Not Winning

I’m not going so far as to write that “L” word.  Simply put, it was a losing day for me.  Number one my Dodgers did not win.  They had many hits but not many runs.  Clayton had a high pitch count.  He had problems finding the strike zone.  Weaver’s little brother also had the same problem.  However the contest ended in the 8th inning.  The Angels came out on top for last nights game.  Tonights will be different.

The Dodgers do have to lose once in a while.  I almost forgot what it was like to not win.  I suppose I should not have become comfortable with win after win but like I have said before, it feels so good to win.  The streak had to end sometime.  It really affected me.  Okay, now I’m over it and am ready to go back to Dodger Stadium and cheer our guys on again.  Randy Wolf will start today.  He has been wonderful so I am confident of a win. Our bullpen has been great too.  Who would have thought that we could do this well without “the star”??

Back to losses.  I did not win the mini camcorder that was the prize on Confessions of a She Fan.  I was disappointed.  I would have loved to tell my son that i had won a prize with our picture when I visit him next week.  Oh well, I think I like that little camcorder so much I am going to buy one in Virginia.  The tax is quite a bit less over there.  Our state tax is almost 10 percent.  In Virginia I think it is almost half.  I liked the pictures but I liked the one of the mom sitting in front of the television with her two little ones.  That was priceless.  It tells a story too.  A mom teaching her children of her love for baseball.  It is a tradition.  I think she could have put that camcorder to good use with her little ones.  I voted for that one.

And I am not one of the top 100 MLBLogs.  I do know that Jane, Julia, Harold,  my wonderful Padres fan Kaybee, Canuck, King of Cali, my wonderful friend Linda read it.  I suppose 7 people reading my blog isn’t enough.  Go figure,   🙂 

So I think I will go to the Dugout Club today and drown out my sorrows with the buffet and a lot of Diet Coke.  I knitted something for my fave Matty and hope to run into hiim.  The Dodger staff have always been very kind to me and know how much I love my they will help me through this.  As usual, as soon as I go through the magic gates of Dodger Stadium, I will forget anything ugly or unpleasant.  It’s my special liife outside my own sometimes chaotic one.  I love the Dodgers.  GO DODGERS!!   


  1. bluenosedodger

    Cat – losing is never significant unless we let it be. What we do after the losses, which are inevitable, is more important. Now a buffet and Diet Coke sounds pretty good in those surroundings. After your losses, you have your family, friends, blogging friends, the boys in blue, your smile, etc. What could be better? Your blog is for your enjoyment and those who follow it. It will take time to build a following.

    Another walk off walk. Who would have thunk it? I hope the bats soon come alive and start winning some games in an easier fashion. However, a win is a win. Hope Andre’s toe injury doesn’t keep him out very long. Actually I think a couple of games would be good for him to recharge his batteries.


  2. rrrt

    Cat, I haven’t figured out what it takes to get on that list either! I’ve been reading your blog, but I don’t always get around to commenting (like today, I am trying to catch up on a 3-day weekend’s worth of posts). Sooner or later we’ll get there!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

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