Andre the Hero Again

baselineseats001.jpg image by xoxrussell
Last night started with a great buffet of course.  On your right above is the salad including whole wheat pasta, baby field greens and the famous Caesar salad.  On the left is lemon chicken, grilled vegetables and the best corned beef ever.  I returned to my seat with a couple of Dodger dogs.  Little did I know this was going to be an exciting evening.
It all began when I had Andre and James sign my new Dodger shirt.

Autographs001.jpg autographs image by xoxrussell
Andre’s autograph is below the I love the Dodgers pin and James’s autograph is below his pin.  I wanted Matty to sign on the shirt as well but he ran into the dugout to take care of business but he waved to me first.
Randy gave up two runs early on so I thought that it would be a hard struggle but he made up for it by hitting a two run single.  Maybe we should make up a rule that the pitcher has to do that.  Just a thought.
The pitching was pretty fantastic.  The game kept going and going on into the thirteenth inning.  By then many had gone home.  I moved from my baseline seat to a seat close to the exit so I can make a fast getaway.  I have my flight plan all worked out so that I get out of the stadium without hassle or wait.
I decided to watch one of my favorite players, Andre Etheir, right field extraordinaire, to see how he passed the time out there by himself.  Here are my observations

baselineseats036.jpg blowing bubbles image by xoxrussell
Chew gum furiously and blow at least 10 bubbles a miinute to get full impact.
baselineseats060.jpg checking for rain image by xoxrussell
 Make sure it isn’t raining.  That could make a long night.

baselineseats031.jpg checking it out image by xoxrussell
Make sure everything is intact down there.
baselineseats034.jpg how many outs? image by xoxrussell
Make sure Matty knows how many outs there are so he doesn’t run to the dugout too early
baselineseats062.jpg Running to the Dugout image by xoxrussell
Then after all that, run into the dugout and when you are up hit a walk off two run homerun and be the hero!!  Go Andre.
What a win for the Dodgers!  Beating the red hot Rockies and cooling their heels.  It was a great morale booster for our guys who are the only team in MLB who has not lost 3 games in a row.
Tonight Chad will try to be the first MLB pitcher to win 10 games.  I will be there of course but in my season seat.  I will tough it out with food I’m bringing from home.  My usher Ernie always takes care of me when I sit in Ernieland.  And I feel safe with my securiity guy Juan.  It just seems that all of us fans feel like family at Dodger Stadium.  I love all of them, I love my Dodgers.  GO DODGERS!!  Only a few more days until Manny is back and then who knows what will happen. Every game is different, always a surprise, always a different hero.  Today we celebrate Andre Ethier.  I can’t end this entry without a heads up to our magnificent bullpen from last night:  Bellisario, Weaver, Troncoso, Broxton, and the winning pitcher McDonald.  Each pitched one inning so they are ready to beat the Rockies tonight. 
Have a good day everyone.


  1. sunshine43

    that’s funny because while you were watching Andre… I was watching Matt! I think he blew twice as many bubbles as Andre. And you didn’t get any pictures of Andre checking his nails and then chewing on them. I’ll have to post mine up. Maybe I’ll do it later today since there won’t be a game tonight.

  2. Kaybee

    Hey Cat – My family wanted to go to the game this Saturday to get our BEAT LA towels :), but we couldn’t get any tickets!! There are going to be huge crowds this weekend, definitely. Oh well. I get to go to a game in a couple weeks with Hyun Young, though, so that will be a lot of fun.

  3. heartruss

    Linda, I do have many Andre pictures from that night alone but didn’t want to bore everyone with too many. He is my favorite player to photograph.
    Kaybee, I know Linda will be at the Saturday game but couldn’t get two seats together. It will be a crowd for sure. I hope Padres fans aren’t too rough on Manny since he may be a liittle rusty
    Trublu, thanks for posting
    Dillion, terrific post on Andre.
    Jane, thanks for the compliment.

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