Catching Up With Life

I always say that I live for baseball.  My work schedule is centered around Dodger home games.  But sometimes I have a rude awakening…..LIFE. 

I can’t say that today I am living in my Dodger bliss.  I found out that Farrah Fawcett passed away today.  She was one of those television icons who everyone knew.  Her hair, her face, being one of Charlie’s Angels.  Ed McMahon also passed away recently.  And today Michael Jackson went to Heaven.  They say that death comes in threes when it comes to celebrities. Prayers to the families. 

Back to the Dodgers.  I am still trying to get myself back into the routine.  My trip back east threw me off kiilter more than I knew.  I have been tired.  Work has been a trial everyday.  And my Dodgers also seem to be a little off balance judging from their loss to the Sox.  The Sox are not even a ,500 club.  Maybe this will be an eye opener.  IMO the Dodgers need to get another SP now.  Randy Wolf pretty much lost the game yesterday.  How much offense does it take to make up for the earned runs he gave up?  Not even a Matty Kemp 3 run homerun could overcome the deficit.  They will be back home again Friday night for a long stretch. 

Speaking of the upcoming homestand…I’m looking forward to Japan night at Dodger Stadium Friday night.  You receive a free Dodgertown Japan teeshirt, all you can eat Dodger Dogs, soda, nachos, etc.  They also include Japanese food including chicken teriyaki.  Considering the excellent chefs at Dodger Stadium, I know the food will be delicious.  I definitely will report on the festivities.  I will be running from my season seat on field level to the Japan area in lower reserve around section 50.  I should be able to work some calories off. 

Also coming up is the ITD Dodger Stadium tour on Saturday.  I can/t wait to meet my friends in person such as Bob, Nellyjune, Dodgereric, Trublu, Cpompe1, missrussy, brooklynfan, and all my other Dodger compadres.  I am bringing my best friend Marynell.  Luckily my season tickets came with two free tours so this is a freebie.  Yaaaaay.  Free is good.  One of our wonderful fans on ITD (Inside the Dodgers) is Joe Pierre who resides in New York.  He has been an ardent fan of the Dodgers since they were Brooklyn Dodgers.  Now that iis a faithful fan.  The Dodger organization has covered the entire trip for him since he could never afford such an excursion.  He knows the Dodgers inside and out and is not afraid to express his opinion.  I can’t wait to see him.  After the tour everyone is staying for the game.

Also attending games this weekend are my wonderful wonderful friends from my other Dodger forum.  They will be coming from everywhere as well, my buddy Kevin coming from Nampa Idaho.  Did you realize that the Dodgers have fans so far away.  One of my best friends on the forum is Harold, one of my faithful readers, who lives in Canada.  I will get to meet the guys finally who have allowed me to be the only female on this all guy forum and always allows me to be…female.  One of my bestf friends from the forum is Ron or Fan Since 53 as his jersey boldly states.  He iis one of the stars of the Bluetopia Movie.  He sits in the Left Field Pavilion and is the ball magnet.  He has caught many homerun balls.  He is fantastic.

One reason that the Dodgers mean so much to me is the fact that I have met many exciting wonderful people who also are baseball fans.  It has made me more aware of life outside Long Beach. I treasure my friendships with Jane, Julia, Kaybee, Hyun Young, King of Cali, MrsMudboy, all my fellow bloggers.  A few years ago if someone told me that the Dodgers would be such a large part of my life, I would have looked at them with amazement. 

I have been fortunate enough to have actually met my favorites from the team.  Russell, Andre, Matty and James all know me.  I have spoken to Tommy, Joe, Don, and just about everyone on the team.  That makes it much more personal when the Dodgers win or lose.  I am at the games screaming my lungs out.  I feel depressed at their losses and triumphant with their wins.  I live Dodgers.  And it is a wonderful place to be.

This coming weekend the Dodgers will get their momentum back with Manny soon to return to the fold.  Then we can get serious and win the Western Division first of all and then the World Series.  Life is good.   


  1. Jane Heller

    Cat, it sounds like you have a fantastic weekend coming up with the Dodgers and your fellow fans. It’s wonderful how many people you’ve met through the team. Baseball has a way of bringing people together for sure.

  2. Jane Heller

    Cat, it sounds like you have a fantastic weekend coming up with the Dodgers and your fellow fans. It’s wonderful how many people you’ve met through the team. Baseball has a way of bringing people together for sure.

  3. bluenosedodger

    Nice post Cat. You have a lot of good “stuff’ going on. Baseball has a life of its own which it lends to each of us and provides an escape from every day life. Each of us acquires a baseball personality – ours happens to be Dodger personality and a whole group of us from across the continent have become friends because of the Dodgers. I’m sure it happens with other teams but for me on the east coast of Canada having watched the Dodgers go west in 1958, I can’t imagine the bonds could be as strong as Dodger bonds. But with any venture to receive one must give. I am amazed at what you put in. No wonder you get so much out.

    I think the Dodger identity is unique because of the pioneering spirit – the greatest of all, Jackie Robinson, expansion to the west, leading excursions into Latin America and the far east to recruit players, a high ranking woman executive who may become the first female GM, the development of a minor league system copied by other teams, unique ST facilities at Vero and now Glendale. No other team has Tommy Lasorda.

    Enjoy your weekend. It sounds rather remarkable. I bet Joe doesn’t sleep much tonight.


  4. bluenosedodger

    One day Elaine and I will get to LA again. Timing was just too fast and furious to get involved at this time. Short notice on flights is very costly and we also have other things on the go. It would have been great to be there when Joe was there. Do you suppose Joe is sleeping in this morning?


  5. thinkingblue

    CAT – Yesterday was one of those days that we will always remember. Two big icons have departed this world and they will be missed. One from the 70’s and one from the 80’s. Ed McMahon will also be missed. He was well known in every American household. God bless them and may they rest in PEACE!
    Well girl yesterday also was a no-win game for our Boys in Blue…but tonight they are home and winning is what they are coming to do.
    Tomorrow is another fascinating day that we (ITD) will always remember…I can’t wait to meet you. And I am also looking forward in meeting the many ITD bloggers, specially MR. JOE PIERRE!

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