Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day.  This is a good day for everyone to show their moms how much they are appreciated.  All of you moms who are reading this post, this day is for you.  I lost my mom many years ago when she was still young.  I wish she were here so that I could give her one more hug.  My friend Marynell lost her wonderful mom just a couple of years ago so it is still very painful for her, so please give her a big hug at the game for me.

It would be great if the Dodgers could win todays game for our mothers.  Tim will be pitching for the Giants so it will take some terrific batting and exceptional defense to pull this off.  I will be missing todays game but I will be leaving for home this afternoon. 

I plan on returning to Virginia for 2 weeks starting June 1.  I am selling my tickets and parking on stubhub.  Everyone knows what great seats I have.  But my friends who read my blog are welcome to let me know if they want my seat and parking for any of those games.  Any of you who are interested, let me know, and considering I do have such wonderful people who post here, I would love to give them to those folks as a thank you gift to you.  You know who you are.  They are not Dugout Club or Baseline so there is no food involved but the seat is front row at the left field foul pole.  My usher is Ernie and he will be the best host to anyone who sits in my seat legally.  My security people will also make your day super.  I only ask that you cheer my guys on as I would.

Again, Happy Mothers Day everyone.  Please everyone go out to the game and yell loudly, show enthusiasm.  Make the Dodgers know you support them 100%.


  1. juliasrants

    Cat – I hope you have a wonderful day and a safe and uneventful trip home! I too lost my mom a number of years ago and yes – I would love to be able to hug here again. I hope your guys win for you today.


  2. bluenosedodger

    Thanks for the Mother’s Day greeting Cat but I really don’t deserve it. lol. Elaine does and so does my Mom. Mom is 89, still drives, attends church, plays bridge, goes to lodge, tends her flower garden. Gets more difficult to do but she never stops going – just like the Energizer Bunny.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms everywhere. You know what they say: “God couldn’t do all the work himself so he created Moms to help him out.” Good choice God.


  3. heartruss

    Thanks Julia and Harold
    I am having a wonderful day. I am heading back to LA in a few hours. I miss my Dodgers but I am where I should be right now. Everyone have a great day.

  4. bluenosedodger

    Look at this Cat. ” Dodgers players and coaches will greet fans at the turnstiles with Mother’s Day roses Sunday before the Dodgers host the Giants. Also, selected moms and daughters will take the field with the players as part of Mothers Take the Field. … ” How cool is that? We presented carnations to all of our moms at church this morning.


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