How about those Dodgers!

I am so proud of our guys.  The Dodgers have now won all 10 home games, first time ever for the organization.  They also swept the Padres (sorry Kaybee) in fine fashion at Dodger Stadium, also first time ever.  They are 4 1/2 games ahead of the next team in the Western Diivision which is more games than any other leader. 

When I look at the Dodgers, they look happy and have a wonderful comraderie.  It is nice to see.  I always stay to the end and watch them celebrate their victory with high fives and chest bumps. There never is one hero lately.  I never call them “player of the game” but heroes. 

Looking at todays game, Billingsley was outstanding as usual.  Troncoso also came in strong as a reliever.  And it so happened that four of the regular players were taking the day off:  Russell Martin, Casey Blake, Raffy Furcal and Manny.  And the Dodgers were still victorious.  How cool is that?? 

Injury update:  no fracture.  Am I ever lucky.  I have learned my lesson.  No texting or chatting during BP.  I kind of am holding a grudge against the Padres.  I will always look at them as the ones who caused me so much pain and embarrassment (mostly embarrassment).  



  1. heartruss

    It is much more fun when your team is winning. I know that once they go on the road, they will probably lose a game here and there. It is a long season. But I will enjoy the victories now. What is confusing to me is that on other Dodger blogs, there are so many complaints even though the Dodgers have done so well. What does it take to keep everyone happy?? I myself am on cloud nine.
    Jane and Julia, thanks so much for all your well wishes. My wrist is mending well. It did happen to me when I was doing something I love most: being at a Dodger game.


    I agree the team chemistry seems to be even better than last year. Tons of hustle and guts from several positions. The O-dog plays so hard on every play. He has surprised me, I had know idea what a genuine ball player he was. No offense intended to future hall of famer, Jeff Kent, but Mr. Hudson is a better deal for the Dodgers. He just fits in better.

  3. Dodger4life

    Wow!!! Cat, I am so glad your are okay, Maybe you can get Manny to loan you one of his gold gloves?? Then you can text us all about the great play you made. Keep your eye on the ball. This team is Awesome fun I agree. Have fun in Virginia, GO DODGERS!!!!!

  4. thinkingblue

    I’m glad you are OK. So now the new law is hands-free driving & hands-free during game time, texting will soon be illegal…LOL.
    Yey! for the DODGERS…and yes this season is all about “THE TEAM”, even the bench warmers are doing great. I am so proud of my boys in Blue. The good thing is that they can actually rotate players and not have them over worked like last year. Fo’ sure Dodgers will be sporting new rings…GOOOO DODGERS!

  5. heartruss

    Msrussyethier…I almost did get a player on my lap during a game while I was texting. You are right. It should be illegal!!
    Kaybee…I have to qualify that it was my own fault that I was hit by a Padres ball. I admit that. I was busy talking to someone. I won’t hold a grudge against your Padres.
    Dodger4life…thanks for the kind words. If Manny were there in left field he would have protected me.
    Trent…I admit that the Dodgers haven’t played a powerful team but sometimes it’s the least likely team that beats you.
    Thank you everyone for your nice messages. I have a painful contusion on my arm but it does remind me to be more vigilant during games.

  6. heartruss

    King of Cali…it will happen but hopefully not too soon. It is so much fun lately because every game has been exciting.

  7. heartruss

    I’m getting ready for the game. I am sitting in the Dugout Club again today. Can’t wait.
    Jane…my injury was a setback but I am working on getting you in.

  8. thinkingblue

    WAIT! If you almost got a player on your lap…depending on who it was…it is not illegal…continuation of texting is a must…LOL! Have fun at the game! I’ll be attending the Casey Blakes game, it will be my first game of the season and I am sooooo looking forward to it.

  9. slim427

    I read your comment as featured on homepage. It is very refreshing to see a pro team gel like the Dodgers. They seem to really care about each other and I think that goes a long way towards success as a team. I love to see the veterans help out the young crew like when Hudson talked to McDonald as he was being pulled out of his most recent start. There is no reason the blue can’t keep the home streak going for quite some time. There is so much talent on the Dodgers. Keep up the blogging, I’ll bookmark and keep checking back. I’m glad we have some true blue fans that keep the team motivated. Wish I could make it to more games to do so.

    Go Dodgers!

  10. heartruss

    Thank you slim427 for your comment. I am so pleased with the way the players relate to each other. I notice that the team plays as a team. Manny relates well to the other players and seems well adjusted to his new environment.
    Jane…I can’t stay away from the Dugout Club. It is too amazing.
    Msrussyethier…the player who almost fell into my lap was Gabe Kapler who definitely is not bad to look at.

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