The Win Against the Astros


First of all, thank you everyone who responded to my last post.  Thank you Julia, Linda, Ginny, Peas, Jane.  I am getting better.  Sorry for being such a wimp..

Secondly, Dodger fans on a whole are nice people.  The intoxicateed fans I spoke of were ok before they started to get drunk.  I don’t want to give any out of town folks the idea that Dodger fans are not the best fans in all of baseball (as Tommy Lasorda would say). I have met many memorable individuals at the games as I have mentioned many times.. 

Winning001.jpg Beautifull LA image by xoxrussell
I decided that driving to LA was not that bad.  I took the bus yesterday thinking that driving was a big deal.  Here is my view as I drive into the city.  It took me about 30 minutes from Long Beach,.  No hassle.  No traffic.
When I got to the Ravine, I drove into Lot K.  My friendly parking attendants waved me inside. I love those guys!
When I got into the Stadium I first headed out to my season seat.  The Dodgers  were having batting practice.  I ran into my friend Linda or Falling Leaves.  Haha sounds a little like we have adopted Indian names..  Our blog names can be so funny, like mine.  Oh hello Catlovesthedodgers.   We chatted a little about Orlando’s signing.  Linda had mentioned it was not getting high marks for organization. I chatted with a man who asked about getting autographs.  I gave them some pointers.   I thought it was time to check out the food in the Baseline Club..  Yes yes, it was eating day so I put on my hat of food critic.
Winning002.jpg baseline food image by xoxrussell
The fare consisted of the best barbeque chicken, succulent and tasty, macaroni and cheese, grilled veggies, roast turkey, plus Dodger Dogs, picante dogs, all beef dogs (many breeds of dogs)  It was delicious and different.
Winning003.jpg image by xoxrussell
The salad plate was equally good.  My favorite Caesar salad again was sublime, the couscous salad yummy, and the cole slaw was wonderful.  I ate the watermelon first so all you see is one piece in the front of the picture.  I couldn’t resist.
I can’t say enough good things about the Dodger chefs.  They take pride in their wonderful menu selections  The food is always freshly prepared by hand and absolutely scrumptious..
Jane, you will enjoy the great food when you sit in the Dugout Club.  Just be sure to try a little of everything.
I knew the Dodgers would win today because they always seem to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and survive.  Clayton Kershaw has been awesome in his last seven starts, only one walk today allowing no runs.
Winning004.jpg Clayton image by xoxrussell
Here is young Clayton sporting a brand new haircut doing a few calisthenics.  Must have worked because he pitched extremely well. 
Winning010.jpg Matt image by xoxrussell
Matty thought he would lay down on the job for a change.  Just kidding, he was working out with his trainer prior to the game
Winning019.jpg goofing around image by xoxrussell
A little tomfoolery going on when James McDonald, Matty and Juan talked, joked and someone hit James with a ball.  All in fun. 
Winning023.jpg Manny on the field image by xoxrussell
There were the usual events prior to the game including the kids going on the field to get autographs from the team.Lucky child getting Manny’s autograph.
The game was better than the past two games.  There were no huge homeruns but I always have believed in winning even with the little ball.  Orlando has come back from a bit of a slump with a triple.  I suppose Carlos Lee helped a little by missing it. 
The Dodgers remain the only MLB team who has not lost three games in a row.  Pretty fantastic since it already is the second half.  The Dodgers also remain the team in all of baseball with the best record.  I am not bragging, believe me, because things change from moment to moment.  This is called savoring the moment.  Boston is close behind but lost last night. 
Speaking of wins and losses.  Congratulations to my friends for their teams victories.  Let me list:  Hyun Young and Kaybee for the Padres win.  Yaaaay.  Jane for the Yankees win and Watercooler for the Rays win.  I am so happy about those huge victories.  Sorry Julia that the Red Sox lost.  But it widens that gap so I can’t say I am sorry.   The Sox are a powerful team so I am fearful of them.
The Dodgers just plugged away and kept that 2-0 lead, then scored three more to make it a 5-2 ballgame.  James McDonald was a bit shaky being responsible for two runs, but maybe he’s thinking about that fishing trip that he is taking with Brent Leach and some lucky Dodger fans. 
The final inning had me terror stricken.  Joe put Jonathan Broxton in for the first time in a while. He’s had a painful toe on his pushing off foot.   Think about getting a steroid shot in your big toe and it will give you an indication of how big Jon’s toe was feeling.  Well, he loaded up the bases to add to the suspense and then struck them out getting another save after having the Dodger fans hiding under their seats with fear.
But what is my blog if I don’t include my favorite Dodger subject Andre Ethier, right field extraordinaire, a Nellyjune favorite.
Winning047.jpg checking out the fingernails image by xoxrussell
Hmmm, the nails look a bit jagged
Winning045.jpg scratching the head image by xoxrussell
I wonder if my hair is growing under this cap?
Winning046.jpg the fingernails image by xoxrussell
Oh, come on Jon, only one out?

Winning038.jpg image by xoxrussell
Ya, this nail definitely has a problem
Winning043.jpg hey that was out image by xoxrussell
He’s out, he’s out, look at that
Winning042.jpg one out image by xoxrussell
Still one out Matty.  Don’t run into the dugout.
Winning041.jpg hmmm the fingernails image by xoxrussell
Let me try chewing that nail off
Winning037.jpg no, you image by xoxrussell
Hey, he’s out too
Winning030.jpg hair is right? image by xoxrussell
have to make sure my do is just right
A win is a win.  The Dodgers remain the team with the best record in baseball.  I sure do like saying that, don’t I.  They complete the superlong series of four tomorrow with the Astros with Hiroki Kuroda manning the ship.  Hopefully he does well.  It’s that dreaded day game when I melt into a blubbering mess.  It will be unbearably hot as day games always are.  I will hunt for shade again.  Tomorrow Manny is due to hit the long ball.  Wednesday is Manny Bobblehead Night.  Sold out. 
I told my usher last night that the Dodgers would win because they just had to.  I’m glad I was right.


  1. juliasrants

    I’m glad you are doing better and that the Dodgers won for you. Yes, my Red Sox lost – but I had everything put into perspective this morning: one of the members of the Brownie Brigade (a group who gathers on the blog of the Red Sox beat writer’s blog to “watch” the games together – we are scattered around the world) is stationed with the Air Force in South Korea and two of his friends died last night in Afghanistan when their plane went down. Wins and loses don’t matter so much today.


  2. heartruss

    Julia, everytime I hear stories like that it makes me cry. My son will probably have to go back to Iraq again since he will be assigned to an aircraft carrier or destroyer (that name itself is scary) I pray for the families. Baseball for me is a comfort when there is so much turmoil and stress in the world, the Dodgers are my comfort zone. I have been through so much in the last year alone with both my sisters having surgeries, as I know many others have had their turmoils, and baseball gives me 3 hours where I could just escape. We all have to have our passions and that carrot for us to reach for to make it through every day.
    Thanks for all your support Julia. I really appreciate it.

  3. Jane Heller

    Baseball is a wonderful escape – especially for an ER nurse who sees suffering every day. I’m so glad your team is there for you to enjoy. You sure do make the food look and sound appetizing. Can’t wait for Friday night.

  4. crazy19canuck

    Cat – Glad your better. And a Dodgers win to boot! I hope you son stays safe if he does have to redeploy. A carrier or destoyer…he’s brave. The open seas are a scary place on their own, without having to worry about combat. That is what they are trained to do. Our job is to be back home and worry about them.
    I use baseball as a hideaway some days. I was at the repatriation ceremony today for the young soldier (he had just turned 20 I believe) the was lost a few days ago. I didn’t know him at all, but I was still there. It makes me feel better somehow just to see the support the family is getting.

  5. raysfanboy

    Boy, Ethier knows how to keep busy during a game! LOL!

    You have some nice food at Dodger STadium. I am sure we have it hiding in the Trop. I might have to go searching. Dogs and Beer are great, but sometimes bbq chicken sounds good too.

    I pray your son will be just fine if he is sent back. I’m sorry you and he have to deal with that, but thanks to him for taking care of us all.

  6. sunshine43

    Hey Cat, glad to hear you’re doing better! I thought of you all day and kept you in my prayers. You have nothing to apologize for (you are no wimp so don’t ever call yourself that), as anyone would be shaken up after something like that. We have a prayer board at our church, and if your son gets sent, would you like me to put his name up on the board? We pray for our military all the time, especially if it’s someone we know getting sent somewhere. I kept checking last night to see if you had posted yet about the game. You are amazing, can I just tell you that? I have trouble posting the game, but you are just simply amazingly faithful to post about pretty much every game. Next time someone calls me the Dodger’s #1 fan, I’ll say, “Who me? No, no. I know who their #1 Fan is, and that’s Cat!”


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