Photo Day

Dodgers2009214.jpg Blake and Cat image by xoxrussell  
Blake DeWiitt and Cat
Saturday was photo day.  It turned out to be an extremely hot day.  It felt like it may turn into a cattle call.  There were fences like a petting zoo as my friend Linda, also my photographer, commented.  I couldn’t figure out how all the Dodger fans in attendance would be able to take pictures of all their faves.
It became hotter and hotter until finally we had a glimpse of one of the Dodgers.  By then there were hundreds, maybe thousands of fans milling around, all impatient.  Then the Dodgers came out, each one approaching the crowd a little differently.  Russell was the charmer, stopping and posing with fans, smiling , friendlly as always.  Manny made an appearance but didn’t make it to much of the crowd.  He ran in and ran out.  Manny being Manny.  I had seen a lot of him during Spring Training so I wasn’t disappointed.  I have a good view of him from my seat and have hundreds of pictures of him.  Raffy went through the crowd not stopping often but we were lucky that he did stop for us.  My friend Nina had a picture taken with him because he is a relative’s fave.  Broxton is huge.  He is intimidating and he wasn’t even pitching to us.  I love Mark Loretta.  We met him before and he seemed to remember us.   I had told him that he was smart signing with the Dodgers since 2009 was going to be the year that they would win the World Series

Dodgers2009229.jpg Matty and Cat image by xoxrussell
Matty Kemp and I
The one I was waiting for was Matt Kemp.  We saw him run down the line of fans giving a few a high five.  I thought that he would pass by us so I said “Matty” rather loudly.  He stopped, looked at me with recognition and smiled that huge grin of his.  He remembered me!   He gave me a hug and posed for a picture with me.  Then he continued on running down the line giving other fans a high five.  Astonishingly enough, the flash went off on my camera and made the picture almost perfect without the shadows of the sun marring the picutre.  I have my photographer Linda to thank for it.  The picture above is of Blake Dewitt who was just called back up from the minors.  He is a favorite of one of my best friends Marynell.  That picture also turned out so well because the flash went off on my camera.  I think she called me an unrepeatable name when she saw the picture of her bf and me.
All in all, I had pictures taken with 12 Dodgers: the others included Broxton, Kuo, Ausmus, Pierre, Loretta, Russell, Furcal, Wade, MacDonald.  I have run away from the camera my whole life but if I have the opportunity to pose with one of the men in my life, I bite the bullet and let them put their arms around me and smile.  It’s tough but I work through it. 


  1. heartruss

    I have pictures with Kershaw, MacDonald and Broxton but they are kind of funny since I am only 61 inches and they tower over me.

  2. heartruss

    Jane, it’s funny but the more I have a chance to talk to my Dodgers, I feel more comfortable with them. I realize that they are nice guys who actually eat and sleep like ordinary people. They just happen to be very good at what they do. I have been lucky to have met many of them. I am probably closest to Russell and Matt.

  3. sunshine43

    Hey Cat! Looks like everyone’s loving the pictures. I wish the flash had gone off on the other ones. LOL wish I had more time to figure out your camera so the flash would go off on all of them. Can’t wait to get a new camera since the flash on my current one is broken. You should post the rest of your pictures so we can all drool over them! It was Nina’s picture with Juan that was for her mom. The picture with Furcal was for her (which I think is on my camera). It was a great day, all in all. Looking forward to the rest of the pictures!

  4. heartruss

    Thanks again for taking those pictures, Linda. I think that the two pictures I posted were the best ones but the one of Nina and Raffy is really nice.

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