All Shook Up

Sunday evening while I was at work, we felt a little earthquake.  At first I thought that the tube system at the hospital was falling apart and grumbled about the fact that maybe we would have to take our specimens up to the lab by hand.  Then I realized that it was more than that.  It was a minor eathquake centered around Inglewood.  Long Beach is just a few miles from there.  I am so used to earthquakes I didn’t think much about it but it did rattle a few nerves. It brought to mind the many earthquakes I have felt in my lifetime.  Many.  But of course, I’ve never been in a fire like Jane Heller (Confessions of a She Fan) or a tornado, flood, tsunami, so I think I am lucky.

The other event that shook my world was the game last night with the Mets.  It was one of the most interesting games I have seen lately made more interesting because I was surrounded by Mets fans.  I sat in the Dugout Club again, lucky me.  I saw Tommmy Lasorda sitting alone at a table and gathered up enough courage to go up and talk tto him.  He smiled at me and waited to see what I would say.  I muttered something about just wanting to say hi and ran away.  For once in my life I couldn’t think of anything to say except nice team we have this year.  Nice Team??? Egad!  Now I wish I had gotten a picture of him, an autograph, had some sort of intelligent conversation with him. Shoulda coulda woulda.

Matty and Juan

DodgersvstheMets024.jpg Matty and Juanb image by xoxrussell

But back to the Mets game.  There was one crazy skinny girl, a Mets fan who must have been on something because she kept standing up and dancing for no reason.  Her friend kept taking photos of her in ridiculous poses with the Mets players in the background.  It was a little distracting. I would not have been that happy if I were her.  I always end up sitting behind someone with a super large head and last night was also the case.  His wife would sit forward and lean her head into his making the view very limited. I was so relieved  when they became so unhappy with the game, they left in the tenth inning.  All my pictures from last night have part of their heads in it.     Five errors.  As the errors compounded, the Mets fans became more vocal and disgruntled.  One of the fans mentioned something about Keystone Cops at one point.  When poor Ryan Church missed third base which was an immediate out, I actually felt sorry for them.  I think that the game may become a wealthy source for bloopers.  For a number one team of the Eastern Division, iit was a sad state of affairs.  And all I hear is that the Mets gave the Dodgers a gift.  I don’t look at it that way.  Randy Wolf pitched another fine game.  Juan Pierre again had an outstanding game.  Those who love to down Juan need to watch him play.  He is a hard worker, he practices, he is serious about his job.  Some fans who admit that Pierre is doing a marvelous job only can comment that his outstanding playing will serve well in trading for a pitcher later on.   Let’s give Juan some credit here.  Mark Loretta is a good addition to the Dodgers as well.  I still bring up the fact that when I met him before the season began, I told him he became a Dodger just in time to play in the World Series with them. 

I am a finalist in Jane Heller’s contest to win a mini video recorder.  Everyone take a look and if you like my picture, please vote for it.  Vote for #3.  Gee, I feel like I’m on Idol or Dancing with the Stars.  Her blog is Confessions of a She Fan which is the number one mlblog for good reason..  Her blog is funny and informative.  She also wrote a book based on her blog.  It is being made into a movie.  Is that so cool?  And congratulations to her Yankees for their winning streak.

Back to the game last night…by the 11th inning, the Mets fans were so disgusted they left in droves.  The very nice Mets fans who sat next to me were planning on going to the Lakers game tonight.  I hope they have more fun tonight than last night

David Wright of the Mets.

DodgersvstheMets054.jpg David Wright image by xoxrussell


  1. Jane Heller

    Wow. What a chronicle of your experience, Cat – from the Mets fans and Lasorda to the game itself. Thanks for the shout out about my book and blog. Actually, the book came before the blog and I’m only in the “hoping” stage about the movie, but who’s counting? LOL. Glad the quake wasn’t a bad one. I remember those rascals from when I lived down there and don’t miss them one bit. Fires are bad enough!

  2. heartruss

    Jane, sorry I got the chronology wrong. I guess I’m just overexcited about the thought of your book becoming a movie. It would be great for us female bloggers!!
    Julia, thanks. Earthquakes are over so quickly there’s no time to panic.

  3. thinkingblue

    Well I hope Jane gets the movie. And her books seems very interesting I will check it out. There are more and more She fans out there..wish her luck.
    I’m in Riverside and did feel the lil’ quake. And I have felt several earthquakes myself and not matter what, they still scare me.
    Well HeartRuss I’ll be at the game tonight and I am just hoping they sweep the Mets. GOOOO DODGERS!

  4. sunshine43

    Great game tonight! LOL I can’t wait to see what you write about Tuesday’s game. It’s funny. I was home for both the earthquake and the aftershock, and I didn’t feel a thing. I might have been in a moving vehicle during the earthquake, so I wouldn’t have noticed anything. See you at the game tonight!

  5. bluenosedodger

    I voted for your photo Cat.

    I had the same experience with Duke Snider you had with Tommy. He was in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia many years ago when he was a color commentator for the Montreal Expos. He was at a car dealership as part of a promotion. I drove in and walked into the showroom. Duke was sitting behind a table alone. His wife Bev was behind him knitting. I got him to autograph “The Boys Of Summer” book. He said, Don’t believe everything you read.” I replied, “I won’t.” and left. What an opportunity to talk to my all time hero and what an opening he gave me. I was tongue tied.

    Some years later, I phoned Vero Beach during ST and asked for Duke. He came on the phone and I did then what I should have done in Dartmouth. I thanked him for all the pleasure he had brought into my life. We spoke briefly and he seemed to really appreciate my call. I subsequently wrote to him in Fallbrook but my letter was returned. I think because it was at the time of the Antrax scare with letters.

    If you ever get tongue tied again Cat – just thank them. They have earned it and appreciate it. Doc Williams, an old time Country and Western singer, visited our area a few years ago. I took one of his albums to be autographed. I thanked him as a representative of all the singers whom I have enjoyed. He shook my hand, thanked me, and both he and his wife Chicky personalized the autograph.


  6. rrrt

    Don’t you just hate when people with big heads block your view? It always seems to happen to me, too! It’s like I’m a magnet for them or something. The ones in my experience always sit ramrod straight, as well – couldn’t they at least slouch a little?
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

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