I Shall Return

Here I am back at Camelback Ranch.  I just could not resist.  Anyone who knows me knows that I love the Dodgers, therein lies the reason for the title of this blog.  I came a day early so that I could take in batting practice, my favorite part of the day.  What, you ask, the game isn’t your favorite part?  I look at it as a huge practice game.  I think I would be pulling out my hair if I thought otherwise.  Yesterday’s game with its atrocious pitching made me nervous.  I think that if this is the way it’s going to be during the season, our offense will have to make up the problems with our pitching.  But that is another story.  On to batting practice.

No Manny.  I know he reinjured his hamstring yesterday during a play so he probably is resting today.  I would rather he did that than aggravate it anymore.  It was a short practice since they had to hop on a bus and go on the road to their games.  I chose to enjoy my beautiful parlor room at Comfort Suites.  I will never stay anywhere else.  The rooms are fantastic, the staff is polite, efficient, and very helppful.  The hotel is only 1.4 miles from Camelback.  There is a scrumptious hot breakfast in the morning.  Today’s hot entree was scrambled eggs and bacon with cereal, toast, waffles, fruit, yogurt, and beverages.  The chef is there to help everyone.  Probably the best part is there is a shuttle that will transport the guests within a 6 mile radius which means no driving to the stadium.  The shuttle drivers are knowledgable and also efficient.  My rooms are like an apartment.  There is a bedroom separate from the living room with big screen tv in both.  There is a separate kitchenette and bathroom.  I snagged some breakfast before I went to batting practice so I am snacking now.

The one thing that pleases me more than anything is that my Dodger heroes recognize me now.  How cool is that?   Andre Ethier was rushing past and didn’t sign autographs.  I called out to him and he turned when he recognized my voice.  He gave me a smile and said, “Nice to see you.”  Me.  I felt like I had just won a million dollars.  Then Matt walked past and he too reognized me from a couple of weeks ago and he also spoke to me.  I heard Cory Wade complaining that everyone thought he was James Loney so I called out to him, “Hey Cory!”  He looked startled and smiled.  Now everyone knows that my personal favorite if I have to pick one is the Russell guy.  He looks great.  He also recognized me.  I had a good luck charm for him..a turtle which I gave him.  Hopefully he will put it in his pocket and it will bring him luck. They weren’t signing but I spoke to Blake DeWitt and he autographed a ball for me. 

So my first day in Camelback was already worth the trip.  No game but still fun.  More to report soon.  I will probably go out to Westgate Center and enjoy the beautiful fountains.  It’s a weekday so it won’t be too crowded.  Okay, now I will listen to the game on MLB.TV.  What a beautful day it is in Arizona. 


  1. nellyjune

    Cat – I am sooo glad you got to go back to Camelback Ranch. You are becoming a staple there, and it’s probably a relaxing feeling for the players that they recognize a familiar face. Have a great time and keep us updated on your visit.

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