I have been looking forward to this first game of the homestand for the past week.   And the Dodgers lost.

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I guess I am a sad Cat.

Kershaw didn’t seem his sharp self tonight maybe because of jet lag.  He is a little boy still and needs his rest.  They got in at 3:00AM.  He walked 4 straight.    With Baby Clay, it’s either super or not.  And it is obvious at the beginning of the game  Clayton is still young and learning.  He just celebrated his 21st birthday.  He shows a lot of poise and maturity for his age. But.  I told someone that those runs that were walked in would haunt us at the end of the game.  I hate to say I was right.  We lost by one run.

AugustBaseline006.jpg kershaw image by xoxrussell
Clayton Kershaw before the game
AugustBaseline008.jpg Kershaw image by xoxrussell
Clayton warming up
Let me digress.  I arrived at the Stadium early and went to the Baseline Club to check out the menu.  I was not disappointed.  I helped myself to Buffalo wings, Roast citrus turkey, mini cheese burgers, garlic fries, Dodger Dogs, Caesar salad, pasta salad, and couscous salad.
AugustBaseline001.jpg food image by xoxrussell
Everything was delicious but I think the plate was too small.
AugustBaseline002.jpg salad image by xoxrussell
I especially enjoyed the salad.
AugustBaseline003.jpg baseline club image by xoxrussell
The Baseline Club
The Baseline Club is vey comfortable, air conditioned, with many televisions, and a nice bar.
This is where I usually start out my night when I sit in the Baseline section.
After I ate, I went to my seat which had a good view of the game.  No heads in the way.  No drunks..
AugustBaseline046.jpg baseline seat image by xoxrussell
I actually like my season seat location better.  However the baseline box seats do have cushioned seats, tables and more privacy.  At least I don’t have to worry about anyone spilling beer all over me.
I am a little closer to my guys..
AugustBaseline025.jpg andre closeup image by xoxrussell
Is Andre right in front of me? Yes he is.  No zoom lens used. He is right in my personal space, eh?  I just told him I wanted to say hi.  He gave me that huge Andre smile and asked me how I was.  What a wonderful guy he is.  I congratulated him on his homeruns. He is so sweet.  He really cares about his fans.
O Dog actually signed a couple of autographs  Huge shock.  I didn’t even bother.
My goal was to get the last signature on my jersey.  I have Andre’s and James’s from a couple of weeks ago. My goal was Matty’s.  He hasn’t signed the last few games.  Not sure why.  I met a very nice Army guy and his wife from Colorado.  He wanted Matty’s autograph.  I saw Matty coming out of the dugout with his bat..  He liikes to stretch and work out before the game.  He saw me when he was out in the field, pointed and waved at me aftter flashing that Matty smile.  He makes me feel very special when he does that.  I had a feeling he would be heading toward us after he worked out.  Sure enough he came over and talked to me and signed my jersey.  He also signed Army guy’s ball.  Now that made me happy. 
AugustBaseline042.jpg Matty autograph image by xoxrussell
He signed very carefully with his number by his signature.  I have fallen for Matty.  What a nice guy.  I told him his Mom did a good job raising him. 
AugustBaseline037.jpg Matty image by xoxrussell
My Matty after he signed my jersey
So no matter how the game went, I decided I was happy just having them back home.  I was afraid they would be tired or at least have a bit of jet lag since they were back east for a week.
LIke I mentioned before it was not Clayton’s day.  But we all can have off days.  And then the offense was off as well.  I think the bats pretty much didn’t wake up until the 9th inning.
AugustBaseline067.jpg image by xoxrussell
oops,Andre, this picture doesn’t belong here.

AugustBaseline029.jpg bullpen with Jeff Weaver image by xoxrussell
We have an outstanding bullpen which is doing an outstanding job backing up the SP.  Here you see Jeff Weaver, Kuo to the far right, and Bellisario to the left who will be off of DL soon

AugustBaseline031.jpg Matty and Bullpen image by xoxrussell
Matty fooling around with the bullpen as they walk by.  He likes to mess with J Mac.
Joe finally sent Jeff Weaver in to try to salvage the game.  However he didn’t fare any better.
AugustBaseline065.jpg Weaver image by xoxrussell
Jeff Weaver
It is a bit difficult to inherit a game that is already doomed.  I decided to eat some more.
AugustBaseline004.jpg wings, hamburgers and garlic fries image by xoxrussell
wings, mini burgers, garlic fries
I met my friend Rosie at the game.  I caught her sitting alone.  I mean really alone.  Look at all those empty seats around her.
AugustBaseline009.jpg Rosie image by xoxrussell
Beautiful Rosie or Dodgersrule
IIt was so cute during the game she and her husband were on Dodgervision during the Kiss Cam.  How exciting is that?  I wasn’t fast enough to take a picture of that.
I have decided that I will not get myself worked up over the losses. Let me keep telling myself that.   It is obvious that I had a good time despite the outcome.. 
The Dodgers have heart.  They never seem to roll over and give up.
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They almost won the game, scoring 3 runs in the ninth.  I think all of us Dodger fans were satisfied with the huge effort that our guys put out.  They never give up.
After the game, James had only positive words to say.  He said that Clayton’s next game would be good.  He never is negative.  He said that each player BELIEVES in himself.  I think that is the key.  I always say that the Dodgers have heart. 
And for you Andre followers which include many of you, here are some pictures I took last night.  Hi Rosie and Nellyjune.
AugustBaseline011.jpg Andre image by xoxrussell
I feel like a pretzel
AugustBaseline013.jpg A ndre image by xoxrussell
One foot in front of the other
AugustBaseline083.jpg Andre image by xoxrussell
Wishing and hoping
AugustBaseline067.jpg image by xoxrussell
All set for anything
AugustBaseline027.jpg image by xoxrussell
How about a Matty picture mixed in
AugustBaseline041.jpg Raffy image by xoxrussell
Or Raffy Furcal (Furkey to his compadres)
I heard that the hardest part for Sherrill, our new relief pitcher, was learning all the different Dodger handshakes.  Haha wait till he gets to the chest bumps. LOL
So I will tell everyone a secret but don’t tell anyone.  Today is my birthday.  I am quietly celebrating it with my Dodgers.  All I want is a win.  Please?
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  1. thinkingblue

    CAT….HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I knew there was a reason for the beautiful bright rainbow in Riverside County. Dodgers will win tonight!
    It was wonderful Chitchatting with you and hanging out with you. THANKS for everything…the hotdogs & ice cream. I was looking for you at the end of the game, but couldn’t find you….THANKS A BUNCH from both my husband & myself! And wow your seats were great. I was seating behind the box seats so I did not have the table, cushions and the all you can eat. I wanted to hop over but the usher on my side wouldn’t let me. LOL she was funny. But I did get to enjoy the view of Matty, Loney, Ausmus, Kershaw and ETHIER working out…it was amazing. (sad cause I forgot my camera). But hey the Kiss Cam was right infront of us.
    The games was a very interesting game. They would of won, but Kershaw was just not having a great day. He was just totatlly off. I was happy to see MARTIN pinch. The last inning was great. Our boys rallied up and manage to score but not enough. We had sooooo many chances and we just couldn’t score. The guys did look tired, I believe they were still on east coast time.
    CAT once again THANKS for everything!

  2. sunshine43

    Happy Birthday Cat! See, everyone agrees with me. The Dodgers should win as a gift to you! It’s actually quite interesting how many times our Boys have had hits in the double digits … and still lost! Interesting. Goes to show, it’s not always the team with the most hits who wins. It’s the team who gets timely hits that score runs. Hopefully that’ll be our team tonight!
    LEAVes of Dodger Blue

  3. raysfanboy

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope your Dodgers get you a win tonight!

    It seems everytime I read your posts I get hungry. YOu put such lucious pics of your food up. It’s killer! I think I gain weight just reading your stuff! Your writing is high calorie! That’s ok, the high calorie meals are the best ones!!

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