Why We Didn’t Win

When you look back on yesterday’s game, you see all the good.  Randy Wolf pitched a pretty good game.  Andre Ethier hit homerun number 22 in the top of the sixth making the score 3-2 in the Dodger’s favor.

Andre Ethier

Andre Ethier

But somehow the Dodgers lost.  The stars were not aligned.  Orlando Hudson got doubled up on second base when Juan Pierre lined out.  That was an out that shouldn’t have happened.  Russell Martin’s throwing caused an error during a crucial time and also missed a throw to home which should have been caught to thwart Adam LaRoche from scoring. 

There also were the usual bad calls by umpires.  An obviously fair ball hit by Andre Ethier which hit in the middle of the first base line was called foul by the umpire.  He admitted it later on and apologized to Andre.  So that hit should have been a double.  Another game changing bad call. Andre almost was ejected for protesting that call.  Well, duh.

Randy Wolf

Randy Wolf

It’s been a very tough road trip for my guys.  Only one more day until they return home.  I can’t wait.  I know I will congratulate them for all the good things that have happened.  Despite all the losses, the Dodgers remain the team with the best record in all of baseball.  I have to remind them of that because I know they will feel a little down.  It is up to all of us Dodger fans to let them know we support them all the way no matter what.  I love my Dodgers.  GO DODGERS!!!  And I am now on Night SIX of my seven night stretch at work.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  ONE MORE NIGHT TO GO and then I will be sitting at Dodger Stadium doing what I love best: watching Dodger baseball.

George Sherrill (our newest Dodger…looks pretty good in Dodger uniform)

Everyone have a great Sunday.  Love all of you.

Up in arms 


  1. heartruss

    I did not take the pictures I posted for this entry. I will be back taking my own pictures on Monday. 🙂

  2. heartruss

    Chad has not had good outings lately. Hopefully today will be better. You are right about doing all the small things. Those small things add up.

  3. bluenosedodger

    Cat – I think it is quite simple. We have pretty good hitting, RP is quite good, our ST pitchers have thrown well for 5-6 innings but have pitched the third fewest innings of any team in the league. That puts the strain on the pen.

    For me the defense and doing the small things has to be the best for us to win because our starters struggle to go seven innings and our hitting with runners on has not been as good as it should be. We have to make the plays on defense, that Russell didn’t make, and do all the little things right – throwing to the right base, hitting the cut off, taking the extra base, situational hitting, not getting doubled off, etc.

    Today will be tough as Jurgins has pitched very well for the Braves. Go Chad.


  4. juliasrants


    All our teams have their ups and downs – 162 games is a LONG season! My Red Sox went through a slump a week ago and now they are back to only 1/2 game out!! Keep the faith and YAY! You’ll be back to games soon!


  5. southernbelle

    Cat: I appreciate you trying to comfort me about the Yankees. I will feel a lot better if CC Sabathia pitches well today. I like that picture of Ethier 🙂 Is he the lady’s man on the Dodgers?
    At least you guys lost but you played well. The Yankees have played disgustingly the past series. -Virginia

  6. matttan7

    The Braves were playing good, and ex-Dodgers’ Derek Lowe was really good against his former club. Now it’s the Dodgers’ turn to turn the tables with Chad Billingsley taking on Jair Jurrgens. The Dodgers might be doing a favor for the Mets too hehe.

    Matthew T

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