The Day Before

Okay, now it’s only one day to wait.  I check the Dodger news everyday for tidbits about my guys.  I dread seeing any cuts because I think of the Dodgers as my family.  I worry about one of my favorites, Delwyn Young.  He is on DL for now with a sore elbow.  Danny Ardoin was put on waivers which was no surprise with the addition of Ausmus.  Now there are 39 on the 40 man roster.  Will it be Jeff Weaver??  Ohman??  I will be anxious to see who will be on the field tomorrow.  Yes yes I know, it’s an exhibition game.

I think of myself as a well rounded person, kind of, but when I look at my reading material lately I wonder.  I went from studying advanced cardiac life support to “Confessions of a She Fan” by Jane Heller and my new acquisition “Becoming Manny” which just came out.  Anyone would think I was some sort of baseball fan.  But I have to know why Manny is Manny.  And I want to know about Jane’s confessions.  Need to know stuff.

I don’t have to worry about staying awake all night waiting for the game tomorrow because I have to work tonight.  So I have to stay awake.  I may be a little bleary eyed tomorrow for the game.  By the start time I may feel that it’s getting a little cloudy but I will be screaming my loudest for my guys.  I have been waiting for a long time to be at Dodger Stadium yelling GO DODGERS!!    Actually I have to admit that during the World Baseball Classic after our national anthem I did yell GO DODGERS just to get in practice.  I just don’t understand why they think I am a TRUE BLUE fan.  One more time:   GO DODGERS. LET’S WIN IT ALL!!!


  1. bluenosedodger

    Cat – I look forward to these games and then the season opener with anticipation and hesitation. I can’t wait to see how strong we are with the A team on the field and how much the young players have progressed. With Bills, Clayton and James in the starting rotation I can say my dream of getting back to real Dodgers after 20 years in the FA wilderness is nearly over. The core players and several relief pitchers are also Dodgers. I still wait for 2B, SS, 3B to be manned by our own. I’m hoping we start the season with at least twelve real Dodgers. My thought is we don’t stay competitive unless we have half rhe roster manned by homegrown players.

    The hesitation I mentioned is that I know some players are disappointed they don’t make it. I’m guessing Hu makes it, but Blake Dewitt is sent to AAA. I know Delwyn’s Dodger days are over and they never really got started. His injury makes him less tradeable. He might just be waived and picked up by some team. I suppose Ned will play the waiting game and keep Delwyn on the DL as long as he can to see what happens.


  2. bluenosedodger

    I noticed on a previous thread you had a post from Jane Heller. I was about to tease her a bit about seemingly being a Yankee fan. Now that I see she is a published author, I would probably be out of my league so will back away.

    In any event, Jane, but for a fraction of an inch on the radio dial, I could have become a Yankee, Red Sox or Giant fan. In the summer of 1952, I turned on the radio and a Dodger game out of Brooklyn was on. My Mom must have moved the dial when she was dusting. Vin Scully was announcing and Duke Snider hit a homer that night. Vin and Duke captured me and I am still in Dodger leg irons, never wavering for a instant since 1952. I live in Nova Scotia so my heart was broken when the Dodgers moved west. However, my loyalty never changed. My favorite all time Yankee is Yogi Berra. How I hated to see him come to bat in the WS. If my Mom had moved the radio dial to the Yankee, Giant or Red Sox station, I would be …. Oh my!!


  3. heartruss

    I am now on my way to Dodger Stadium. I thought this day would never happen. 110 freeway….here I come!!!!!

  4. heartruss

    I was too tired to write a new thread last night and now I am getting ready to go to the next game tonight. I have a lot to write about last nights game. All I can say right now is that it was a fantastic game and hopefully a preview of the season to come. GO DODGERS!!! Will write more tonight.

  5. Jane Heller

    First, a comment to Eulman. I’m a Yankee fan all right, so feel free to tease me! To Russ, I hope you’re having a great time at the games and thanks for the shout out about my book. Question: Has Torre decided whether to put Mientkiewicz on the roster? As of yesterday, he said he hadn’t made the decision. P.S. if you ever have tix you can’t use, let me know and I’d be glad to take them off your hands. It’s only a 2 hour drive to Dodger Stadium for me.

  6. bluenosedodger

    I am sure Joe will put Mientkiewicz on the roster. He has earned a spot. Doug is an excellent first baseman, can play the OF and is a left hand bat off the bench. Joe likes veterans it seems. I am concerned he will pick Tanyon Sturtz as he had him in NY for two or three seasons. I don’t think Tanyon can give us any more than some of our young arms. Jane maybe if we can get you to Dodger Stadium often enough we can rehabilitate you and get you to forget the pin stripes.


  7. bluenosedodger

    Just read this. Jane you are fortunate to be going to Dodger Stadium instead of the new digs in NY.

    The Dodgers average ticket price – $29.66
    The League Average ticket price – $26.64
    The Yankees Average ticket price – $72.97


  8. heartruss

    Miss Jane, I think I will have to send your book to my dear friend Harold who is the euhlman you refer to. I think he will enjoy it as much as I am. However, I am the UAM (ultimate autograph magnet) so I’m not sure whether I should have you sign your book for me or a ball!! What a quandary!! Harold, what do you think? By the way, he is Canadian so maybe he would like Canuck.

  9. bluenosedodger

    Cat – I was say have Jane sign a ball to go as part of your collection. She too is a passionate baseball fan, a passion that led her to write a book. You are the UBM and UDF (ultimate Dodger fanatic) so I think a ball might be the way to go. But if in doubt, ask Jane to sign both. Might be one small step in weaning her off her Yankee ties.


  10. Jane Heller

    Russ and Harold, if I had a #2 team it would be the Dodgers. How could I not root for them with Torre, Mattingly and Bowa there? And if Mientkiewicz makes the team, it’ll be really cool. He loved playing for Joe in NY so I can only imagine how badly he wants to make the team.

  11. bluenosedodger

    You know what I do like about the Yankees? No player names on the uniforms. I have never gotten used to that after all these year – that is, names on uniforms. I also wish we had “DODGERS” on the front of our away unies as we did for a number of years. I think Mr. McCourt will revert back to that once he has the LA established as he wants, Dodger town, city, country, etc. The city for a team is like a surname. The team name is the first name that players call themselves, whichever team they play on.


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