Sweep and Sweep Again

Dodgers2009part2012.jpg Matty's Grand Slam Homerun picture by xoxrussell

The picture above was taken by me right after Matty Kemp’s grand slam homerun.  I was screaming and jumping up and down at the same time so it’s amazing that the picture is in focus.  This was only one of the homeruns that Matt hit today.

It just seems that the Dodgers are becoming unbeatable.  Oops, as everyone tells me, the Dodgers started out strong last season and then slumped.  Part of the reason was Furcal’s season ending back surgery.  So let the Cat dream a little.

The Dodgers swept the Giants handily and then did the same with the Rockies.  I was happy about the first sweep since as a Dodgers ardent supporter, I can’t stand the Giants.  I was happy for the second sweep because Clint Hurdle has publically stated that he doesn’t like the Dodgers.  Well, so there, Clint.  Now go back to Colorado.

And it seems that there is a different hero everyday.  Today was Matt Kemp’s day.  Besides his homeruns which pretty much set the tone for the pounding that the Rocks got today, his defense was amazing.  He was superman.  And congratulations to Scott Elbert who was just called up from the minors after Cory Wade’s going on DL with bursiitis.  He was the winning pitcher and also was successful at bat, even though it was a borrowed bat from Randy Wolf.  He also borrowed Randy’s gloves.  Yesterday the hero was our guy Andre Ethier.  Let’s hear it from our resident Ethieroholics. Of course Manny is everyones hero every day.

Now the Dodgers go on the road.  Hopefully they can stay in number one since that is where they belong.  Their offense is strong, their pitching is surviving, and Broxton is outstanding.  As everyone says, the Dodgers have had a perfect homestamd. 

Back to work tomorrow night.  I feel like I have been in a dream going to so many Dodger games.  I love my guys.  I love baseball.   


  1. bluenosedodger

    Great pictures on your other thread. Matt is becoming a very accomplished ball player. I can remember the impatience of a number of fans with Matt the past couple of years. Thank goodness Ned waited on him and the other young players, kids no more. Matt has obviously learned he has CF and RC power and doesn’t have to be a strict pull hitter. Great catch yesterday.

    What can we say about Andre? I know Manny probably helps in the line up but Andre can hit. He has learned what pitches he can expect to get when Manny is in the line up. That is a sign of maturity.

    I think James, McDonald that is, is being tentative and not trusting his stuff enoug. He is nibbling rather than going after them. Hopefully he will correct that soon.

    I know Scott Elbert gave up two solos, probably poor location but he didn’t walk any. A high percentage of strikes. That too is good. Dodger pitchers – Bills, Kershaw, Kuo, McDonald, Broxton,Stults, Troncoso, Elbert. Wade on the DL. The secret is undoubtedly, grow your own and fill in missing pieces.


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