An Interesting Weekend

I am absolutely exhausted.  It has been quite a weekend.  It all centered around the Dodgers, of course, but specifically the Inside the Dodgers Tour.  Inside the Dodgers is one of the official Dodger blogs.  We were taken on a special tour Saturday by Josh Rawitch, the vice president of Communications. We were able to see parts of Dodger Stadium not usually seen by anyone including the Vin Scully Pressbox, the Clubhouse, the inner workings of the stadium..  We toured the dugout and bullpen.  The best part of all of this is that we bloggers were able to meet each other face to face.  I was so thrilled to see Rose, Carol, Jane, Debby, Eric, Bob, Mariah, Matt, everyone who has become very special to me.

This is Josh ITDTour006.jpg Josh image by xoxrussell
We thank Josh for the time and effort to make this tour possible.  Our guest of honor was flown out from Brooklyn NY, Joe Pierre, blogger extraordinaire.  He has been a Dodger fan since they were Brooklyn Dodgers.  Mr McCourt took care of the air flight, hotel accommodations, shuttle, and taxi to and from the stadium.  It was a dream come true for Joe who has not flown in 40 years since he was in the service. 
ITDTour025.jpg Joe image by xoxrussell
Joe was my date after the tour.  My friend Marynell and I took him to Philllipe’s which serves delicious french dip sandwiches.  Now what would this entry be if I didn’t include a picture of
the sandwich?
ITDTour036.jpg french dip sandwich image by xoxrussell
Some other members of the blog came there to eat as well including Carol and her husband, Nellyjune, Dodgereric, Nellyjune’s entourage,  
We took Joe to Yogurtland  in Little Tokyo and built amazing desserts.  Then it was time for the game.  We wanted to also meet other folks from our other blog so we went to the LFP or Left field pavilion.  It was a wonderful moment for all of us to actually see each other for the first time.  We are very close on this blog so I know it was an emotional moment for me. 
This is Carol and her husbandITDTour043.jpg Carol and husband image by xoxrussell
These are the wonderful Dodger DogsITDTour056.jpg My Other Blog image by xoxrussell
 This is Nellyjune,ITDTour023.jpg Nellyjune image by xoxrussell
I saw Kuroda-san on the field and called out to him and waved.  He had a ball in his hand and motioned that he was throwing it to me.  Yikes.  Thank goodness someone caught it and was nice enough to hand it to me.

ITDTour029.jpg Marynell image by xoxrussell
The above is a picture of my best friend Marynell who is standing at the rail of the dugout about where Andre usually is while he is watching the game.
I won’t say much about the games over the weekend except that we weren’t happy when it was all over.  The Dodgers have not been good during Interleague play but did better than usual.  Andre did hit 3 homeruns in one game with 6 rbi’s.  Yaay to Andre.
Here is Andre during a serious moment.
Marinersloss019.jpg Andre image by xoxrussell
Tomorrow we begin a series against the dangerous Rockies with Jim Tracy at the helm.  They did a complete turnabout with the new skipper.  They are a hot team. 
But the bright spot in the above is that I will be sitting in a baseline seat  tomorrow which means buffet time which features Wolfgang Puck selections.  
I keep thinking about wonderful sweet Joe Pierre.  He is very special to all of us.  Besides being knowledgable about the Dodgers, he puts his heart and soul into everything he writes about the guys in blue.  He told me his apartment is decorated with Dodger items.  He follows them from afar which can be a little difficult.  I know my friend Jane follows the Yankees from Santa Barbara California.  They are true fans.
The meeting with my fellow Dodger fans made me realize that we all are very different, but we are brought together by a common thread, the Dodgers, and because of that we are like a huge family.  The Dodgers have made my liife much richer and satisfying.  I have new friends who I know will be part of my life for a very long time,   I appreciate the sport of baseball which is more than hitting a ball with a bat.  I have learned so much about a wonderful sport. 
For those of you who may be interested to see more about the ITD tour, look on the Dodgers website.  There is a video and also pictures on the pitcutre gallery titled ITD tour.  The first picture is one of Joe and me. 


  1. Jane Heller

    No wonder you’re exhausted. That was quite a weekend! I’ll be sure to go on the Dodgers’ site and look for more about the tour. Sounds like it was really fun and worthwhile, especially since you got to spend time with your fellow Dodger fans/bloggers. I’ve contacted Josh and hope to hear from him soon about the tix.

  2. thinkingblue

    CAT I was delighted in meeting you. It was sooo nice of you to take JOE PIERRE out for lunch and making his experiece in L.A. (OUR TOWN) a special one. I wish we could of chatted I little bit more but it was a day with sooooo many things going on and sooo many people to meet. The tour was amazing. And I am looking forward for the next ITD get together. But I mentioned to my husband that you were lucky enough to meet Alyssa Milano and wanted me to ask you…WHERE ARE HER SEATS FOR THE GAME? My family really enjoyed meeting everyone and of course the tour, and meeting Doug Mientkiewicz (Love what his t-shirt read). SEE YA at the next ITD event.

  3. rrrt

    How cool that the Dodgers flew Joe out to L.A. for the event! It sounds like you had a great time meeting your fellow bloggers. Hmm, the Phillies should do something like this. BTW, I am glad to see the end of interleague play as well – what a dreadful stretch! Good luck against the Rockies – they sure have been hot lately!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  4. heartruss

    Rose, it was nice meeting you, your husband and family. Now it makes it more fun. You’re right, there were so many people there, it was difficult to meet everyone.
    Dillon, you should see whether the Yankees could do the same for their fans. It was a great experience. Thanks for the entry.
    Sue, I am happy that interleague is over but the Rockies are such a hot team, they almost never lose. Very scary.

  5. nellyjune

    Cat – fabulous write up, and the pictures were great, even of me, and I am very critical of pictures of myself. It was one fabulous weekend.

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