Almost All Star Break

We have one more game against the Mets tonight and then the weekend series against the Brewers.  Then it will be the all star break. 

Yesterday’s game with the Mets was a disaster. 

Kuroda just couldn’t find his rhythm.  And the Dodgers got on base but couldn’t score.  The guys got to within one run of the Mets with the homerun by Manny but went home emptyhanded when Andre couldn’t do what he has done in the past…win the game.  Andre,  I’m sure took that very hard.  But as my son keeps telling me, “It’s only one game, Mom.”  And there is still half the season left.

It was good news that Belisario has no structural damage in his elbow.  He should be back in another week.  Many of the Dodger relievers are young and pitch count is important to consider.  Belisario has been Joe’s workhorse.  Hopefully he will come back as strong as ever. 

Manny seems to be getting back into the “swing of things.”  Literally.  I wonder whether Andruw is also getting his swing back with the homeruns yesterday.  Maybe he is in better shape than he was when he was a Dodger.  The comment made was that he was happier in Texas.  Too bad he didn’t give the Dodgers their moneys worth.

There are rumors that the Dodgers are interested in Halladay.  Unfortunately we would have to give up someone like Billingsley or Kershaw.  That woud be a Stupid Move, in capital letters,  

Sympathy with the family of Steve McNair.  What a tragedy.  Hopefuilly everyone gives the family their privacy.


  1. thinkingblue

    I am glad to hear that Belisario is doing good. Hope to see him back in the games and striking out players.
    Yeah ANDRU JONES was not happy with the Dodgers. So I am glad he found happiness and that he is doing better. And I am glad he is not with the Dodgers. And it seems that all of our players are HAPPIER aswell. GOOOOO DODGERS!

  2. rrrt

    Hey, they bounced back to whup the Mets last night! Way to go Dodgers! (OK, obviously I’m not a Mets fan)
    It’s amazing sometimes how a change of scenery seems to make all the difference in the world. I guess too, Andruw is getting more playing time in Texas, so that helps get in a groove at the plate.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  3. Jane Heller

    The Dodgers are interested in Halladay? I think every team is interested, but I wonder where he’ll end up. I hope that if it’s not with the Yankees, which is highly doubtful, then it’ll be in the NL. So he’s all yours!

  4. raysfanboy

    You guys definitely have the game of the day today against the Brewers: Kershaw vs Gallardo. Two of the best young pitchers in the game right now.

    Last day for an injury to occur so that Kemp can get in. That sounds horrible, but…

  5. heartruss

    That injured toe of Broxtons is on his pushoff foot. I am worried. but at least it is the allstar break. Troncoso did a good job today though.

  6. heartruss

    Jane, I think that if the Dodgers were to acquire Holliday, the price would be too great. I fear who they would trade. The team chemistry is so good now, that I don’t want it to change.

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