Zambrano vs the Dodgers

CBR18-1.jpgWhat can I say except that I kept telling myself that it was just a spring training game.  It is a little discouraging to lose so many games in a row.  Starting off with the loss Sunday, the losses yesterday of the split squad games, and then today to get slaughtered by the Cubs.  Zambrano pretty much did it one handed.

I comfort myself by the fact that the WBC is coming up this weekend.  And maybe USA may be part of the festivities.  That would be awesome.  I personally hope Japan also will be included.  And then the first exhibition game is Apr 2 which is around the corner.  And then opening day is soon aster that.  Life is good.


  1. heartruss

    The two pictures above were taken by a very good friend of mine, Ron. The first is Russie in his new jersey and greeen cap and the second is of yours truly in her St Patricks Day cap .

  2. heartruss

    No, I never had a chance to but if it were anything like Camelback, I wish I had been able to make it out there. Thanks for posting. I am hard at work getting my final thoughts ready about my experiences in Camelback.

  3. Dodger4life

    I wish you could stay longer Cat…Sounds like you had fun. The Dodgers will be leaving soon too… You will be reunited. Good post..Go Dodgers!!!!!!

  4. bluenosedodger

    Cat – I expect I will never get to Camelback, but one day will get to Dodger Stadium again. The stories from and you and other visitors to Camelback are making Vero be what it should be now. That is, a wonderful memory as are the Dodgers in Brooklyn. Already an Arizona spring league attendance record. The McCourt’s seem to know what they are doing.

    I have one trivial question. When I visited Vero I don’t recall the players carrying those big kit bags. Maybe they did and I don’t recall – that was last in 1985. They must be carrying bats, I expect. Is it the distance they have to walk to the playing field or some other reason?


  5. bluenosedodger

    Oh, another question. Has Russell lost some weight? He looks trimmer which is good for a catcher.


  6. heartruss

    Actually I noticed that Russell had lost weight. He looks much thinner. And the fact that he quit using that dip will make him healthier. I had seen him back in February and noticed then that he seemed thinner even then (that was when I got a nice hug from him) The big bags they carry have bats in them. They each carry their own to the playing field. I gave Russell a good luck charm at SP. Hopefully it brings him good luck.

  7. bluenosedodger

    Carlos Kershaw – way to go Clayton. Cat I heard on the game yesterday that Don Mattingly is most dissatisfied with the way our pitchers hit last year, that is, poor bunting. Rick Monday said he was actively working with pitchers on their hitting. I do find it difficult to believe they can’t hit, that is most of them. They pitch every fifth day. Lots of time in between to work on hitting. Is it that swinging the bat is hard on the pitching arm? Bunting certainly shouldn’t be.

    Did you observe Don working with pitchers on their hitting skills? A pitcher able to hit certainly helps his team and especially the eighth place hitter. Oh for the Don Newcomb’s and Don Drysdale’s. Maybe they have to be named Don to hit.


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