What he said!!!

Interesting what Papelbon said publically about Manny in Esquire Magazine..  Manny as a cancer to the Sox.  I have to say that a player is not a good fit for every team and it is time to move on.  Obviously Manny was not for the Red Sox.  However, how can one player be called a “cancer.” and be blamed for any ills that happen to the team.  What team considers one player that powerful and influential?  It is too bad that this discontent was voiced in this way by a former team member.  I know that the Red Sox fans have every right to dislike Manny and however his Manny being Manny antics affected them.  But for a former team member to use a despicable term such as “cancer” is unprofessional, to say the leasst. We Dodger fans on our different blogs aways have strong opinions about our beloved team but we are true blue regardless.  I certainly hope that no fan would boo anyone on their own team.  I have strong feelings about that.  A local sportscaster on our local news station flashed a picture of Manny riding probaby Manny Mota’s bicycle and commented, “Can a cancer ride a bike?” 


  1. northstateblues

    Hi Cat! “Can a cancer ride a bicycle?” heheheheheh.

    I wasn’t surprised by Papelbon’s comments, and I kinda concede that Manny could’ve been viewed as a “cancer” on the clubhouse in Papelbon’s time with the team, because for whatever reason, Manny quit on them, pushed down an elderly attendant, etc…

    I take it for face value when Manny says it’s in the past for him. A change of scenery benefits everyone, and if ex-teamates feel they have to bring up the past, perhaps they shouldn’t be surprised when Manny’s moved on.

    I just feel that we’re gearing up for another L.A.-Boston rivalry, but instead of yellow and green, this time it’ll be blue and red. I’m sure Joe wouldn’t mind exorcising the Ghost of the 2004 ALCS.

  2. bluenosedodger

    I am not sure why Papelbon now spouts off. That is, what is to be gained? Living on the east coast I was fully aware of Manny things in Boston. I do feel one player, as good as Manny, can influence a team in a very negative way , just as he influenced the Dodgers in a very positive way. Interestingly enough both teams got better when he left Boston for LA.

    However, I am glad Papelbon got this out early as it now is not going to be a distraction in the regular season with reporters questioning Manny about it. I think Manny has handled it well so far and put it to rest. He could have retorted in a negative way and didn’t. I have no reason to believe he will be troublesome in LA. His team mates like him well enough to tease him, the fans flock to him as if he is Elvis, and reporters seek him out. It would seem he has found a place in the sun, in sunny California.

    A Dodger-Red Sox WS would be classic with the game on the line – Manny vs Papelbon. I expect Manny would be highly motivated.


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