Welcome Back Dodgers

So it seems that the  Dodgers have found their groove again with their resounding win against the Phillies tonight. 

James Loney hit his first homerun of the season, a three run homerun at that. 

Matty Kemp continues with his excellent defense and offense.  I hope everyone has a chance to watch the film clip with his run to home from second base during a sacrifice bunt executed by Randy Wolf.  His acrobatic catches in centerfield are making sports commentators admit that he could be the best centerfield this season.

I know that everyone is on the “Let’s Hate Pierre” bandwagon but can anyone down him after today’s game?  He is probably benefiting overall from the situation and making the most of it.

The pitching other than Wolf and Bills has been scary.  Baby Clay continues to be inconsistent.  The bullpen sometimes needs to stay bolted closed.  There is no question that the Dodgers will be hurt by their pitching.  Hopefully Kuroda will return sometime soon. 

Casey Blake continues to hit the homeruns.  He is probably the least heralded player on the team but delivers those homeruns.  Maybe with that weak controversy over the supposed mocking gesture that Casey made during that Giants game, more people will notice Casey and his outstanding contribution to the team.  Casey has since explained that he did not know what the gesture meant.  Of course he didn’t.  Casey is a very nice guy.  He is good to his fans.  He is a professional.  So how about if we get over it now. 

Poor Andre Ethier.  The slump that he is in makes many people believe that he needs Manny to hit well.  We Dodger fans know that Andre will come back with on the mark hitting soon.  It’s too bad that those who are watching the Dodgers from the outside don’t know our guys well enough to know that.  And once he gets back in the groove, he will be a powerhouse again.

And finally Wolfy has a win.  He was robbed last week and now he is credited with the win.  Go Wolfy,

My arm still is sore from that sports injury from the other week.  I certainly have learned my lesson the hard way. 

So today was the beginning of a streak.  Go DODGERS!!  .




  1. bluenosedodger

    Two out of three from the Phillies. Will take that anytime. Matt and Russ were the men today. Andre had an important walk with two out in the tenth and scored the winning run. James, Matt and Russell seem to be picking it up a bit. Andre will get back on track.

    Casey Blake is certainly earning his keep. Good job by Bills, Wade and Troncoso. Too bad Brox blew it but it had a silver lining. We pulled it out with two out. How cool is that?


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