnn, and maybe I need a shave too
CatsBirthdaypresent237.jpg waiting image by xoxrussell
Oh yawn, anytime now
CatsBirthdaypresent243.jpg retaliation image by xoxrussell
Russell waiting after Mota was ejected
CatsBirthdaypresent199.jpg quick image by xoxrussell
Oh good, time to go home??  What another inning?
CatsBirthdaypresent130.jpg Manny image by xoxrussell
One question that has been asked is what he whispers to Matty after he makes a great defensive play.  The answer…”man, I’m working on a Golden Glove.”  Now that’s a funny Mannyism.   His defense is perking up a bit..
CatsBirthdaypresent235.jpg bubbles image by xoxrussell
I had to include Andre the bubble blower.  He and Matty must have a contest going to see who blows the most bubbles.  I’ve heard announcers commenting about how players can’t blow bubbles and still concentrate on the game.  Obviously the announcer can’t chew gum and walk at the same time  It certainly hasn’t affected Matty Kemp’s concentration..
I am a little tired after all the celebrating and cheering but it’s a very nice tired.  It’s been a long night as you can see.  I am proud of our guys.  They have heart.  They do believe in themselves as James said.  After a loss, they pick themselves up and keep on going.  Tonight was a big win for them and a memorable birthday for me.
Everyone have a great day.  Matty and I say bye bye and talk to you again soon.  Thanks everyone for your best wishes on my birthday and thanks so much for reading my blog.  I enjoy sharing my experiences with you.
CatsBirthdaypresent051.jpg Matty waving to me image by xoxrussell


  1. sunshine43

    If anyone sounded like they had a half a brain, it was me. Lol you sounded great on Dodger Talk, Cat. You should become a regular! Man, and I was worried my post was too long and had too many pictures. Then I saw yours and was like, oh ok. Well, at least yours gets plenty of readership. Maybe if I posted every game like you do! I do have plenty of time now, so we shall see. Great birthday gift, eh? I told you they would win this for you! Too bad my birthday falls in October and unlikely the Dodgers will play at home on it. Oh well. Sounds like you had a great birthday! I was itching to tell Ernie, but a promise is a promise!
    LEAVes of Dodger Blue

  2. Jane Heller

    Wow. Cat. Where do I begin? First of all, happy birthday!!!! What an amazing game to see on your special day – not only because the Dodgers won by such an incredible margin but because your Matty hit a home run for you! And then there was all that other stuff – the Mota/Fielder confrontation and the guy running onto the field, etc etc. PLUS your being on the radio show. You must be exhausted after all that, but happily so.

  3. thinkingblue

    CAT I am glad your birthday turned out magnificent and the Dodgers scored 17 runs on your day. MATTY was awesome for giving you a big birthday gift…..HOMERUN! YEY! for the cute security guard. I was looking out for you on tv, my husband asked me if you were attending. And hey if our boys were getting hit, then Dodgers will hit back. I don’t think it’s fair that Mota got ejected out. I guess the media was saying that there was no reason in MOTA hitting back if Dodgers were leading by sooooooooooo many points. The Mexican food looks delicious…mmmmm. I love your license plate, MARTIN is coming back. He will be a great help during playoffs…just watched…he is saving his energy for playoffs (Wishful Thinking).

  4. juliasrants

    Oh no – you don’t know who Junior Seau is? He played 18 years in the NFL for the Chargers, Dolphins and my NE Patriots. He was selected 12 times to the Pro Bowl (NFL version of the All-Star Game) and he was selected to the NFL’s 1990s all Decade-Team and in 1992 he was the AFC and NFL Defensive Player of the Year. And to his credit, when on December 22, 2008, a fan was arrested for trespassing and assault and battery for tackling Seau as he stood on the New England sideline during a game against the Arizona Cardinals, Seau told the police that he just thought the fan was “Happy and a little excited”. Imagine what could have happened to the fan if Junior didn’t exercise such great self-control? So yes, to answer your question, he is SOME football player! lol! Oh – have I ever mentioned what a HUGE football fan I am?? 🙂 Glad you had a good birthday!


  5. heartruss

    Thanks everyone for your best wishes.
    Julia, the photographers wouldn’t even let children get autographs so I decided I didn’t like their entourage. Junior was pretty much at the game for publicity and reality show taping.
    Emily, thanks for posting. The food at Dodger Stadium is really delicious. Also there is nothing like a Dodger Dog.
    Rosie, thanks for your nice post.
    Jane, I miss you. Come back to Dodger Stadium.
    Metsman…I don’t want to be ejected for life. We get a chance to walk on the grass every Friday for fireworks. That happens to be legal.
    Linda, I think I did sound like I only had half a brain. Don’t worry about my being a regular caller. No way.

  6. heartruss

    Kaybee, your Padres are doing great. What a comeback.
    Everyone, I edited my frist post. I had a lot of typos. I think the problem was that I was posting at 330AM. Am I crazy or just excited?

  7. mattpeas

    happy birthday! you sure got a nice birthday present with 17 runs. and the attention of the baseball world. Prince went too far even if Mota got in there a little too close. btw, looks like a terrific meal too. when i was out west i had nice helpings of quacamole-it was to die for. and thank you for the kind words on my blog. yours is great too!

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