Getting Used to Losing…Not

I have come down to earth finally.  The Dodgers have lost three games in a row.  Last night they got clobbered by the Cardinals.  I had forgotten what it was like to love a team that loses.  I have been spoiled by their last minute heroics.  They always seem to pull a rabbit out of a hat and come out on top.  But the last three games, they were not successful. 

I am trying to get some rest but it is difficult since I am working 84 hours this week.  I suppose that is the penalty to pay when you love the Dodgers as much as I do and want to go to every home game.  That 84 hours translates into 7 12 hour night shifts.  I work from 7:30 PM to 8:00 AM.  Often I go home dead tired and too weary to sleep much.  Then I get up and do it again.  They say you can never catch up on lost sleep.  Well, I am working hard on being the best I can be for the next homestand coming up. Only a few days to go.

I am spoiling myself.  I got baseline seats for the first 3 games of the homestand. I am ready to take some more closer than life pictures.   I am celebrating the fact that our Andre Ethier was chosen the NL player of the week.  Yay Andre.  He definitely is playing better now that Manny is back.  I am a little worried about Manny’s sore hand.  I know he hit that grand slam homerun.  But I know that he is still hurting since his bat has been somewhat quiet.

The Cardinals have been very tough.  I hope that our guys can eke out a win tomorrow.  I don’t want to get used to them losing.  At least everyone lost yesterday including the Yankees, Red Sox, and Rockies. But. the Padres won.  Yaaay Padres.  There you go Kaybee and Hyung Young.  Your guys did good. The Dodgers remain on top of the pile for now.  It’s getting further and further into the season:  there is August and September which will be over in a blink of an eye, then post season.  I am already planning on buying postseason tickets.  I will be able to buy some for Marynell who wants to come too.  I totally plan on going to the World series.   I think the Dodgers have a shot at it.  But first, I hope the Dodgers can get out of this series with one win.

I thought I would end this entry with a few pictures I took during the last couple of games  I miss my guys.

Marlinswinandloss176.jpg Walk to the game image by xoxrussell

That long walk from bullpen that the pitcher, catcher and pitching coach make to homeplate and the pitchers mound always gets me excited. 

Marlinswinandloss223.jpg Pierre at bat image by xoxrussell
Here is a picture of Juan Pierre up to bat.  He has been great standing in for Manny
Marlinswinandloss004.jpg Mota image by xoxrussell
Here is Guillermo Mota, one of our bullpen.  He usually works out  in front of me before the game. 
Marlinswinandloss014.jpg Matty image by xoxrussell
Here is one of my favorites Matty Kemp
Marlinswinandloss214-1.jpg Andre ready for anything image by xoxrussell
Our NL player of the week Andre Ethier ready for anything
Marlinswinandloss212-1.jpg Andre waiting image by xoxrussell
Andre again checking those cuticles
MannyBobbleheadnight003.jpg the bullpen image by xoxrussell
I alway watch the bullpen hard at work before the games catching those bp balls.  They look alert and interested, don’t they?
Marlinswinandloss102.jpg image by xoxrussell
This is my usual view of Manny during a game since I sit front row field section by the left field foul pole.  In the background is Matty Kemp ready to make another spectacular catch.
Thanks everyone for looking at my blog.  Have a great day.


  1. heartruss

    I miss my Dodgers!!! Jane knows how I am. She got a taste of what it is like to see them play. I have programmed Dodger Stadium Downtown Gate into my new GPS simulated. I look yearningly at it.

  2. heartruss

    Jeff, thanks for your post. I always feel that way about my Dodgers. I want the other team to lose.
    Tribechick, thanks for your kind words about the Dodgers
    Ginny, I can’t wait for the Dodgers to win again. This losing thing is getting me down.
    Jane, let me know when you would like to come down again. Maye you can sit in Mannywood with me. You can get a whole different perspective of Dodger Stadium.

  3. heartruss

    The Dodgers were swept by the Cardinals. I’m a little upset but I have to put everything in perspective. It was hard fought tonight taking 14 innings. I still love the Dodgers. My philosophy is that it’s better to lose now than later near the end of the season when it is important.

  4. heartruss

    Oops, the Dodgers weren’t swept by S.L. Tonight will be the fourth game of the series. GO Kuroda san.

  5. matttan7

    Losing happens, it’s part of the game, at least your team doesn’t have the Washington Nationals’ record, oh that wouldn’t be fun. The Cardinals were putting a show I heard against Dodgers.

    Matthew T.

  6. heartruss

    Matt, the Cardinals have absolutely crushed the Dodgers. I’m hoping that he Dodgers win tonights game.

  7. raysrenegade

    I understand this blog all too well.
    Losing tends to be the second worst feeling in the world next to losing to Boston or NY.
    It is great to have that thrill of the win, but nothing motivates you more for another “W” than a bad loss.
    But the “D”-men have not been losing much this season, and that is a good thing.
    The proper energy and emotion down the stretch will take these guys deep into the playoffs in 2009.
    Always fun watching the beauty that is Chavez Ravine on television, but it must be 100 better to be there in person.

    Rays Renegade

  8. southernbelle

    Cat: Sorry it took me long to get back to you. I had a blackout. Don’t worry about the last few games. The Dodgers are an AMAZING club. As a Yankee fan, I know that our teams may meet in October if all goes well, and that frightens me! I don’t know too much about the Dodgers nowadays, but I know that Joe Torre manage his way into the postseason. And I know that Andre Ethier is adorable. 🙂 Nice pictures of him! I also enjoy knitting. I wish your team luck. -from Virginia

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