This is why I love baseball

KeepingtheStreakAlive011.jpg Matty image by xoxrussellMatt Kemp
I took this picture tonight.  He was doing what he always does…signs autographs for everyone..  I was sitting in a baseline seat with access to the food,  It is like Dugout Club only you aren’t as secluded and you can carry your food everywhere.  No one serves you at your seat  You have to take the walk and get your own food. 
The game was exciting as usual.  The Dodgers scored again in the first inning and kept on going..  Clayton Kershaw did well but not as well as his last outing.  James McDonald came in at relief and was able to do what he had to do.  Furcal was the hero of the game.  Isn’t that great when he had stated that he was slumping but  no one notices because of the streak.  And then boom, he hits 3 of 5.  Russell is coming along nicely as well.  He is finding himself. 
So now the Dodgers have surpassed that 98 year old record.  The Dodgers have made history.  I am glad that my two wonderful friends were with me.  Of course we didn’t sit together.  Now that I think about it, I don’t sit with anyone usually.  

KeepingtheStreakAlive045.jpg Andre image by xoxrussell
The above picture is of Andre during a pensive moment.  I also took that picture tonight.  Yes yes, girls, we have the best looking team on the planet.  They also are very talented at what they do.
KeepingtheStreakAlive063.jpg Manny image by xoxrussell
And the above picture is of our Manny.   He adds the excitement. 
When I walk into Dodger Stadium, I was telling my friend Marynell, it’s like another world.  You can forget about everything else because we are in Dodgertown.  Nothing else matters for that moment in time.  Everyone knows your name.  The security staff, the ushers, other fans, we are like family.  I sit in the section called Ernie Land.  Ernie is the usher who takes care of us.  Everyone seems to care about the fans.  The parking staff knows where I park, the Dugout Club staff always welcomes me as though  I had season tickets there.  It is a unique town where everyone is welcome.
And this is why I love baseball.  This is why the Dodgers are my team..


  1. juliasrants

    Baseball fans are a unique community. I don’t get to many games at Fenway – tickets are expensive and hard to come by – but whenever I am there – the fans all talk to each other and we become a family for those few hours. Laughing, cheering and “crying” together. But I’ll have to disagree on one thing – I think the Red Sox have a pretty fine looking team! 😉 And now Red Sox fans have come together to pray for the health of our own Jerry Remy.


  2. bluenosedodger

    Julia – sorry to read of Jerry Remy’s setback. I see the Red Sox games here often but in the AL am a Blue Jay fan. Actually on a given night I am a fan of any team beating the Yankees. I see Big Papi has no homers this year either.

    Girls, I am not very qualified to determine whose team is better looking. My first inclination is the Dodgers after watching, Pedroia, Big Papi, Drew, Youkilis, Lugo. However, the best looking team ever – the Dodgers of the fifities. Duke, Pee Wee, Jackie, Campy, Koufax, Drysdale, Hodges,etc. All clean cut, no long hair, uniforms neat to add to their good looks. If I could get Elaine to watch a game, I could get her opinion. But, little chance of that.

    Cat you are becoming a celebrity at the Stadium, much like our friend on another blog. Correction – you are a celebrity and have earned that status as the Dodgers#1 in the world. No wonder you love to go the park. However, as you would warn me with our ice, I will warn you. Be careful of those fouls balls. Very pleased you just had your watch broken.


  3. Jane Heller

    Cat, you describe a wonderful picture of being a fan in Dodgertown. It does sound like a family. I remember being on the road with the Yankees in ’07 and going to every game at the stadium. It felt like “home” being surrounded by other fans. But you really have become a family member there with everybody knowing your name. So cool! And I agree that the Dodgers have some fine looking players. But Derek Jeter isn’t chopped liver!

  4. heartruss

    Jane, thanks. I can’t believe what transpired today. And here I am in Philadelphia waiting for my delayed connecting flight. I won’t be at the game tonight. And I know that they need my support. I hope they don’t think I deserted them. I’m planning on posting when I get to Norfolk.

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