Manny’s Back

Spring training 2 019.JPGWhat a surprise to see Manny at batting practice prior to the white sox game.  There was, of course, a frenzy of repporters.  He was warmly welcomed by the other guys.  He didn’t play today but sat in the area behind left field where the guys sit to watch the game.  This is one of the first pictures taken of him during batting practice. 


  1. bluenosedodger

    Everything is “back” in Glendale. – Camelback, Manny’s back. I have been far from a Manny fan, in fact, I would have listed him among my top ten least liked players. However, now that he is a Dodger, that changes everything. Dodger Blue somehow makes a difference. I really do believe he has found the right place to be. The players like him and the fans at Dodger Stadium loved him. They brought him back – Mr. McCourt had only to write a cheque and sign a contract. Manny loves to be the centre of attention. The fans will keep him there, he will be a happy Manny, will not exercise his option next year. I liked his statement that he had already made his money. So when do you get a Manny autograph?


  2. bluenosedodger

    Sorry Cat – I wasn’t paying enough attention. I hadn’t realized you had posted other entries. You know, still got cabin fever her in NS. Will pay more attention. Actually we are turning the corner with wonderful sunny days – not too warm but beautiful with the sun glistening off the snow.


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