Last Day

Spring Training Last Day 022.JPG

I was a little sad that this was my last day here in Camelback.  I went to batting practice although I knew it would be crowded and frantic.  I was not wrong.  The players on the whole did not sign autographs except for a few, one being the wonderful Matt Kemp who signed many.  He was personable and spoke to the fans.  Of course, when Manny went from playing field to batting cage area, he was mobbed.  I happened to be walking in the opposite direction and saw a flood of people descend in my direction.  It was frightening.  I was stepped on several times as I tried to get out of the way.  If I were Manny, I would not sign any more and let it be known.  He will get hurt because these so called fans will push him to the ground.   He did not try to cross back to the field again.  I had that one ball left and decided it would be the “Asian ball.”  I had Hu sign it as well as Kuo.  I have a special affectioon for Kuo, he reminds me of my late older brother.  When Matt and James walked by to the practice field they both looked at me with recognition which did my heart good.  i absolutely love Matt.  he has the nicest eyes and smile.  I told him, “Don’t forget.”  We have a bit of a secret going. 

I sat again in the Home Plate Club section.  Today the food was excellent.  They had the hot dogs again but they were juicy and good although not Dodger Dogs.  They also had pulled pork for sandwiches.  They went all out and also had their famous tri tip, one of my favorite Dodger fare.  They also served excellent potato salad and cole slaw  The usher passed around water and peanuts, along with sunblock. 

I met a wonderful couple named Patty and Anthony.  She had surprised her husband with a trip to Camelback.  They are the nicest couple, Patty being a diehard Dodger fan.  We talked during the game as though we were old friends.  They made the game even more fun although the Dodgers did give the game away.  Oh, well, I keep telling myself that it is ST. 
I included an action picture of our Andre at the top of this entry especially for one of my best friends, Nellyjune from Inside the Dodgers being an Ethieraholic.  Go Andre..  Go Nellyjune..


  1. heartruss

    I will continue with more on my last day later on but I wannt to go out for my last night here in Glendale. The people here have been absolutely wonderful. I stayed at Comfort Suites. They are the very best staff I have ever seen at any hotel. They go out of their way to make everything perfect. No complaints here.

  2. nellyjune

    Thank you for posting a picture of Andre. That was very thoughtful, and it sure is great to see him and all the Dodgers in action. Just Fabulous!!!!

  3. Dodger4life

    Excellent post Cat, I wish I were there……really you have made me want to be there, I am glad you and Manny survived your episode. that would be scary. Have a good time tonight and be safe coming home…:-) Bob

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