Return to the Ravine

Yaaaaay, the guys are back.  And with a bang.  That was an incrediible win.  McDonald did not even last 2 innings but what an incredible job Jeff Weaver did.  I guess he proved to Torre that he belongs in the bullpen.  He was the last cut from ST being sent down to Albuquerque.  I understand he went without complaint just asking what he had to do to come back.  Blake DeWitt was sent back down which is good because he will get to play everyday and stay sharp.  However Weaver did have some close calls.  If it weren’t for our stud Matty Kemp who made outstanding catches, the outcome of the game might have been different.  My friend commented that she didn’t know that Matty was a gymnast.  I know that Matty was pleased with himself as well he should be.  This puts the Dodgers 3 1/2 games ahead of the Padres and Giants.  So the Giants are coming into their own so we have to keep ahead of both teams. 

The problem of pitching has come to the forefront.  The last two starts with Stults and McDonald have been less than stellar.  The bullpen has been overworked.  If it weren’t for the excellent defense and the offensive power of our Dodgers, we could be singing another song. I still think that another SP is needed.  Who knows when Kuroda will be back.  That leaves only Billingsley and Wolf and a potpourri of relief pitchers. 

Amazingly since the Dodgers have been on the road, Dodger Stadiium has acquired its own zip code.  And also a little suburb within the stadium called Mannywood formerly sections 51 and 53 on the left field side near where Manny spends much of his time.  Mannywood occupants wear Mannywood tee shirts.  Very cool.  My season seat is in section 49 which is next to Mannywood. 

Now that the Dodgers are back home they can improve the record..

For Jane’s info:  a former Yankee and still friend, Doug Mienkiewicz has supported A Rod.  There is a new book out stating that A-Rod took steroids even in high school per one school mates recollection.  Of course it is an anonymous person.  Doug thinks this person needs to come out and not be anonymous if this info is true.  Good for Doug.  That is a true friend.  Hopefully Doug is on the mend from that dislocated shoulder he sustained sliding into second base.  He was such an addition to the team.  He is still travelling with the team giving them moral support.  I heard that he has always been the cheerleader which is always good for everyone

Tonight our baby Clayton will face Peavy.  There is a chance of rain after midnight so I hope for a short game and a Dodger victory.  The offense keeps getting better and better with back to back homeruns from Manny and O Dog.  Matty and Andre are consistent.  Everytime Loretta is up, he helps the team.  His average was .444 before last night. 

GO DODGERS!   And welcome back!


  1. heartruss

    Doug should know about A Rod since they were friends in high school. He is 99.99% sure that there were no steroids during that time. They spend a lot of time together. I would not buy that book and support someone who really doesn’t have the facts.

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